Half a Year to WYD!

Only half a year is left to World Youth Day Krakow 2016!

This article is from the Official WYD2016 Committee.

Today we want to tell you about the most important tasks which selected Sections of the Organizing Committee are spending time on six months before the meeting of youth with the pope in Krakow.

Volunteers Department

World Youth Day is an event whose organization wouldn’t succeed without volunteers. The Volunteers Department cooperates with the most wonderful people making WYD - volunteers who share their talents and hearts with others. In the preparations for WYD in Krakow there are around 500 volunteers from Poland and over 20 long-term volunteers from the whole world - from Brazil, France, Columbia, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and even from New Zealand.

The section leads several projects in which volunteers can grow and gain knowledge. It also takes care of the spiritual preparations - each month in the "Volunteer Zone" reflections are published about mercy written by Fr. Wojciech Wegrzyniak - a Polish biblical scholar. At half a year before WYD, over 1000 volunteers from Poland and from the whole world have already registered.

Promotion Team

The task of the promotion team is the propagation of the idea of World Youth Day in Poland and abroad. "We are organizing a series of promotional trips for WYD and also for our region and country. As part of the presentations there are discussions, meetings with journalists and conferences. Up to now WYD promotion has taken place in Portugal, Germany, Austria and in Italy," says Monika Jaracz.

The promotion team co-authors programs presented in Polish Television. It was responsible for preparing the promotional video of WYD, which was transmitted by 151 TV channels in 40 countries across 5 continents.

Department of Pastoral Care

The spiritual preparations are the most important part of the preparations for WYD. World Youth Day is a meeting with Pope Francis and with youth from the whole world, but above all it is a meeting with the living God.

The Department of Pastoral Care cares for good preparation for it and it implements many projects. From Palm Sunday 2014, the pilgrimage of the symbols of WYD has been taking place in Poland. The symbols also visited Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldovia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The L4 Project is also taking place, in which young people visit the sick and hand them letters requesting prayers with the intention of WYD. In this way young people perform works of mercy. The next letter will arrive on February 11 on the World Day of the Sick and will be translated into all official languages of WYD.

In the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki there are ongoing "For us and for the whole world" spiritual conferences, which, thanks to internet broadcasting, young people from the whole world can take part in. The retreats take place every month. Together with the invited guests - clergy from the whole world - the works of mercy are reflected upon, and as part of the "City of Saints" project, profiles of the Saints of Krakow are presented. Already today, we invite you to watch the next meeting on February 20.

During WYD the Department of Pastoral Care will take care of three reconciliation zones and the Adoration tent. In each of the zones, there will be the possibility of making use of the sacrament of reconciliation. Every day at the designated hours there will be priests on duty there, offering confession in various languages.

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