Posted on 5:50am on February 4th 2016
WYD Minute - Episode 12 - Krakow 2016

For thousands of years many Saint and Blesseds have lived in Krakow. The City of Saints project presents the lives of 12 of these extraordinary people. Two new videos will be released every month. The relics of young Blessed Giorgio Frassati will be in Krakow during World Youth Day they will be exposed at the Dominican Basilica, Holy Trinity Church. Blessed Giorgio Frassati is an example of a youth who lived his life with faith and joy and cared deeply for the sick and the poor. Watch the WYD minute here.
Posted on 10:49pm on January 31st 2016
Pope's Surprise for WYD

Pope Francis has a special suggestion for young people today: "Be like Frassati!", pointing them towards the example of someone their age - Pier Giorgio Frassati - whose remains will be brought to Krakow for World Youth Day. Read more here.
Posted on 10:43pm on January 31st 2016
Half a Year to WYD!

In this update, the WYD2016 Organizing Committee tells us about the most important tasks that they are spending time on, six months before WYD in Krakow. Read more here.
Posted on 10:39pm on January 19th 2016
M2016 - Meet James and Emily

Directly from Sydney, Australia, James and Emily tell us their story in the new episode of M2016. Get inspired by a recently married young couple who find their strength in praying together and reading about saints. They will be in Krakow for WYD, next July. And you? Are you ready?

This video was recorded by and sent to the WYD Krakow team for publication. Enjoy!
Posted on 10:52pm on January 17th 2016
WYD Minute - Episode 11 - Krakow 2016

Check out the eleventh episode of the WYD Minute series from Krakow! In this episode, the first for 2016, we receive an update on the series of spiritual conferences taking place in Krakow in preparation for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow. These conferences will be streamed live on the WYD2016 YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more updates in coming days and weeks!
Posted on 12:05am on January 15th 2016
Meet WYD Pilgrim - Paulina

Paulina Kosciólek is a is journalist and actress and will be a pilgrim at World Youth Day in Krakow. In this M2016 video we get to know Paulina's story including how she met Pope John Paul ll as a young girl. Watch more here
Posted on 11:15pm on January 10th 2016
Divine Mercy Chaplet: Fr Rob Galea, Natasha & Gary Pinto

Learn to the pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet during this Year of Mercy and in the lead up to the World Youth Day 2016 with this beautiful rendition of the Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer composed and performed by Fr Rob Galea, Natasha and Gary Pinto.
Posted on 12:39am on January 7th 2016
Spiritual Conference "For Us and the Whole World"

“For us and the whole world” is a series of of meetings and conferences in preparation for WYD Krakow 2016. This event was recorded on 12th December 2015 and featured Antonello Cadeddu and Fr. Enrique Porcu, who are missionaries from the community of Alliance of Mercy in Brazil.
Posted on 10:49pm on January 4th 2016
M2016 - The Youth of WYD: Meet Artur

M2016 is a new project from the WYD 2016 team in Krakow, which takes a look at the lives of young people who are planning to attend World Youth Day in Krakow next year - their work, dreams, sorrows and especially their faith in Christ - all that in their daily life. In the latest episode, we meet Artur, who will be coming to WYD in his special car. Find about Artur's story in this video.
Posted on 10:13pm on December 20th 2015
WYD Minute - Episode 10 - Krakow 2016

This is the last episode of WYD Minute in 2015. The WYD team will be back in January 2016 with weekly news about World Youth Day preparations straight from Krakow, Poland. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Posted on 11:37pm on December 17th 2015
WYD2016 - Mercy, A Path to Happiness

In this video from the World Youth Day office in Krakow, Professor Yago de la Cierva speaks what is happiness for him and explains who were St. Faustina and St. John Paul II. Also, he emphasises how God's mercy is reachable to everyone.
Posted on 9:49pm on December 16th 2015
WYD2016 Theme Song - Official Music Video!

Here is the official video clip for "Blogoslawieni milosierni" (Blessed are the merciful) - the theme song for the next World Youth Day in Krakow 2016!
Posted on 9:41pm on December 16th 2015
WYD Minute - Episode 09 - Krakow 2016

Check out the ninth episode of the WYD Minute series from Krakow! In this episode we receive an update on the number of registrations, as well as an exclusive insight into what the World Youth Day 2016 pilgrim backpack will look like! There is also an update on the communications plan for WYD 2016.
Posted on 12:18am on December 9th 2015
Polish Missionary Martyrs an Example for WYD2016 Pilgrims

On December 5th in Peru, the beatification of the Polish Franciscan missionary martyrs Fr. Michal Tomaszeka and Fr. Zbigniew Strzalkowski, as well as Fr. Alessandro Dordi from the Italian Diocese of Bergamo, took place in Peru. At the same time, a Mass of thanksgiving was celebrated at the basilica of the Franciscans Fathers in Krakow to honour the lives of these modern day Saints. Read more in this article.
Posted on 10:43pm on November 30th 2015
WYD Minute - Episode 08 - Krakow 2016

Check out the latest episode of WYD Minute. Every week a new video with info and news about World Youth Day Krakow 2016 is released from Poland! In this episode, we receive an update on a recent meeting with World Youth Day delegates from around the world, as well as the latest registration numbers. Are you registered yet?
Posted on 10:40pm on November 30th 2015
LIVE: Aussies Prepare for World Youth Day at ACYF15

The Xt3 team is off to Adelaide this week to start preparing for the 2015 Australian Catholic Youth Festival! The theme for ACYF15 is "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God", in keeping with the theme for World Youth Day 2015, and also in preparation for the theme for next year's international World Youth Day in Krakow, which is "Blessed are the merciful". You will be able to tune in to watch the plenary sessions LIVE at

Tune in LIVE (Adelaide time):
  • Thursday 3rd December, 1:30-3:30pm (Opening Plenary)
  • Friday 4th December, 10-11am (Morning Plenary)
  • Friday 4th December, 7pm-9pm (Evening Plenary)
  • Saturday 5th December, 10am-11am (Morning Plenary)
  • Saturday 5th December, 7pm-9pm (Closing Mass)
Posted on 5:17am on November 26th 2015
WYD Minute - Episode 07 - Krakow 2016

Check out episode 7 of the WYD Minute series! Every week a new video with info and news about World Youth Day 2016 is released by the WYD team in Krakow. This week's episode gives us an update about the promotions for World Youth Day taking place around Germany, as well as news about the delegate meeting taking place in Krakow this week! Stay tuned for more updates.
Posted on 5:12am on November 26th 2015
All About the WYD2016 Official Youth Festival in Krakow!

The World Youth Day office in Krakow have launched a new page with information about the WYD2016 Youth Festival, which is a series of events that will take place in between the major gatherings during the World Youth Day week. The Festival experience will allow pilgrims to not only expand the cultural experience they receive during World Youth Day, but it will also give them an opportunity to expand their spiritual life through a number of small events all over Krakow.
Posted on 12:00am on November 24th 2015
Waiting for World Youth Day

Check out everything you need to know about Krakow in the new video series "Czekamy na SDM" (Waiting for WYD) direct from the WYD team in Krakow!
Posted on 11:55pm on November 23rd 2015
WYD Minute - Episode 06 - Krakow 2016

Here is the sixth episode of the WYD team's video series called "WYD Minute." In this episode, we hear about the Pope's recent meeting with the President of Poland in the lead up to the Holy Father's trip to Poland for World Youth Day. We also receive an update on the latest versions of the WYD anthem "Blessed are the Merciful."

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