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Saint Cyprian of Carthage and Pope Saint Cornelius
Last edited 16th September 2014

Saint Cyprian of Carthage and Pope Saint Cornelius - Feast Day 16th of September


Where’s the Line?: Dating, Purity, and Sin
Last edited 12th September 2014

For a couple that is not married, one of the reasons that sex is a sin is because their bodies are saying something that contradicts the reality of their souls. In the body language of sex, the body says, “Here is all of me, completely given to you and only you.” Realizing that sex is naturally designed toward the creation of new life, there is also a way in which the body speaks of an openness to becoming co-creators with God.

Is Sacramental Grace Magic?
Last edited 8th September 2014

Why sacraments? And why are they seen as something more than mere images? The Church does see sacraments, not merely as images of grace (though they are that too), but as things which actually do something to you--real agents through which grace comes.

Pitch Imperfect
Last edited 8th September 2014

Last week, as soon as Mass ended, the sweet little old lady sitting in front of me loudly announced to anyone within earshot that I (apparently) sing off-key. Totally shocked, I responded, “Well, I guess that’s why I’m out here, and not back there in the choir loft.” Listen, lady, I never promised you perfection from the pew behind you. But I’d be lying if I said her comment didn’t sting, just a little. After all, I was always taught to do my best, in everything I attempted: in school, clubs, sports, relationships, even faith – and I’ll include singing at Mass on the list.

Get 'Illuminated' with Ignite Conference 2014
Last edited 12th September 2014

In September 2013, the Xt3 team travelled to Brisbane Australia to experience our first ever Ignite Conference. The energy, enthusiasm and devotion of the Ignite participants was not only impressive, but it also pointed to an exciting future for the Catholic Church in Australia. Xt3 will be back once again for Ignite 2014 - the 10th Ignite Conference since it first launched onto the Australian Catholic youth scene in 2001.


25 Ways To Ask Your Kids “So How Was School Today?” Without Asking them “So How Was School Today?”
Last edited 3rd September 2014

Here are some great questions to ask to get some information from your kids about how their day at school went.

ACYMC Promo 2014 - Final Days to Register
Last edited 3rd September 2014

With registration closing on Friday September 12th for the Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention everyone is counting down to Australia's premier Catholic Youth Ministry training and formation event in Adelaide 3-5 October 2014. See you at ACYMC.


Pope to Soccer Players: Set an Example of Peace On and Off the Field
Last edited 1st September 2014

Pope Francis met with soccer players and organizers of today's Interreligious Soccer Match for Peace. The match will take place this evening at Rome's Olympic Stadium. The Pope thanked the players and highlighted the importance of setting an example for youth. POPE FRANCIS"People, especially young people, look at you with admiration for your athletic abilities. It is important to set a good example, on the field and off the field.”

Adelaide to host Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2015
Last edited 28th August 2014

The Australian bishops have announced that next year's national Catholic youth festival will be held in Adelaide, the capital of the state of South Australia.


Leah Darrow Australian Tour 2014 - "You were made for greatness"
Last edited 25th August 2014

Leah Darrow is an international Catholic speaker that dares her audience to live a life according to the words of Jesus Christ.


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