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This July, you are invited to take part in the LIVE webcast of the World Youth Day 2013 events from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 22-29 July. It will be the first World Youth Day lead by Pope Francis – a truly historic event that is not to be missed! will have a live stream from Rio throughout the whole World Youth Day week, including the key events:

  • Pope Leaves Rome Airport (finished): Rome - Mon 22 July, 9am; Sydney - Mon 22 July, 5pm; New York - Mon 22 July, 3am; London - Mon 22 July, 8am; Auckland - Mon 22 July, 7pm
  • Papal Arrival at Rio de Janeiro Airport (finished): Rio - Mon 22 July, 4pm; Sydney - Tues 23 July 5am; New York - Mon 22 July, 3pm; London - Mon 22 July, 8pm; Auckland - Tues 23 July, 7am
  • WYD Opening Mass (finished): Rio - Tues 23 July, 7pm; Sydney - Wed 24 July, 8am; New York - Tues 23 July, 6pm; London - Tues 11pm; Auckland - Wed 24 July, 10am
  • Visit and Holy Mass at Aparecida Shrine (finished): Rio - Wed 24 July, 10am; Sydney - Wed 24 July, 11pm; New York - Wed 24 July, 9am; London - Wed 24 July, 2pm; Auckland - Thurs 25 July, 1am 2013
  • Australian Gathering (finished): Rio - Wed 24 July, 2pm, Sydney - Thurs 25 July, 3am, New York - Wed 24 July, 1pm, London - Wed 24 July, 6pm, Auckland - Thurs 25 July, 5am
  • Visit to Sao Francisco De Assis Hospital (finished): Rio - Wed 24 July, 6:30pm, Sydney - Thurs 25 July, 7:30am, New York - Wed 24 July, 5:30pm, London - Wed 24 July, 10:30pm, Auckland - Thurs 25 July, 9:30am
  • Keys to City & Visit to the Varginha Community (finished): Rio - Thurs 25 July, 10am; Sydney - Thurs 25 July, 11pm; New York - Thurs 25 July, 9am; London - Thurs 25 July, 2pm; Auckland - Fri 26 July, 1am
  • Welcome Ceremony for Pope (finished): Rio - Thurs 25 July, 6pm; Sydney - Fri 26 July, 7am; New York - Thurs 25 July, 5pm; London - Thurs 25 July, 10pm; Auckland - Fri 26 July, 9am
  • Pope's Angelus Address (finished): Rio – Fri 26 July, 12pm; Sydney – Sat 27 July, 1am; New York - Fri 26 July, 11am; London - Fri 26 July, 4pm; Auckland - Sat 27 July, 3am
  • Stations of the Cross (finished): Rio - Fri 26 July, 5pm; Sydney - Sat 27 July, 6am; New York - Fri 26 July, 4pm; London - Fri 26 July, 9pm; Auckland - Sat 27 July, 8am
  • Holy Mass with Religious & Seminarians (finished): Rio - Sat 27 July, 9am; Sydney – Sat 27 July, 10pm; New York - Sat27 July, 8am; London - Sat 27 July, 1pm; Auckland - Sun 28 July, 12am
  • Pope meets with Brazilian leaders (finished): Rio - Sat 27 July, 11:30am; Sydney – Sun 28 July, 12:30am; New York - Sat 27 July, 10:30am; London - Sat 27 July, 3:30pm; Auckland - Sun 28 July, 2:30am
  • WYD Prayer Vigil (finished): Rio - Sat 27 July, 7pm; Sydney - Sun 28 July, 8am; New York - Sat 27 July, 6pm; London - Sat 27 July, 11pm; Auckland - Sunday 28 July, 10am
  • WYD Closing Mass (finished): Rio - Sun 28 July, 9:30am; Sydney - Sun 28 July, 10:30pm; New York - Sun 28 July, 8:30am; London - Sun 28 July, 1:30pm; Auckland - Mon 29 July, 12:30am
  • Meeting with WYD Volunteers (finished): Rio – Sun 28 July, 5:30pm; Sydney – Mon 29 July, 6:30am; New York - Sun 28 July, 4:30pm; London - Sun 28 July, 9:30pm; Auckland - Mon 29 July, 8:30am
  • Pope’s Farewell Ceremony (finished): Rio - Sun 28 July, 7pm; Sydney - Mon 29 July, 8am; New York - Sun 28 July, 6pm; London - Sun 28 July, 11pm; Auckland - Mon 29 July, 10am

To convert these times to your local time zone, click here.

During the WYD Closing Mass, Pope Francis will announce the location of the next World Youth Day!

If you have any feedback or enquiries about this webcast, please contact Xt3 at or (+61 2) 9390 5449

All About World Youth Day

World Youth Day is a global event where young people from all over the world gather to celebrate and learn about their Catholic faith. It is one of the primary means by which the Church proclaims the message of Christ to and expresses its concern for young people.

World Youth Day is a time for young people to share their faith and be rejuvenated to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their homelands, showing the universality of, and diversity within, the Catholic Church. It is also a way to come to understand other cultures and spread peace and understanding throughout the world. During the week leading up to the final mass at World Youth Day, the youth gather in catechesis to learn the teachings of the faith and celebrate in other festivities.

World Youth Day was founded by Pope John Paul II in 1984. The Holy Father saw the event as a way to inspire the youth and encourage them in living the teachings of Christ. In 1984 and 1985 he invited the youth of the world to Rome for a Palm Sunday celebration in St. Peter's Square.

In 1987, the first international WYD took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since this date, international World Youth Days have been held in: Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1989); Częstochowa, Poland (1991); Denver, United States (1993); Manila, Philippines (1995); Paris, France (1997); Rome, Vatican City (2000); Toronto, Canada (2002); Cologne, Germany (2005); Sydney, Australia (2008); and Madrid, Spain (2011).

At the closing Mass during WYD 2011 in Madrid, Pope Benedict XVI announced that the next World Youth Day will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thus began the journey from one side of the globe to the other, with pilgrims saying goodbye to Madrid, and starting on the road of preparation toward WYD 2013 in Rio.

This World Youth Day will be particularly special, as it will be the first hosted by Pope Francis – who also happens to be first South American pope. The Holy Father has already won the hearts of people from all over the world, and will be received with a warm welcome by the pilgrims in Rio.

World Youth Day 2013 in Rio will be held from 22-29 July. will be live streaming the main events from Rio, bringing World Youth Day to pilgrims all over the world! Don't miss out...

'How To' Watch the World Youth Day 2013 Live Webcast

This July, you are invited to take part in the LIVE webcast of the World Youth Day 2013 events from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The webcast is available at:

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1. Internet Connection

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2. Computer

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4. Projector

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5. Troubleshooting

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