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Which Saint Should You Take Advice From? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Last edited 7th September 2016

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who has been through some of the same trials, struggles and situations in life that you are currently facing? It always seems to help to speak with a person who “gets” it. The advice and empathy they give is unlike anyone else’s because they know exactly what we are going through.


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What to Do If You're Too Ashamed to Go to Confession

Last edited 18th August 2016

While Reconciliation is intended to allow Christ’s victory to overcome sin in our lives, what happens when shame over one’s sins is so great that it keeps people away from the sacrament?


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Bishop Barron on The Doritos Commercial

Last edited 17th August 2016

You've likely heard about the absurd reaction of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) to the lighthearted Super Bowl commercial produced to advertise Doritos. NARAL's objection brings to light an ancient and enduring philosophical position that goes by the name of voluntarism, a belief that has led to a distortion of speech and the unchaining of some pretty dark forces.


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Missing – Jesus’ Mom: The Assumption Explained

Last edited 15th August 2016

About twelve years ago a teen named Billy asked me this question, “Why do you Catholics believe that Mary ascended into heaven, when it’s not even in the Bible?”


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Gymnast Who Keeps Rosary in Her Bag Wins Olympic Glory – Twice

Last edited 14th August 2016

A gymnast who keeps her Rosary in her bag has won the women’s all-around Olympic gold medal for gymnastics.


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Why These Cards Inspired a Catholic Grandpa to Build an App

Last edited 14th August 2016

For twenty-five years, Tom Riles has carried a stack of index cards in his shirt pocket.


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Are You a Single Catholic Looking for LOVE? Why Not Try These Catholic Pickup Lines:

Last edited 14th August 2016

• Hey, I’d love to say a prayer before a meal with you sometime? How about Saturday at 8:00?


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The Evolution Of Michael Phelps (Full Feature HD)

Last edited 9th August 2016

A look at the life of Michael Phelps -- the most decorated olympian of all time, with 18 gold medals and how even his unparelled success didn't ease his frustration from his father's abandonment and his lack of self-worth. Only his discovery of God's love that brought him back to the Rio Olympics!

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Ignite Conference 2016 Revelation

Last edited 9th August 2016

Ignite Conference is a national Catholic youth conference held in Brisbane for adults, students, kids, ministry leaders, teachers, priests and religious. It’s about encountering Jesus Christ and the Church, experiencing dynamic faith, being equipped for living the Christian life, and being empowered to impact the Church and the world. Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th September Brisbane, Australia


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Dear Young Friends: Pope Francis Quotes from World Youth Day 2016

Last edited 9th August 2016

Gut Check: Welcome Ceremony


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