Young Catholic Inspired by the Pope's Fortitude During World Youth Day Storm

Last edited 7th November 2011

Young Catholic Inspired by the Pope's Fortitude During World Youth Day Storm

In the midst of rainstorm at the Madrid prayer vigil, 27-year-old recalls, 'We were not afraid at all because we could see that the first one who was serene was the Holy Father. He transmitted a lot of serenity, a lot of calmness.'

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Remedia Sheryl Fernandes
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Remedia Sheryl Fernandes wrote at 10:07am on October 18th 2011
I was THERE!!! OMG!

I felt exactly the same way. The rain was horrible...blowing horizontally. A single umbrella would definitely not have sufficed for the poor Holy Father. I kept telling my friends that the Pope should leave, the storm is getting worse...he is 85 yrs old!!! .

But yet, he stayed till the end

In a strange sort of a way, I understood that where the Church is, there her vicar will be; if the Church suffers, Peter's successor will suffer with her. It was so symbolic.
Senerita Aulaumea
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Senerita Aulaumea wrote at 2:36am on October 31st 2011
I agree with what has been said, after that long walk from the metro station towards the airfield...OMG the heat was just too much for me..I'm from the Tropical Zone and yet first time ever to experience such heat in the afternoon and yet a rainstorm right there when the night falls...OMG..Our Lord is full of wonders...Thank you Lord for all that wind and raindrops from Heaven...Thanks be to God!! Hope to see you all in Brazil. Over and out from Pago Pago, American Samoa.