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I'm Not Anxious Anymore - A True Story about Altar Serving

Last edited 4th February 2018

"Class, I have a list of activities to help you work toward your Confirmation,"


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A Youth Group Leader's Worst Nightmare

Last edited 11th August 2017

In this skit from YouTube channel, New Catholic Generation, a youth leader trusts to of her youth group members to lead youth group.


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Cyber Bullying the Complete Resource Guide

Last edited 16th June 2017

Children and teens, who are just learning to navigate social relationships, often find themselves in social situations that are fraught with awkward exchanges. When the line between normal, even acceptable, playful teasing crosses into bullying, problems arise.


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Church calls Australian Youth to Showcase Their talents ahead of Youth Festival

Last edited 12th April 2017

Young people across Australia are invited to showcase their musical, artistic and film making talents ahead of the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) later this year.


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Is Shyness Your Excuse?

Last edited 11th January 2017

Fr. Mike helps break down the barriers we may have that are keeping us from evangelizing. He points out that the best way to spread the gospel is just by being yourself, and leading people to Christ in your own way. Sometimes the greatest witness is a quiet one.


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Youth Ministry: The Emphasis Must Be Spiritual

Last edited 21st November 2016

For a good deal of my 25-plus years in youth ministry, I held to a mistaken philosophy. I believed that if you bring young people (children, adolescents, young adults) into an environment where good people with good thoughts, good motives and good activities existed, good things would happen. Although good things often did happen, an entire arena of spiritual focus and value was missed.


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Catholic Youth Services Podcast

Last edited 16th March 2017

In this podcast Xt3 records events hosted by Catholic Youth Services in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

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God, Jimmy Fallon, and How to Transform All Things -- Fr. John Parks

Last edited 31st October 2016

Fr. Parks tells the story of the time he "almost" met Jimmy Fallon, and what God taught him through his disappointment.


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What Makes You Worthy to Work in Ministry -- Mark Hart

Last edited 18th October 2016

At some point, we all question why God has called us to work in ministry, and how we can possibly be qualified. It's much easier to find our faults than it is to see our gifts. Mark Hart challenges this mindset during one of his talks at the 2015 Catholic Youth Ministry Convention.

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5 Pieces of Advice From JPII for World Youth Day

Last edited 27th July 2016

Imagine millions of Catholics everywhere you turn. Flags flying, chants echoing through the streets, Pope Francis buzzing through the crowds. Imagine the zeal for Christ, the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit in the air, the celebration of the Catholic—the universal—faith.


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