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121 Hours of ‘Non-Stop’ Prayer During WYD

Last edited 16th August 2011

Whatever the hour of the day, from 16 to 21 August, there will be someone praying for WYD and its fruits. This is the aim of the Chain of Eucharistic Adoration to begin August 16th in the chapel at the Madrid Seminary (calle San Bernardo, 9) and continue for a total of 121 hours. More than 300 communities and 40 Diocese of Spain and different parts of the world have joined this chain of prayer which will continue until WYD concludes. Visit this article to read more.

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Spain is Ready for WYD Evangelization, Says Vatican Cardinal (Monday, August 15)

Last edited 22nd August 2011

Hundreds of thousands of young Catholics from all over the world have arrived in Madrid, where World Youth Day festivities formally begin on Tuesday, August 16!


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From Around the World, Pilgrims Arrive in Madrid, Tired but Excited (Monday, August 15)

Last edited 22nd August 2011

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from across the globe descended on the Spanish capital Aug. 15 with an array of colorful T-shirts, bloodshot eyes and a unified spirit of excitement about World Youth Day. On the eve of the festivities' official opening, pilgrims with their specially designed World Youth Day backpacks crowded the streets, Metro cars and cafes. Many were exhausted, having arrived only hours before.


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Over 130,000 Youth Enjoy Days in the Diocese Across Spain

Last edited 15th August 2011

Madrid is hosting World Youth Day - but all of Spain is joining in the celebration! More than 130,000 young people from across the world have been spending time throughout Spain’s 65 dioceses in the lead up to the first WYD event on 16 August.


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WYD Madrid Responds to ‘Deep Crisis’ of Postmodern World

Last edited 14th August 2011

World Youth Day in Madrid will help many young people find “a foundation on which to build their lives” in a time of crisis, says one of the key Vatican organizers of the event.


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A Prayer for WYD2011 Pilgrims

Last edited 12th August 2011

Here is a prayer provided by the World Youth Day team in Madrid, for WYD pilgrims. Pass on the prayer to anyone you know attending WYD 2011!


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‘The Guide’: All the Info You Need for the Week of WYD

Last edited 11th August 2011

In the hope that all participants can get the most out of WYD, the organization has designed 'The Guide' for World Youth Day. This small comprehensive guide, with its 300 pages, covers nearly every aspect related to WYD. Every pilgrim should carry a copy of it in their pocket, to make sure they don’t miss out on anything that will be happening the week of WYD in Madrid. So look out for it in your pilgrim backpack!

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Wednesday, August 17: Hollywood Comes to WYD

Last edited 11th August 2011

On Wednesday, August 17, Madrid’s “Calle Fuencarral” will be all decked out, red carpet included, to host a day of cinema, which World Youth Day Madrid 2011 will offer to all the world’s young people. During the day, there will be a wide array of screenings, meetings, debates, a film soundtracks concert outdoors, and even a world premiere! Visit this article to read more.

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Cardinal Thanks WYD Volunteers, Prays for Good Weather

Last edited 10th August 2011

Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid, Spain expressed thanks to World Youth Day volunteers for their hard work and asked them to pray that it would not be “too hot” next week for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the city. The cardinal made his remarks during a Aug. 9 Mass at the World Youth Day central office to welcome the thousands of international volunteers beginning to arrive in Madrid this week.

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Knights, Sisters of Life Host WYD Center for English Speakers

Last edited 9th August 2011

At World Youth Day Madrid, they will be back, bigger and offering more variety than ever. The Knights of Columbus and the Sisters of Life, assisted by several other organizations, are offering English-speaking pilgrims at WYD a huge center where they can attend concerts, learn more about their Catholic faith, pray quietly, debate contemporary issues and access the Internet with free Wi-Fi.


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