Remembering WYD Czestochowa 1991

Last week marked 24 years since the end of 6th World Youth Day, which was hosted in Poland in the city of Czestochowa. The theme for WYD1991 was taken from St. Paul's letter to Romans: "You received the Spirit of adoption, enabling us to cry out 'Abba, Father!'" (Rom 8, 15).

An estimated 1,600,000 people who joined Pope John Paul II for the World Youth Day 1991 meeting in Jasna Gora. Fr. Marian Duda was the coordinator of the Central Organizing Committee of WYD1991: "We didn't have mobile phones or Internet or as many computers as today. And I know why - thanks to the Holy Spirit, who animated us, stimulated us to work and, what's even more important, to pray. It was while praying that the ideas came - how to provide formational materials to the dioceses, who can be asked for sponsorship, who could be a volunteer... It was thanks to the prayers of young people from different communities, movements, and brotherhoods, that we - the Organizing Committee - had certainty of the Lord's blessing and support for this initiative and confidence that it's going to succeed because He wants it to."

As we approach the second World Youth Day to take place in Poland, this time in the city of Krakow, let us also have this same determination to pray for a successful World Youth Day. Saint John Paul II, pray for WYD2016!

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