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Finding Freedom From Fear
Last edited 20th July 2014

It has been nearly two years since my last relationship ended, but I have not been able to get over the hurt. My prayers have become pleas to God to help me trust again. How can I allow myself to trust someone again?

Don’t look up. Always Look Down: Wisdom from a Bangla Nanna
Last edited 16th July 2014

Just 6 weeks ago I was living in Neutral Bay, one of the wealthiest suburbs in Sydney, but now I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh (recently judged the world’s most unliveable city, again). I am here for one year volunteering with a local non-government organisation in environmental advocacy and communications.

Now What? Advice for After a Youth Conference
Last edited 16th July 2014

You’ve just spent a weekend at a conference. You’ve sang silly songs, listened to talks, eaten sweet tarts for breakfast, and gotten less sleep than you ever thought you could function on. But now you are back to reality!


Benedict XVI's Secretary Passes on Condolences to Pope After World Cup
Last edited 15th July 2014

Benedict XVI did not watch the World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany on television last night but knew instantly what the final score was when he saw the expression on the face of his secretary, Archbishop George Gaenswein, the following morning.

The Six Stages of Seeing a Pope Francis Headline
Last edited 15th July 2014

This blog highlights in a humorous the way Catholics feel when they read a Pope Francis headline where his words are taken out of context by the secular media.

4 Ways We Unfairly Judge Others
Last edited 11th July 2014

We've all been there. You see a friend making decisions you're sure they'll come to regret, or worry that an organization is starting to teeter down the wrong path. And then, in your head, an imaginary little "tut-tut-ing" angel will land on your shoulder and sing those words you've heard all your life.“Judge not, that you be not judged.” –Matthew 7:1

The Best Papal World Cup Memes
Last edited 11th July 2014

What are the odds that the countries of origin of both Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis would make it to the World Cup Final? Catholics around the world are making the most of this opportunity to evangelize with some humorous photoshopped images of both Popes praying for the win of their own countries team.


The World Cup Final - Argentina vs. Germany
Last edited 10th July 2014

World Cup Final: Pope Francis' country of origin Argentina will vs. Pope Emeritus Benedict's country of origin Germany in the final of the World Cup. Pope Emeritus Benedict said in 2008 that "The sport of football can be a vehicle of education for the values of honesty, solidarity and fraternity, especially for the younger generation."


Turkish Ramadan Feast Brings Faiths Together in Sydney
Last edited 7th July 2014

By six o'clock in the evening, with the sun fully set and the new moon rising, Sydney- based newly weds Azmi and Deniz Alkan were busy in the kitchen preparing what would prove to be an amazing array of culinary delights. They were preparing the Iftar feast that breaks the day's Ramadan fast.


World Youth Day Logo and Text Announced
Last edited 3rd July 2014

The logo and prayer focus on the theme chosen by Pope Francis from the Gospel of Matthew: 'Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.' The logo, created by Monika Rybczynska, 28, with help from Emilia Pyza, 26, features a red and blue flame of Divine Mercy flowing from a gold cross that is surrounded by a red outline of the map of Poland. A gold dot represents the city of Krakow on the map and symbolizes the youth.

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