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World Youth Day - An Initiative of Blessed John Paul II

Last edited 7th August 2013

World Youth Day is a Catholic event for youth celebrated on Palm Sunday each year at the diocesan level, and every few years at an international location. It was founded by Blessed John Paul II in 1984, and has since spanned generations of pilgrims. Watch this video to learn more!


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Themes for WYD 2012 (Palm Sunday) and WYD 2013

Last edited 26th August 2011

Many of us are only familiar with the big international World Youth Days that occur every 2-3 years in different cities around the world. But did you know that Palm Sunday is also World Youth Day? Dioceses around the world are therefore invited to celebrate the next WYD on Palm Sunday 2012 - and Pope Benedict XVi has announced the themes for both the 2012 and 2013 WYDs!


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The History of Benedict XVI and World Youth Days

Last edited 22nd August 2011

Benedict XVI's first World Youth Day in 2005 was also his first papal trip. He left for his native country, to Cologne, Germany. Watch this video to learn more about Pope Benedict XVI's WYD legacy!

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The Country the Pope has Visited the Most is Spain

Last edited 16th August 2011

World Youth Day 2011 will be Pope Benedict XVI's 20th international trip in his 6 years has Pope - and the country that will hold the title for the most visits is Spain! WYD in Madrid, will be the Pope's third visit to Spain. Watch this video for more.

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Domus Australia Home Away from Home for WYD Pilgrims

Last edited 15th August 2011

A group of young Melbournians on their way to World Youth Day in Madrid have become the first contingent of Australian pilgrims to stay at Rome's newly-opened, Domus Australia. And the verdict was a unanimous "thumbs up." Visit this article to read more about Domus Australia, and the journey to WYD Madrid!

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Facts about American Priests and World Youth Day

Last edited 15th August 2011

More than half of the priests who were ordained in the U.S. in 2011 were between the ages of 25 and 34, according to a report released by the American Conference of Catholic Bishops. About 480 priests were ordained this year and roughly 20 percent of them attended World Youth Day at one time in their lives!

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Pope Benedict's WYD: Space Made for Silence, Solemnity

Last edited 25th July 2011

Pope Benedict XVI has put his own stamp on the church's celebration of World Youth Day, and it's especially clear in the gathering's moments of prayer.


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World Youth Day Sponsors Sacred Art Exhibit: 'The Word Made Image'

Last edited 24th July 2011

An exhibition in honor of World Youth Day, featuring 13 masterpieces of sacred art, opened at Madrid's Prado Museum on July 21, and will run until September 18. Entitled “The Word Made Image,” the show highlights aspects of Jesus' life and character.


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World Youth Days Seen as Life-Changing

Last edited 21st July 2011

Nine out of ten youth interviewed by a Spanish research institute consider World Youth Day to be an "experience that changes your life." Gabinete de Análisis Demoscópico (Office of Analysis of Public Opinion) surveyed 1,800 youth from around the world that follow news about World Youth Day. Visit this article for a summary of the important statistics from the survey!

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Young Brits Trained to Bring WYD to the Press

Last edited 8th June 2011

A group of 60 young people in England have been trained as World Youth Day Communications Officers, ready to present Benedict XVI's Madrid trip to the press.

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