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#ShoeStories, Innovative Youth Engagement Platform, Online from Today

Last edited 21st February 2018

#ShoeStories, innovative youth engagement platform


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Protestant YouTube star Announces Conversion to Catholicism

Last edited 21st February 2018

YouTube star Lizzie Estella Reezay has announced she is converting to Catholicism.


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The Our Father prayer | EXPLAINED

Last edited 20th February 2018

If you've grown up in a Christian family, it's easy not to think deeply about the prayers that you've learned off by heart and repeated thousands of times. But it's really good to go back to the basics - to think about and reflect on what we're praying.


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Cohabitation - Why is it Bad? What is Oxytocin? Can Porn affect Marriage? | Jason Evert

Last edited 14th February 2018

In this interview Jason Evert talks about his ministry in talking to thousands of young people each year about chastity and authentic human love. He discusses the problems with cohabitation, explains oxytocin and how pornography can negatively affect your future marriage.


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What is the Purpose of Human Sexuality? Q and A with Jason Evert ACYF15

Last edited 8th February 2018

What is the purpose and meaning of sexuality? What does it mean to make love to another human being?


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Pope Wants to Fight the Plague of "Cold Hearts" During Lent

Last edited 7th February 2018

Pope Francis has proposed fighting the plague of "cold hearts" throughout Lent, which begins February 14.


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Fresh Youth Ministry Ideas | Ep 1 - 24/7 Adoration Chapel

Last edited 20th February 2018

Fr Greg from St Joseph's Rosebery had a great idea of a 24 hour adoration chapel for his parish that allows parishioners to come and pray before our Lord whenever they need to, using a special code on the door.


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Xt3 Lent Calendar 2018 App Promo

Last edited 30th January 2018

Lent isn't meant to be easy. Journey with others this Lent.


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Aziz Ansari and Why Hookups Hurt | Life Teen

Last edited 17th January 2018

Aziz Ansari took a woman on a date, they proceeded to engage in sexual activity that she was uncomfortable with. That woman has shared her story and where she believes she was seriously violated, others believe she was simply engaging in a standard date/hookup. If it’s so common then, why are people so uncomfortable with what she shared?

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Traveling in My Habit - Br. Casey Cole, OFM

Last edited 9th January 2018

Many of us went on a holiday during the Christmas Season and this includes many religious brothers and sisters. Have you ever wondered what it is like for religious to travel in their habits? Check out this video from YouTube video blogger Brother Casey Cole OFM who always takes the opportunity to evangelize in his habit.

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