Posted on 6:09am on July 30th 2016
Updates from Aussie Pilgrims

For three days the Aussie pilgrims have been engaging in participation at catechesis with bishops and youth from around the world. they have also been attending the youth festival events across Krakow. Here's a sneak peek of their experience. Watch the video blog here.
Posted on 7:17am on July 29th 2016
Pope’s Homily At The Welcome Ceremony Of WYD 2016

Dear Young Friends, good evening!

At last we are together! Thank you for your warm welcome! I thank Cardinal Dziwisz, the bishops, priests, men and women religious, the seminarians and those who have accompanied you. Read more
Posted on 11:49pm on July 25th 2016
Vatican Produces Special Stamps for Jubilee and World Youth Day

The Vatican Philatelic and Numismatic Officehas more work this year due to the Jubilee of MercyandWorld Youth Day. Therefore, as a tradition, aspecial edition of stampscommemorating each event has been produced. Read more
Posted on 11:53pm on July 24th 2016
Pope Also Accompanying Those Going to WYD ‘Virtually’

A program for those who cannot attend World Youth Day next week invites young people to join the Pope virtually. Read more
Posted on 11:37pm on July 21st 2016
New WYD App Launch Receives More Than 5,000 Downloads in First Hour

The official WYD app, "Pilgrim,” has been launched in preparation for the youth meeting and received more than 5,000 downloads in the first hour of its official release. Read more here.
Posted on 11:57pm on July 18th 2016
Digital Pilgrimage Adds New Dimension To World Youth Day

This year's World Youth Day will include a kind of pilgrim: millions of digital pilgrims, who won’t be in Kraków physically, but who will be joining the spiritual journey by connecting via smart phones or other mobile devices, or through computers in their homes, schools or workplaces. Read more.
Posted on 11:23pm on July 18th 2016
WYD: Largest Arena in Poland Prepares For More than 40,000 Americans

The largest arena in Poland, the Tauron Arena Kraków, prepares for more than 40,000 American pilgrims who are expected to arrive within the next week to kick off World Youth Day 2016. Watch the video.
Posted on 11:21pm on July 18th 2016
Aussie Pilgrims Leave to Krakow for WYD 2016

Fundraisers, formation nights and endless preparation. This week is what many pilgrims have been waiting for all year and today they finally leave to Krakow, Poland for WYD 2016!
Xt3 was there to wish them a safe flight! Read more
Posted on 11:24pm on July 13th 2016
World Youth Day is Much More Than 'Catholic Woodstock'

Commentary: Since Pope John Paul II launched World Youth Day thirty years ago, it’s become not just the Catholic Church’s biggest event, but also the world’s largest gathering of people, period. Read more.
Posted on 5:52am on July 13th 2016
WYD 2016 Commissioning Mass for Australian Pilgrims

WYD pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Sydney commissioned by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP as they set out for Krakow, Poland on several WYD journeys, in a large Commissioning Mass held at St Mary's Cathedral on Sunday 10th of Julym 2016. Read more
Posted on 11:29pm on July 11th 2016
WYD Minute - Ep. 34 - 08/07/2016

The final episode of WYD Minute reveals to us more details about Campus Misericordiae - a very exciting look at the fields, how many people it can hold and how many gates pilgrims can enter from. Watch the episode.
Posted on 11:25pm on July 11th 2016
WYD Minute - Ep. 33 - 01/07/2016

Check out the new episode of WYD Minute! Introducing the weather service page with suggestions on what to wear and pack for each particular day. Watch the episode here.
Posted on 11:21pm on July 11th 2016
WYD Pilgrims to Receive a Social Doctrine App from the Pope

Pope Francis has established a tech-savvy track record as Pope, and now in addition to breaking records on Instagram and becoming the first Pope to use Google Hangouts, he will give World Youth Day pilgrims a new electronic app. Read more.
Posted on 1:27am on July 11th 2016
The Best Twitter Accounts To Follow The WYD 2016

Various social networks allow you to receive the latest information on all the events of the WYD in Krakow. Pope Francis will be in Poland from July 27-31. Here are some useful Twitter accounts to keep track of everything. Read more
Posted on 11:30pm on July 7th 2016
WYD Translations on Radio Waves

Every pilgrim who will participate in the Main Events in July should bring along a small portable radio with headphones. This will enable the use of translations. Read more.
Posted on 11:29pm on July 7th 2016
The Beauty Of Consecration: Joy, Joy!

A million copies of the book "Love is Giving Everything" about consecrated life will go to pilgrims at World Youth Day. Read more.
Posted on 11:10pm on July 7th 2016
Leaders Tell Pilgrims to Prepare Sensibly, Spiritually

As World Youth Day approaches, U.S. organizers offered tips on how pilgrims can prepare logistically, spiritually and even digitally. Read more.
Posted on 11:06pm on July 6th 2016
1,000 Register Every Hour for World Youth Day

The enrollment for World Youth Day, which will begin July 25, is as rampant as ever with more than 1,000 youth registering an hour during the day on June 30. Read more.
Posted on 12:11am on July 1st 2016
Special Train Ticket for Pilgrims

The PKP Intercity Polish railway has prepared a special offer for participants of WYD. PKP Intercity encourages registered pilgrims to make use of the "WYD Krakow 2016 Ticket" offer. Read more.
Posted on 12:05am on July 1st 2016
Mercy Festival - Let's Begin WYD with Worship

The organizers of Mercy Festival invite everyone to prepare for WYD by worshiping God. Retreats, evangelization, and worship concerts will be held in St Mary's Church and in the Main Market Square throughout the week preceding the WYD Main Events. Read more.

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