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Pope’s Homily at The Welcome Ceremony of WYD 2016

Last edited 29th July 2016

Dear Young Friends, good evening!


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The Perpetual Penitent: Identifying and Healing from Scrupulosity

Last edited 26th July 2016

There I was… completely frozen. Tears streamed down my face and mixed with the shower water as I struggled to come to my senses and rinse the shampoo off my hair. The water turned cold, but I was in the heat of an obsessive compulsive battle that started hours before when my brain couldn’t decide if I had committed a terrible sin or not.


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Xt3's Coverage of WYD 2016

Last edited 25th July 2016

Hello Xt3 people,


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The Problem With “Me Before You”

Last edited 20th July 2016

WARNING: Due to the serious subject matter of the film “Me Before You” (euthanasia), and the fact that most people already know how the movie ends (euthanasia), combined with the fact that the film is based on a novel by the same name that came out in 2012, this entire movie review will be one big spoiler. Advance at your own risk.


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Republican Party Takes Anti-Porn Stance – But Is It Hypocritical?

Last edited 20th July 2016

It merited only one paragraph in the 2016 GOP platform, but the party’s stand against pornography is drawing commendation from all sides, not only conservatives and Catholics.


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Why Starbucks and McDonald's are blocking porn from their WiFi

Last edited 19th July 2016

Two of the largest chain restaurants with free WiFi in the United States, McDonald’s and Starbucks, are adding pornography filters to their internet.


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Pope: ‘Young People, You Have Restlessness?’ ‘Jesus Is Answer’

Last edited 19th July 2016

Young people have a restlessness in their hearts and Jesus is the answer.


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A Priest Teaches Religion Through The Game 'Minecraft'

Last edited 18th July 2016

Daniel Pajuelo is a young Spanish priest who is an expert on innovative ways in which to talk about God. He has written rap songs and teaches at a school in Madrid.


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Reports Emerge of Teens Convulsing From 'Charlie Charlie' Game

Last edited 17th July 2016

A Colombian news outlet has reported convulsions and other strange behaviors in 22 local teenagers who allegedly played “Charlie Charlie,” a simplified version of Ouija that became popular a year ago.


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Pokemon Go Reportedly Helping People’s Mental Health, Depression

Last edited 12th July 2016

Pokemon Go is a new mobile game app that is based upon the popular Pokemon game that was created in 1995. It uses a person’s smartphone camera and GPS to place Pokemon characters in the real world around the player. These characters need to be “caught” by the player in order to get points. A player can see the characters in their real world surroundings by looking at their screen, and use the game to capture the Pokemon character.


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