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First Round of Speakers Announced for Australian Catholic Youth Festival!
Last edited 25th August 2015

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival is very pleased to announce some of the confirmed presenters for December. Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, the Bishops' Delegate for Youth, heads a line up of musicians and speakers from across the country. We are looking forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks.


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FRANKLY: A Game-Changer in Catholic Parish Life
Last edited 21st August 2015

Bursting onto the Catholic scene in parishes this Christmas, FRANKLY is a fresh new publication that will be a power house in evangelisation and a counter-balance to secular negativity about the Church.


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The Role of Friendship in Helping Young People with Same-Sex Attraction
Last edited 21st August 2015

True friendship is vital in helping young people who are struggling with same-sex attraction but trying to live a chaste lifestyle, said a prominent gay Catholic blogger.


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The Only Catholic in the Room: Defending Faith in College
Last edited 18th August 2015

I didn’t expect to be challenged in my faith as I confidently walked out of the safety of my high school and my hometown seeking a new adventure. I mean, I was going to a Catholic college where there would be an atmosphere of faith. Right?


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Fire of Love: Lessons from St. Maximilian Kolbe
Last edited 17th August 2015

There is no saint that has a greater impact upon my spiritual life than St. Maximilian Kolbe. This fact is ironic as early on in my conversion to Catholicism I did not like him at all. I thought he looked too stern in his pictures, and that he talked too much about the Immaculata, a title for the Blessed Virgin that I found rather weird. Yet, God works in mysterious ways, and after reading the writings of St. Maximilian himself, I grew to love this saint profoundly. Now, I pore over his words of wisdom again and again (his writings are truly a spiritual education) and I have even named my young son named after him.

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The Fight Against Filth
Last edited 10th August 2015

We've all been there, standing in line at the store, waiting patiently to purchase our groceries while scantily-clad, heavily-Photoshopped women stare longingly at us from the glossy covers of the surrounding magazines in the check-out aisle. As if there were any doubts as to the sort of material within these publications, the cover lines shout out such phrases as “His #1 Sex Fantasy,” “Bad Girl Sex,” “12 Kinky Quickies,” or “21 Mind Blowing Sex Moves.” -

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Pope Talks to Youth about Discernment, Grandparents & Eucharist
Last edited 9th August 2015

Following Jesus and doing the right thing gives believers a sense of peace, but sometimes "it comes wrapped in the cross," Pope Francis told a group of teenagers and young adults. Asked Aug. 7 what his greatest challenge was as a Jesuit, Pope Francis responded that it was and continues to be "discernment," prayerfully seeking God's will and doing it, which gives one a sense of peace.


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10 Things You Need to Know About Jesus' Transfiguration
Last edited 5th August 2015

This Thursday commemorates the mysterious event known as the Transfiguration. This event is hard to understand. Why did it happen? What did it mean?


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The Purpose Collective - A Great Website for Those Wanting to Make Positive Change
Last edited 3rd August 2015

The Purpose Collective.


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Homelessness Prevention Week August (3-9) and Vocations Awareness Week
Last edited 3rd August 2015

This week in Australia is Homelessness Prevention Week as well as Vocations Awareness week.


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