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Pope Receives Message Stick From Australia's Indigenous People
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"The gift of the Message Stick to Pope Benedict XVI marks the final event in Sydney’s World Youth Day celebrations." By Jenny Cullen


Gift to Pope Benedict XVI from Indigenous Australians
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In a special ceremony at the Vatican, Sydney Indigenous youth leader and educator, Mark Heiss will present Pope Benedict XVI with the Message Stick that accompanied the World Youth Day Cross and Icon on its tour of Australia prior to WYD08. By Jenny Cullen


'Tears' at Handover, says Bishop
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"The handover of the WYD08 Cross and Icon will be difficult and there are sure to be many tears, says Bishop Anthony Fisher OP", By Jenny Cullen

WYD08 Stations of the Cross
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Pope John Paul II prayed these Stations of the Cross on Good Friday twice at the Colosseum in Rome; last July, with Pope Benedict, they were enacted at WYD Sydney. Click the link below if you'd like to download the prayers (in pdf format) or click here to watch some of the highlights of the WYD08 Stations on Xt3's media player!

Amazing Stories from a Master Communicator
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Fr Thomas Rosica shares stories of John Paul II from a very personal perspective. You'll enjoy the humor & sincerity of this great speaker, the head of WYD2002 & the CEO of the Canadian Catholic Television Station, Salt and Light. Fr Tom was recorded speaking to young people at the 2008 iwitness conference.

WYD08 Apostles
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Bishop Anthony Fisher OP (Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney Archdiocese) looks back at World Youth Day 2008 & discusses what it is to be WYD apostles - talk 35 mins; Q&As 30 mins - at Theology on Tap, Sydney.  More here


Cross Culture
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This is a trailer for Grassroots 20 minute film CrossCulture - "The World Youth Days of Pope John Paul II give the Church a young & hopeful face. In the next 20 minutes, feel the energy of the youth to whom the future belongs. This future will vibrate in the streets of Cologne in August 2005. Be set on fire through this explosive film & the young music of a new youth culture, which has as its sign the cross of Jesus Christ!" 


The Pope on WYD08
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Ever wanted to know what the Pope thinks about his time at a World Youth Day gathering? Well, according to the man himself, he loved WYD08! Check out some of the remarks he has made since leaving the shores of Sydney.


ACTIV8 Witness - Mission and Charity
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"Anytime we experience a moment of great joy, there is a temptation to preserve it as we would a rare object in a museum. This is the temptation we have concerning World Youth Day – a time a great joy, learning and celebration. Sydney gave us a chance to share a celebration of life and faith in Jesus Christ with tens of thousands of people around the world. Much like the moment on top of Mount Tabor, when Peter and his companions witnessed Jesus in His glory, we are tempted to “build a tent” on the mountaintop experience of World Youth Day; but just as Jesus told Peter and his companions, so too does Jesus tell us – we must come down from the mountain and go out and be his witnesses to the ends of the earth."See also the Activ8 Discussion groups at: www.xt3.com/activ8 and the WYD website here: http://www.wyd2008.org/index.php/en/parishes_schools/activ8_witness


Pope Benedict XVI Apostolic Journey to Sydney for WYD08
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All the speeches of Pope Benedict XVI from World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney are available here!


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