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Christians Strip off in Perth Court Protest at Detention of Asylum Seeker Children
Last edited 28th January 2015

Christian activists protesting at the detention of asylum-seeker children stripped to their underwear on the steps of the Perth magistrates court and declared their intention to march on Julie Bishop’s office, less than an hour after receiving spent convictions for another protest action at Bishop’s electorate office in December.

You're a Great Man: 29 Catholic Girls Explain Why
Last edited 28th January 2015

Sometimes I hear girls complain about the fact that they can’t find any good guys. I don’t know what they’re talking about. They are everywhere and I am blessed to have the privilege to know so many of them. I see great men in my grandfathers, my father, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, co-workers, boyfriends, and neighbors.

Kids Pack Love into School Bags
Last edited 28th January 2015

Through hard work, dedication and delicious ice-cream spiders the McGill siblings raised more than $500 to make up eight back-to-school packs for kids like themselves.

Australia's First Ever Anti-Slavery Course and it's Free
Last edited 27th January 2015

University of Technology Sydney has launched Australia's first-of-its-kind online training program on slavery, slavery-like practices and human trafficking.


More Bread for the Baking
Last edited 27th January 2015

Meet a single mother in Mozambique who used clean water to build her bread-making business into a better future for her family.

5 Shortest Ways to Heaven According to the Saints
Last edited 27th January 2015

When it comes to getting to heaven, scenic routes are stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I love scenic routes but when the destination is a gazillion squared times better than the route, there’s no real need to dawdle. That’s how it is with heaven. So here are five of the shortest ways to get to heaven, courtesy of five helpful saints.


Brew Evangelization: The Ongoing Renaissance of Monastic Beer
Last edited 26th January 2015

What is it about monks and beer? The two just go together. And as craft beer continues to rise in popularity in the United States, the ones responsible for creating western brewing practices are reclaiming their own.

What It's Really Like to be Married to Jesus
Last edited 18th January 2015

I’m a nun. Technically, I’m a religious Sister, because “nun” refers to cloistered contemplatives. But no matter. We answer to “nun,” too, because it’s in common parlance and rhymes with a lot of words… like “fun.”


An attempt to answer the question: Where are the young adults?
Last edited 14th January 2015

Fr Peter Daly announced a listening session to be facilitated by a doctor who is both a parishioner and the medical director of the local hospital. The forum was at a neutral setting, at the parish theater. These were some of the responses.

Information for Parishes - The New Working with Children Check
Last edited 8th January 2015

Information for Parishes the new working with children check is now in operation. This factsheet is specifically designed to assist Parishes in identifying when, and in what instance, a Working with Children Check is required under the new scheme.

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