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New Research Explores Impact of WYD on Pilgrims - Please Fill Out This Survey!

Last edited 8th October 2013

What draws young people to World Youth Day, and how does it impact on their lives? In a bid to find out, Anthony Cleary, Director of Religious Education and Evangelisation for the Archdiocese of Sydney's Catholic Education Office has conducted interviews with more than 200 Australian pilgrims who attended WYD in Madrid and surveyed more than 1000.


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Popes Put Personal Stamp on World Youth Day Celebrations

Last edited 10th July 2013

Blessed John Paul II rallied young Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI instructed them and Pope Francis is preparing to send them out on mission. When he travels to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day, Pope Francis - the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina - will be continuing a tradition begun by Blessed John Paul in Buenos Aires in 1987, gathering Catholic youths from around the world together for several intense days of faith-building and celebration.


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An Anthem of WYD Anthems

Last edited 3rd July 2013

Can you list the names of all the World Youth Day official songs? Here is a handy way to remember them... with thanks to Fr. Johny Arattukulam from Sydney.


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A Beautiful Love Story Started at World Youth Day Denver

Last edited 17th April 2013

A brief look at the story of how JMJ YOUTH came together from the experience of two pilgrims. It started in World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado. The rest, is history!

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When the Pope celebrated Mass at World Youth Day why did the Deacon read the Gospel?

Last edited 24th July 2012

When a deacon is present at the Celebration of the Eucharist, he has some special duties that he is responsible for. These duties include proclaiming the Gospel (and possibly the homily), praying the General Intercessions, assisting in the distribution of Communion, and carrying out other liturgical duties as necessary. So although at World Youth Day there were tons of priests that could have proclaimed the Gospel, it is the rightful duty of the deacon to do so, if there is a deacon present at the Mass.

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Celebrating 10 Years since John Paul II's last World Youth Day: Toronto 2002

Last edited 22nd July 2012

23 July 2012 marks ten years since John Paul II led his last World Youth Day meeting. It took place in Toronto back in 2002. Despite his age, the Polish Pope showed inner strength and energy, while encouraging the youth to not fear the pain that life can bring. He also told them to seize the moment by striving to be saints, from a young age. Watch this video to watch some of the highlights of WYD2002!

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The Joshua Camp - A Mini 'World Youth Day’ during the London Olympics

Last edited 18th October 2012

From the 1-13 August, London will be hosting a mini 'World Youth Day’ just a 20-minute walk from the main Olympic site. The Joshua Camp will take place during the London Olympic and Paralympic games. This is an opportunity to join in and help to serve on projects of Hospitality, Service and Evangelisation in key churches across the city.


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Pope Benedict XVI's Palm Sunday Homily - World Youth Day 2012

Last edited 13th February 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


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Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the Twenty-Seventh World Youth Day 2012

Last edited 13th February 2013

World Youth Day is an annual event that takes place every year on Palm Sunday at a local level - and every 2-3 years at an international location (such as Sydney, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro). This year, World Youth Day will take place on Sunday 1 April 2012, and thousands of young people will gather at St. Peter's Basilica, to take part in the Holy Father's Palm Sunday Mass. Pope Benedict XVI has released his annual World Youth Day message - here is the full text:


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New Blog to Share Your World Youth Day Experience

Last edited 15th March 2012

Millions of people attended World Youth Day in Madrid. But, afterward a group of young adults asked “Now what do we do?” So, they all decided to take action and launch a blog, to post different experiences.


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