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Student Finds Rare Letter by St Mary MacKillop
Last edited 18th December 2014

“I was sorting through a box of State Children’s Department correspondence and I opened up a letter, and it was from Mary MacKillop,” Flinders University PhD student Cherrie de Leiuen said.

Pope Francis: Evangelise Europe’s Youth
Last edited 14th December 2014

Pope Francis called upon participants in the 4th European Congress on Youth Pastoral Ministry “not to ever tire of proclaiming the Gospel, with your life and word.”


The New Year You Forgot About
Last edited 9th December 2014

Advent is a great time to reflect on our spiritual journey of the last year and resolve to grow in the coming one… like a spiritual New Year’s resolution! This season provides us with an opportunity to seek and commit to new ways of loving Jesus better in the coming year.

When I’m going too far with a guy, I’m always afraid to say no. What should I do?
Last edited 9th December 2014

As difficult as this may be, try to uncover the cause of your fear. For example, I know of a young woman who had been the victim of rape, and from that point forward in her life, she never said “no” to doing sexual things with guys. Her reasoning for this was because in her mind, she “knew what happens when a girl says no,” and she never again wanted to experience such a violation of her will. Therefore, by saying “yes” to every man’s lust, she thought she was robbing them of their power to control her. Unfortunately, in doing so, she had also surrendered her own power to love and be loved.

Freezing in a Tent ... For Life
Last edited 1st December 2014

A group of students, known as the “Tent Gang,” have committed to taking turns sleeping in a tent on campus every single night, prayerfully sacrificing their time and comfort to raise awareness about the March for Life, and to demonstrate to their fellow students that the right to life is worth sacrificing oneself.

The Year I Stopped Stealing
Last edited 30th November 2014

In college, I learned I had been stealing. Not shoplifting. Not downloading music illegally (that wasn’t even really possible with our dial-up internet.) Not even neglecting to claim my tips as a waitress (the computer made us to it.) My senior year of college, I realized I was stealing from the poor.

Alternative Schoolies Fiji
Last edited 27th November 2014

We are only given one life to live #makinginroads


The Spirituality of Surfing
Last edited 1st December 2014

"Who consistently wakes up at 4.30am every morning and does the same thing year after year, decade after decade? The answer: monks and surfers. Surfing isn’t a religion, but for many surfers I know it comes pretty close. I’ve been surfing most of my life, and as a Catholic priest I see major similarities between surfing and Christianity."


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When Things Don’t Get Better: Finding God in Unhappiness
Last edited 19th November 2014

Unhappiness is a cross. It makes us feel inadequate. It robs us of our awe and wonder at the beautiful life God has blessed us with. Often, the things that leave us feeling this way are out of control, fueled by our deepest doubts and fears. How we react to such things, however, is completely up to us. We can approach lack of joy as a curse and allow it to plunge us deeper into the darkness. Or we can seek purpose in our suffering and reach toward God’s light, trusting it’s there even if we can’t see it.

A Dumb use for a Smart Phone
Last edited 19th November 2014

One Long Island teen found out the hard way that the purported anonymity of Yik Yak has a limit. He posted a bomb threat, the cops presumably got a warrant and went to Yik Yak, and the company fingered their unhappy customer, who is now facing a possible jail sentence. So much for truth in advertising. The firm does have some legal boilerplate on their website to the effect that the only way they will break anonymity is if a duly authorized government entity asks them to. But that can certainly happen.

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