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World Youth Day 2011 - Official Song

Last edited 22nd October 2012

World Youth Day 2011 - Official Song

Download the official World Youth Day Song "Firm in the Faith" in three different musical styles including pop/soul, orchestra, and choir. And click here to access the musical score as well as the words to the song!

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James Braden
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James Braden wrote at 11:18pm on July 15th 2011
i like this song!!!!!!!!!!!
Leonard Joseph Kreklau
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Leonard Joseph Kreklau wrote at 5:18pm on July 16th 2011
Its truly wonderful and right for the youth around the world.
Cristina Bringheli
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Cristina Bringheli wrote at 9:43am on July 19th 2011
wonderful *-*
Justin Stroh
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Justin Stroh wrote at 3:11pm on August 1st 2011
"Your eyes, they purify the ways we see things!" Praised be Jesus Christ!
Jobin Jose Jobin
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Jobin Jose Jobin wrote at 5:09am on August 15th 2011
Very Powerful......
David Guillermo Rivera Pinto
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David Guillermo Rivera Pinto wrote at 5:26pm on August 22nd 2011
Theresa Fong
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Theresa Fong wrote at 12:30am on August 25th 2011
Song has grown on me throughout my WYD experience but doesn't have same power of WYD song 2008.
priest jayan johnson
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priest jayan johnson wrote at 2:04pm on August 25th 2011
very soulful. enjoy.
Sister Seini Fatai sm Seini Fatai
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Sister Seini Fatai sm Seini Fatai wrote at 11:43pm on September 15th 2011
To be very honest - I still prefer the 2008 WYD offical song.