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Last edited 30th May 2019

Dear friends of Xt3,


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Year of Consecrated Life - Meet Sr Angela

Last edited 8th January 2016

2015 was the Year of Consecrated Life, and we're wrapping up this special Year on World Day for Consecrated Life on February 2, 2016. We sat down to chat to some of Australia's consecrated men and women.


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Where Does the Time Go? First Anniversary of World Youth Day in Madrid

Last edited 20th August 2012

It was a year ago that Benedict XVI traveled to Spain's capital to lead World Youth Day. The gathering brought together more than 2 million youths from all over the world, all of whom traveled to Madrid to celebrate their faith.

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The Best of World Youth Day Madrid 2011 - Summarized in New Book

Last edited 7th May 2012

Even before World Youth Day was celebrated in Madrid, Benedict XVI described the gathering as a 'cascade of light.' Now, a year later, this is the title of a new World Youth Day book. The book, which is in Spanish, includes 224 photographs and all the speeches given by Benedict XVI.

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Madrid Youth Travel to Rome, Thank Pope for World Youth Day 2011

Last edited 14th February 2012

On 2 April 2012, Pope Benedict XVI will meet with young people from Madrid, who will thank the Pope for choosing Madrid to host the last World Youth Day and, above all, for the fruits produced by his trip to Spain.

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Year in Review: World Youth Day 2011

Last edited 28th December 2011

As we approach the end of the year, it is a good time to reflect on the largest Catholic event that marked 2011 - World Youth Day in Madrid! Do you remember Xt3's promo video for WYD? Watch it again as we recall the great moments of the Pope's visit to Madrid.


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Young Catholic Inspired by the Pope's Fortitude During World Youth Day Storm

Last edited 7th November 2011

In the midst of rainstorm at the Madrid prayer vigil, 27-year-old recalls, 'We were not afraid at all because we could see that the first one who was serene was the Holy Father. He transmitted a lot of serenity, a lot of calmness.'

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In the Face of the Storm, Pope Benedict XVI Stood Strong

Last edited 13th October 2011

As thunder, lightning and wind whipped through the World Youth Day prayer vigil this past August, Pope Benedict XVI was advised to leave the event three times. But he insisted that if the young people stayed, then he would too. The revelation comes from a young Honduran woman was who stood next to the Pope throughout the event.


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World Youth Day 2011 - Highlights

Last edited 13th October 2011

Take a look at the video highlights from Aussie Pilgrimage to World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid! See you in Rio in 2013...

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Catholic Youth Answer to Anti-Pope Protests at WYD11, Madrid

Last edited 4th October 2011

Watch this video to find out how Catholic youth responded to the atheist, anti-pope march that took place on August 17, during World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid.

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