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SCENE 2010 - Pub Talks

Last edited 17th January 2011

SCENE 2010 - Pub Talks

The SCENE Congress in Sydney, Australia is a great opportunity for all ages, especially the Youth, to come together and learn about the New Evangelisation, called for by Pope John Paul II. From Monday 12th July until Friday 16th July, Sydney's streets, churches, pubs and school halls will be filled with pilgrims taking part in catechesis, talks, workshops and street evangelisation - and Xt3 will be recording all the great talks from the Congress so you don't miss out!

In this podcast, listen to all the Pub Talks from SCENE 2010!

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Paul Bennett
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Paul Bennett wrote at 7:49am on July 26th 2010
Why Did you remove the one on climate change?
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 9:40pm on July 26th 2010
Hi Paul, there is a problem with the sound on the Climate Change talk which we are trying to resolve- there is a lot of static on the audio which makes it difficult to listen to. Hopefully we can improve the quality shortly.
Sarah Galleghan
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Sarah Galleghan wrote at 9:16am on July 29th 2010
has anyone heard of a Catholic podcast called radiospc.net or something like that????
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 10:35am on July 29th 2010
Maybe sqpn.com?
Moussa Taouk
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Moussa Taouk wrote at 3:25am on July 30th 2010
I'm listening to these talks at the moment. Thanks for putting them here on xt3.

I want to draw attention to Lucy O'Connell's talk about Refashioning Womanhood. What a good talk that was!! Such a well-thought-out, logical, easy to follow analysis of modesty, virtue etc. Even though I'd fail her test of not going to the opera in jeans!

4 stars. I recommend it.
Paul Bennett
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Paul Bennett wrote at 12:03pm on August 1st 2010
I guess the static might have been the noise from the "music" downstairs.
Anne Lange
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Anne Lange wrote at 8:27am on August 4th 2010
I was hoping to listen to the "Marriage: Does Gender Matter" talk.
I didn't go along to that talk thinking that it would be available here??
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 2:01am on August 10th 2010
Hi Anne, the Audio is now available for the 'Does Gender Matter' talk :)
david gereis
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david gereis wrote at 11:28am on March 27th 2012
what is the name of the person who gave the climate change talk?
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 4:59am on March 28th 2012
Hi David, the climate change talk was by Professor Bob Carter.

Unfortunately there was too much noise so the audio from his talk could not go up on Xt3.