Posted on 11:30pm on July 7th 2016
WYD Translations on Radio Waves

Every pilgrim who will participate in the Main Events in July should bring along a small portable radio with headphones. This will enable the use of translations. Read more.
Posted on 11:29pm on July 7th 2016
The Beauty Of Consecration: Joy, Joy!

A million copies of the book "Love is Giving Everything" about consecrated life will go to pilgrims at World Youth Day. Read more.
Posted on 11:10pm on July 7th 2016
Leaders Tell Pilgrims to Prepare Sensibly, Spiritually

As World Youth Day approaches, U.S. organizers offered tips on how pilgrims can prepare logistically, spiritually and even digitally. Read more.
Posted on 11:06pm on July 6th 2016
1,000 Register Every Hour for World Youth Day

The enrollment for World Youth Day, which will begin July 25, is as rampant as ever with more than 1,000 youth registering an hour during the day on June 30. Read more.
Posted on 12:11am on July 1st 2016
Special Train Ticket for Pilgrims

The PKP Intercity Polish railway has prepared a special offer for participants of WYD. PKP Intercity encourages registered pilgrims to make use of the "WYD Krakow 2016 Ticket" offer. Read more.
Posted on 12:05am on July 1st 2016
Mercy Festival - Let's Begin WYD with Worship

The organizers of Mercy Festival invite everyone to prepare for WYD by worshiping God. Retreats, evangelization, and worship concerts will be held in St Mary's Church and in the Main Market Square throughout the week preceding the WYD Main Events. Read more.
Posted on 11:52pm on June 30th 2016
Weather Forecast for WYD

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute will prepare a weather forecast for the duration of World Youth Day, which will be available on the website [url=] Read more.
Posted on 1:39am on June 27th 2016
WYD Minute - Ep. 32 - 24/06/2016

With World Youth Day being 4 weeks away, this WYD Minute updates us about WYD in Krakow, including entertainment in one of the city's main squares and an inner city railway offer for WYD2016 pilgrims. Watch the episode here.
Posted on 6:42am on June 24th 2016
WYD Minute - Ep. 31 - 17/06/2016

In this new episode of WYD Minute, Ray welcomes us from Blonia Park, one of the major venues of WYD Krakow 2016. Ray reveals details about the altars that are being constructed in Blonia Park. Watch to find out!
Posted on 12:15am on June 23rd 2016
Downloadable WYD2016 Webcast Buttons can help you connect your communities and parishes to World Youth Day Krakow online! We'll be providing regular video blogs direct from Krakow on our WYD2016 Blog and hosting a schedule of livestream events of the main World Youth Day events (courtesy of Salt + Light Media). Make it easy for your community to access this great content with banners you can easily embed onto your website. Click here to see our collection of banners!
Posted on 11:50pm on June 19th 2016
Krakow in the Capital

The Catholic Apostolate Center has launched a new web portal at: which will feature formation resources and guides to the World Youth Day events in Krakow and in the United States. These resources include:Guides for leaders for the international pilgrimage, and for the first time ever, a stateside guide for leaders. Read more.
Posted on 5:06am on June 17th 2016
M2016 - Sonja (English)

Meet Sonja, the girl with a heart full of joy and mercy. Her work with disabled people lets her discover the true and free love. Of course, she'll be present during the WYD in Krakow. Why? Let's find out in this M2016 episode!
Posted on 11:36pm on June 14th 2016
M2016 - Firas from Palestine (subtitled)

Have you ever wondered where WYD has already reached with its message of mercy? It is present in all corners of the world! The guest of this episode is Firas from Palestine. Listen to his short story filled with the desire of God, His mercy and peace.
Posted on 11:06pm on June 9th 2016
Program of Pope Francis' Visit to Poland on the Occasion of World Youth Day

Pope Francis has released his visiting schedule during World Youth Day 2016. See what he'll be up to during WYD in Krakow - there might be a chance you'll catch a glimpse of him while you're there too! Read more.
Posted on 1:38am on June 9th 2016
[Move WYD] Encounter - Fr. Richard Escoto

Fr. Richard Escoto, from Philippines shares with us how we found his vocation during World Youth Day in Manila, Phillippines, in 1995. Now he will return to the land of John Paul II to give thanks for his vocation, inspired by the saint!
Posted on 11:17pm on June 8th 2016
WYD Podcast For Your Pilgrimage and Bus Journey

During World Youth Day there will be many times you will be on the bus, travelling to events or maybe stuck in traffic make the most of this time. Here is a podcast that you can listen to on the bus during World Youth Day.
Posted on 10:53pm on June 8th 2016
Large Number of Australian Bishops Head to World Youth Day

Nineteen Australian bishops will pack their bags for World Youth Day next month, proving age is no barrier to participation in the World’s largest youth event. Read more.
Posted on 5:29am on June 1st 2016
Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe

The Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother have produced this documentary about the life of Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe, an outstanding Catholic figure of the 20th century. Kolbe was a man with great apostolic zeal, a precursor in the use of the Mass Media for the transmission of the Gospel and consumed his life with the testimony of love as a martyr of charity in Auschwitz. Watch the documentary here.
Posted on 6:28am on May 27th 2016
WYD Symbols Make Their Way Through Krakow

"This simple wooden cross has been traveling across Poland for over two years and youth look for consolation and light in it. In the modern world, the cross is considered uncomfortable (because it means death), but we know that it is primarily a challenge since death always brings with it new life," said Bp. Damian Muskus in his homily today during the Mass that marked the beginning of the pilgrimage of the WYD symbols in the Archdiocese of Krakow. Read more.
Posted on 6:21am on May 27th 2016
M2016 - David (USA)

Do you know your vocation? David - new invitee for M2016 - tells us about how he discover his vocation, being another regular guy that enjoys soccer and music! He will be in Krakow next July. Watch the video.

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