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The Sign of the Cross, “That Thing You Do?”
Last edited 26th March 2015

“Teach me to do that thing you do!” he exclaimed. “What thing is that?” my friend George answered from the front of the classroom. Making a gesture with his hand on his forehead and chest and shoulders, George could see that he meant the sign of the cross. “Do you mean the sign of the cross? George asked. “Yes! That’s it, teach me the sign of the cross.” was the inmates response.

Why That Woman Wept At Confession
Last edited 26th March 2015

After I finished my confession and walked out, I couldn’t stop thinking about this woman and why she wept. I couldn’t stop thinking about what her confession meant to her.

As 150 Homeless People Tour Sistine Chapel, Pope Greets Each Individual
Last edited 26th March 2015

Pope Francis made a surprise appearance to greet the 150 homeless people who were given a special tour of the Sistine Chapel on March 26. The Pope greeted each of the guests individually, and asked for their prayers. “I’m in need of prayers by people like you,” he said.

What's your WYD story?
Last edited 23rd March 2015

How does an event like World Youth Day impact on a young person’s life? Every pilgrim has a different story….. Fr Paul Kim, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Parish Warnervale, was a young seminarian in South Korea back in 2008 when he won a writing competition that earned him a ticket to World Youth Day celebrations in Sydney, Australia. After graduating high school in 2001, Fr Paul entered the seminary at 19 years of age. Whilst searching for God in his vocation and practising his faith, he still felt he was struggling because of his young age and was looking for a ‘turning point’ in his journey.

Healing the Wounds of Body Image
Last edited 23rd March 2015

“You have girly hands” I remember those words like they were spoken to me yesterday. I was a vulnerable young man in high school, and one of my classmates gravely wounded me. Those words changed the way I viewed myself. I became so insecure and increasingly paranoid. I felt as if my hands were something to be ashamed of. I’m not saying that girl’s hands are bad, but no guy wants to be told he has feminine hands, just like any girl would not like to be told she has manly hands. Those words wounded my masculine identity; it struck an intimate part of me.

Love Has No Labels… But It Does Have a Language
Last edited 23rd March 2015

When I came out about my same-sex attractions at 14, I felt free and exhilarated because I could finally be honest with myself. These attractions had set me apart from my peers since my childhood, but with this newfound sense of self-honesty, I was free to explore what might happen next. From confessing crushes with a little less awkwardness, to having girlfriends (I’m a girl by the way), to random hookups, I was living in a whole new world.

The Call to Greatness: Building Men of God
Last edited 23rd March 2015

Greatness; that’s our goal as men, right? Whether we want to be a scientist or a lawyer or a football player, we want to be great. That’s a good thing because we are called to greatness by God. However, every great doctor or athlete or plumber or teacher had someone coach them.

Venerable Mary Aikenhead - Her Story
Last edited 19th March 2015

Born in Cork in 1787 of an upper class Protestant father and Catholic mother, Mary Aikenhead was deeply affected by her father’s work as a doctor among the Irish poor and by his death-bed conversion to Catholicism. In 1802, she became a Catholic and, in 1808, went to stay with her friend Anne O’Brien in Dublin. Here she witnessed widespread unemployment and poverty and soon began to accompany her generous friend in visiting the poor and sick in their homes.

Christian Schools Transform Education for Nepal’s Girls
Last edited 19th March 2015

Because of the influence of 100 Christian schools, including 20 Catholic schools, as many young women as young men are now graduating from high school in Nepal. “In traditional Hindu societies like Nepal's, girls tend to be denied the opportunity to learn how to read and write,” a local educational expert said in an interview with AsiaNews. “Families prefer early marriage, sometimes even before the girls are fully developed physically.”

We're in Love… Is it Okay to Have Sex Before Marriage?
Last edited 18th March 2015

Often, teenagers ask me if there’s ever a time when it’s okay to have sex before marriage – like, when you truly love someone, or if you’re deeply committed to them. More than once, I’ve been asked, “Can sex ever be as meaningful outside of marriage as it is in marriage?” Read more here.

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