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Posted on 1:07am on August 2nd 2013
All the Highlights from WYD2013 Available On-Demand

World Youth Day 2013 in Rio has come to a close! But you can still catch up on all the action that you may have missed by accessing Xt3’s WYD webcasts on-demand at! We will also continue to post updates from pilgrims in coming days on our WYD blog page – including an exclusive interview with Cardinal George Pell about his World Youth Day experience.

Thank you for being part of the World Youth Day experience via We have enjoyed the lead up to WYD2013 over the past 2-years, as well as the live coverage over the past 2-weeks, and we are looking forward to celebrating the next World Youth Day with you in Krakow, Poland in 2016!

WYD2013 News

Posted on 1:05am on August 2nd 2013
World Youth Day Rio in Numbers

After a highly successful event, organizers for World Youth Day in Brazil have released final attendance numbers, with two of the days surpassing the 3 million mark. In all over 3.5 million pilgrims took part in the events for WYD, even though only 427,000 pilgrims registered. Attendance increased as the week went on. On Tuesday, July 23, 600,000 people participated. However, by that Friday, the number of pilgrims swelled to 2 million, peaking at 3.5million for the final Mass!

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Posted on 10:06pm on July 28th 2013
Pope Francis: Next WYD in Krakòw, Poland 2016

It’s official: the next venue for World Youth Day celebrations will be Krakòw, Poland. Pope Francis made the announcement in Rio de Janeiro Sunday, the final day of his week-long pastoral visit to Brazil for WYD 2013.

WYD2013 News

Posted on 12:54am on July 28th 2013
Pope Francis' Address, WYD Stations of the Cross, 26 July 2013

"I have three questions that I hope will echo in your hearts this evening as you walk beside Jesus: What have you left on the Cross, dear young people of Brazil, during these two years that it has been crisscrossing your great country? What has the Cross of Jesus left for you, in each one of you? Finally, what does this Cross teach us?" Click here to read the full text of Pope Francis' address at the WYD Stations of the Cross!

Missed the live coverage? You can watch the full ceremony at - This is was on the most moving events of WYD2013 in Rio! Make sure you take the time to watch the footage, and reflect on the Cross of Christ.

WYD2013 News

Posted on 11:46pm on July 25th 2013
Official Welcome Ceremony for Pope Francis

After his arrival at the WYD2013 Welcoming Ceremony in Copacabana, Pope Francis was officially welcomed by the Archbishop of Rio, João Orani Tempesta. The Pope gave a speech in which he thanked everyone for the warm welcome he received, but also his predecessor, Benedict XVI, for having summoned the meeting. The Pope also encouraged the youths to put their trust in Christ, and to make Him the center of their lives. Read the full text of the Pope's Welcome Speech as well as his Homily on Copacabana Beach on Xt3!

You can watch the full Welcome Ceremony on-demand at Xt3TV.
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