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Posted on 2:19am on June 25th 2015
Get to Know a Polish Martyr - Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko

Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko would not deny his faith under the communist regime in Poland despite threats of torture and punishment. Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko, pray for us and pray for our pilgrimage to your homeland for World Youth Day 2016! Click here for more.
Posted on 1:33am on June 24th 2015
Countdown to WYD2016 Krakow: 400 Days to Go!

This week the World Youth Day office in Krakow celebrated 400 days to go until World Youth Day 2016 begins in the homeland of Saint John Paul II! Now is the time to start saving and preparing for what will be the journey of a lifetime! Are you getting excited? Make sure you continue to follow the official WYD2016 social media accounts for the latest news and updates direct from Krakow.
Posted on 4:35am on June 19th 2015
A World Youth Day Gathering with Pope Francis in Turin

Representatives of the World Youth Day Krakow 2016 Organization Committee and youth from the Archdiocese of Krakow will be attending Pope Francis’s visit to Turin (Italy) on July 20th and July 21st in preparation for WYD2016! Find out more in this article.
Posted on 1:18am on June 16th 2015
ICE2016: Your Chance to Participate in a New WYD Event

In addition to Days of Diocese, a separate evangelical programme has been designed to run a week before WYD 2016 proper in the city of Krakow itself called ICE2016. This 1 week programme is open to groups from all over the world. Click here to find out how you can participate.
Posted on 6:57am on June 9th 2015
Interview with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP in Krakow!

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP spoke to Xt3.com in Krakow, Poland, about his meeting with Cardinal Dziwisz where he was presented with a relic of Pope John Paul II. In this video, Archbishop Anthony invites all of us to join him in Krakow next year for World Youth Day 2016!
Posted on 10:42pm on June 8th 2015
Relic of Saint John Paul ll to Come to Australia

Polish Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz met with Sydney's Archbishop Anthony Fisher in Kraków on Tuesday 9th of June to discuss World Youth Day 2016. At the conclusion of the meeting Archbishop Anthony Fisher was presented with a relic of Saint Pope John Paul II. The relic is a drop of Pope John Paul II's blood.
Posted on 12:52am on June 5th 2015
Corpus Christi Celebrations in World Youth Day's Host City

The city of Krakow, which will host World Youth Day next year, held its annual Corpus Christi celebration through the city streets on Thursday 4 June 2015. This year, the World Youth Day 2016 pilgrim coordinators from Australia were lucky enough to witness the procession in Krakow! Take a look here.
Posted on 11:57pm on June 2nd 2015
The Black Madonna of Czestochowa, Queen of Poland

Black Madonna of Czestochowa will play an important part in World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland, and will be a source of many graces for pilgrims. Let us turn to the Black Madonna and ask for her help as we prepare for WYD2016 - may she give each the fire and determination to make it to World Youth Day, and an openness to receive the graces from the pilgrimage. Pray for us.
Posted on 2:32am on May 28th 2015
Australian Pilgrims: Find Your Diocese Pilgrimage Options

Attention Australian pilgrims - click here to find out about the different pilgrimage options that your local Diocese will be running for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow! There are also several communities and movements who will be running pilgrimages to WYD2016.
Posted on 10:23pm on May 26th 2015
Engaging with WYD Krakow on Social Media

How useful is social media in your preparation for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow? Where can we go and what can we do to find more information about World Youth Day? Why does the WYD team use social media so much? Michal Koza, coordinator of WYD’s social media channels, answers all your social media questions in this article!
Posted on 4:52am on May 20th 2015
Four Pilgrimage Options for Sydney's WYD2016 Pilgrims

On Tuesday 19 May 2015 the Archdiocese of Sydney launched it's official pilgrimage to World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow! Catholic Youth Services, the Archdiocese of Sydney youth office, will be offering four different and exciting pre WYD pilgrimage options leading to WYD in Krakow. Here is a summary of the four pilgrimage options.
Posted on 9:28pm on May 19th 2015
"Catechesis on Mercy" by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP - Sydney WYD2016 Launch

Archbishop Anthony's inspiring Catechesis on Mercy from last night's WYD2016‬ launch in Sydney is already available to watch on YouTube. This video was recorded by Xt3.com, with thanks to Catholic Youth Services for hosting such a great event... bring on World Youth Day in Krakow! ‪#‎GetExcited‬ ‪#‎BeMerciful‬
Posted on 1:47am on May 15th 2015
Reflections from the American WYD Delegation Visit to Krakow

“In the midst of the preparations for World Youth Day, this September, the Holy Father will be visiting the United States… We hope that, in some way, our farewell to the Holy Father when he leaves us in September will just be an “arrivederci,” which would mean: ‘See you again in Krakow,’ as our young people will be the first who will see him a second time. This is very exciting for us.” This was said during a visit to Krakow by a member of the United States delegation for World Youth Day. Click here for a reflection following the American delegation visit to Krakow in preparation for World Youth Day 2016.
Posted on 5:52am on May 11th 2015
What Does Pure in Heart Mean? A Youth Resource

"Blessed are the pure in heart" is the theme for World Youth Dat 2015, which was celebrated on Palm Sunday this year at a local level. Click here for a video resource featuring young people from the Archdiocese of Melbourne, who unpack what it means to be "pure in heart". What a great resource for your World Youth Day preparations!
Posted on 3:35am on May 8th 2015
Chaplet of Divine Mercy Video

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be prayed at 3pm every day during World Youth Day 2016 so get to know the prayer and get familiar with the words by watching this helpful video. The chaplet is sung with a slideshow of images and artwork representations of Jesus to help you meditate on the words of the prayer.
Posted on 1:44am on May 7th 2015
Sister Faustina: The First Saint of the New Millennium

Sister Faustina was canonised by Pope John Paul II on April 30, 2000 the first Sunday after Easter, on Divine Mercy Sunday. She was honoured by becoming the first saint of this millenium, giving great emphasis to the Divine Mercy Devotion in our modern times. The World Youth Day office in Krakow has shared John Paul II's homily from Saint Faustina's canonisation ceremony on their website as a resource for pilgrims. Click here to see the homily in full!
Posted on 7:02am on April 29th 2015
WYD2016: In the Footsteps of John Paul II

Take a look at this short video reflecting on the words of Pope John Paul II about the city of Krakow - the host city for World Youth Day 2016! Saint John Paul II, pray for pilgrims planning to travel to World Youth Day!
Posted on 12:22am on April 27th 2015
New Date for Sydney's WYD2016 Launch - 19 May

Due to severe weather in Sydney last week, the Archdiocese of Sydney's World Youth Day Launch has been rescheduled for Tuesday 19 May at 7:30pm, St Mary's Cathedral College Hall. See you there!
Posted on 11:12pm on April 23rd 2015
World Youth Day Encounter with Christ – Justin Mourits

There have been many sacrifices in world history, but one sacrifice changed history of the entire world! Hear Justin Mourits unpack sacrifice and his own journey and how he encountered Jesus at a World Youth Day Event in Sydney 2008. Watch his testimony here.
Posted on 5:39am on April 23rd 2015
Saint John Paul II – 10 Great World Youth Day Quotes

World Youth Day was founded in 1984 by Saint John Paul II. 30 years later, World Youth Day has travelled the globe, and young people everywhere encountered the spirit of John Paul II. As we prepare for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland - the land of John Paul II - here are some of the most popular quotes said by this beloved Saint during World Youth Days.

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