St. Andrew Kim & Companions - WYD2013 Patron of the Week

Last edited 19th September 2013

St. Andrew Kim & Companions - WYD2013 Patron of the Week

Saint Andrew Kim was the first native Korean priest. His parents were Korean converts... in fact his father, Ignatius Kim, was martyred for his faith in 1839 and was beatified in 1925. What a family!

Andrew was baptised at the age of 15, and wanted to become a Priest as soon as possible. So he traveled 1,300 miles to the nearest seminary in Macao, China. After six years he managed to return to his country through Manchuria, as a Priest. While he was working in the underground Church in Korea, serving the Korean converts and helping missionaries enter the country; St. Andrew Kim was arrested, tortured and finally beheaded at the Han River near Seoul, the capital of Korea.

When Pope John Paul II visited Korea in 1984, he canonized Andrew Kim, as well as man named Paul Chong Hasang (a lay apostle and married man), 98 other Koreans, and three French missionaries, who had been martyred between 1839 and 1867 in Korea. Because of their example and courage there are almost 5 million Catholics in Korea today. This story really shows us that a martyr is not a wasted life. Even though their lives were cut short, they changed Korea... they changed the world!

We celebrate the Feast Day of St. Andrew Kim & Companions on 20 September.

Please pray tirelessly for me, that I am always linked Christ and persevere in my faith, so that I may bring your truth to those who trust in me. Amen.

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