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Year of Youth 2018

Mount Sinai: 1 Day

The journey from Cairo to Mount Sinai follows in the footsteps of Moses and the Israelites when they fled from Egypt. Pilgrims will pass the small oasis of 'Ayun Musa' (the well of Moses), the site Moses made camp after he parted the waters.

The road to Mount Sinai will lead pilgrims through 'Wadi Feran' oasis, which is the site of Rafadim the battlefield between the Hebrews and the Amellacti (Exodus 17). According to legend, this is also the site containing the rock that Moses struck with his staff to bring forth a spring so his people could drink. Other highlights on this road include the 'Plain of El Raha', which is the traditional site where the people of Israel first laid eyes on Mt Sinai; the location on which the Chapel of the Golden Calf was built while Moses was on Mt Sinai; and finally the village of St Catherine, which is a principle place to learn about the ancient culture and traditions of the Egyptian Bedouin.

Mount Sinai itself is 2,285 metres high. The solid walk to the top of the mountain takes anywhere from 2-3 hours, and is rewarded by the magnificent sunrise and views. While climbing this peak, pilgrims will pass the cave in which Moses hid before coming face to face with God and receiving the Ten Commandments. Upon descending the mountains, pilgrims can visit the Orthodox Monastery of St Catherine, famous for its library in which the Codex Sinaiticus, a valuable Biblical manuscript dating back to the 4th century, was discovered.