Posted on 1:18am on April 11th 2016
World Youth Day Chaplain Fr Thomas Azzi - He's waiting to pour out his Abundant Mercy on You

"He's waiting to pour out his Abundant Mercy on You" 1 min with our WYD Chaplains.
Posted on 3:05am on April 1st 2016
MOVE WYD - Move Iraq

Father Ghazwan Baho - from Iraq - was another invited to take part in our series Move WYD. Watch him share a little of his story in this video.
Posted on 3:00am on April 1st 2016
John Paul II is for Young People to Discover
During the April "For us and the whole world" retreat the spiritual guide to works of mercy will be St. John Paul II. Speaking about the need for the young generation to discover the Holy Father, and about experiencing the meeting with the Pope, is Bishop Grzegorz Rys, the guest of the upcoming retreat (April 2) in the Sanctuary in Lagiewniki. Read more.
Posted on 1:26am on March 24th 2016
Pier Giorgio Frassati and Dominican Charism During WYD

This year marks the 800th Jubilee of the Foundation of the Order of Preachers, more commonly known as the Dominicans. Together with youth serving at Dominican monasteries, they want to celebrate this anniversary during World Youth Day. Read more.
Posted on 1:18am on March 24th 2016
Auschwitz-Birkenau: A History Lesson During WYD

During World Youth Day in Krakow, Auschwitz-Birkenau will be open exclusively to pilgrims. Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest extermination camp established by Nazi Germany during World War II, is located in the town of Oswiecim, approximately 50 kilometers from Krakow. Read more.
Posted on 10:21pm on March 22nd 2016
Divine Mercy Meets WYD This Summer in Poland

Krakow's role in the Divine Mercy devotion could mean great things for World Youth Day this year, said the city's archbishop, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. "Krakow is the center of the devotion to the Merciful Jesus, and the same Jesus said that from here a fire will go out to prepare the whole world for the meeting with Jesus." Read more.
Posted on 11:41pm on March 21st 2016
Pope to Young People: I Hope that Many of you Come to WYD in Krakow

"My special greeting goes to all the young people here today, and is extended to all of the youths in the world. I hope that many of you can come to Krakow, the homeland of Saint John Paul II, the founder of World Youth Day. We entrust to his intercession the final months of preparation for this pilgrimage, in the context of the Holy Year of Mercy, will be the Jubilee of the Young People at the level of the Universal Church," said Pope Francis at the Angelus.
Posted on 10:13pm on March 16th 2016
The Pope Prepares for His Intense Trip to Poland

The countdown begins as Poland awaits for Pope Francis' historic visit to the country, on the occasion World Youth Day in late July of 2016. Pope Francis will celebrate a Mass on the occasion of the 1,050th anniversary of the arrival of Christianity to Poland. Yet, the most important event on the Pope's itinerary will be the celebration of World Youth Day. Watch the video.
Posted on 11:46pm on March 14th 2016
Vatican Releases Papal Schedule for World Youth Day in Poland

The Vatican released on Saturday a provisional schedule of Pope Francis' visit to Poland for World Youth Day. He will be in the central European nation July 27-31. Read more here.
Posted on 10:37pm on March 10th 2016
WYD Spiritual Prepations - The Fourth Meeting

On March 19 (Saturday) we are meeting in Krakow and - around the world - for the fourth time already! We invite you to the official recollections preparing us for WYD! During the February meeting Fr. Szustak calmed us down a little: "if at WYD the Pope and the Holy Spirit will be there - everything will work out". Find out more.
Posted on 10:20pm on March 10th 2016
WYD Minute - Ep. 18 - 04/03/2016

In this week's WYD news more than 200, 000 pilgrims have registered to visit the former Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz. There are still 75, 000 time slots still available. The media creditation process for WYD staff has begun visit the official website to find out more. If you are interested in participating in the Youth festival you now have until the end of March to register your presentations. Watch the WYD minute here.
Posted on 12:50am on March 4th 2016
Telewizja Polska the Official Television Broadcaster of WYD 2016

During the press conference in the Metropolitan Curia of Krakow an agreement was signed with the Polish public broadcaster Telewizja Polska - the official television broadcaster of WYD Krakow 2016. Read more.
Posted on 12:44am on March 4th 2016
WYD2016 Blog15 - A Pilgrim's Guide to Wadowice

In this WYD2016 Blog, we guide you through Wadowice, Poland. Wadowice is one of the pilgrimage places you might be visiting on your World Youth Day Pilgrimage, famous for being the birthplace of St Pope John Paul II. Watch the video here.
Posted on 12:03am on March 4th 2016
M2016 - Flower and Alyssa

How to solve the problem of not having enough money to go to WYD Krakow 2016? Flower and Alyssa, from USA, have a simple answer: pray and be creative! Check out their story!
Posted on 10:55pm on February 25th 2016
WYD Minute - Episode 16 - Krakow 2016

Check out this special episode from the Krakow 2016 Official WYD Office about how pilgrims will be eating during WYD. Starring a new volunteer: Fatima from New Zealand!
Posted on 10:49pm on February 25th 2016
M2016 - Rafal (with subtitles)

Rafal - young, full of enthusiasm and ideas, he is an employee of the Nursing Home, Fathers Bonifratrów. He explains how working with people is a challenge for him. In his spare time he is in plays at the local theatre, roller skates, and will certainly be at World Youth Day in Krakow. Watch the video.
Posted on 10:40pm on February 25th 2016
Paint an Image with the Inscription: Jesus, I Trust in You

The image of the Merciful Jesus, painted according to the vision of St. Sister Faustina, is venerated all around the world. On February 22, 1931, during the revelations, Jesus asked for the painting of his image. A few years passed before the will of Christ became fulfilled. This happened thanks to the help of Fr. Michal Sopocko. Today the confessor and the spiritual director of St. Sister Faustina is a blessed of the Catholic Church. Read more.
Posted on 11:00pm on February 18th 2016
MOVE WYD - Faith and Young Catholics in Korea

Bishop Peter Chung Soon-taek from Seoul, South Korea, gives an overview of the current situation of Catholics in his country and their relationship with God's Mercy. Watch the video.
Posted on 11:27pm on February 16th 2016
M2016 - Meet Nick, a Catholic Rapper

There aren't many Christians who can express their faith through hip-hop. Nick, a Colombian American can do exactly that and make it look easy. Listen to Nick's story as he talks about growing up in the US and his prior experience at WYD Rio 2013. Nick will be in Krakow next July. What about you? Watch the video.
Posted on 12:23am on February 5th 2016
The Best Facebook 'Friends Day' Video Yet!

On Thursday, February 4, Facebook declared a 'Friends Day' in celebration of its 12th birthday - gifting users with a video of their friends in a series of polaroid style photos being laid down. The World Youth Day Poland team have joined in the fun with their own video - probably the best 'Friends Day' video yet! Check out their version.

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