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5 Ways To Be a Superhero This Summer

Last edited 16th July 2013

It’s summertime, people! And while you might be tempted over vacation to lounge poolside and work on that tan, remember that there are also plenty of opportunities to give back to your community and beyond. So, be the star of your own summer superhero movie and get out there and save the world!

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Marriage and Commitment: The Ring Makes a Difference

Last edited 16th July 2013

The rise in numbers of cohabiting couples in recent years could lead to the conclusion that being married does not make much difference: a supposition not supported by studies of couples.

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Interview with

Last edited 14th July 2013

There’s a new website that will change the way we search for saints! I came across, the world’s first online saint taxonomy and search engine for Catholic saints. It’s helpful for people who are simply exploring the lives of the saints, or for those who want to discover something completely new about a saint.

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8 Ways to Cure a Bad Day

Last edited 12th July 2013

"I stepped in gum, in my bare feet... My girlfriend/boyfriend moved to Europe and broke up with me over text... I can’t find a summer job; no one wants me.” Maybe you haven’t said one of these things exactly, but I’m sure you know what it feels like to have a bad day.


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Catholic Cartoons by Jason Bach

Last edited 10th July 2013

Jason Bach grew up in Oregon dreaming of being a famous newspaper cartoonist like Bill Watterson.


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Ask a Priest - Is Organ Donation Allowed in the Catholic Church? What About Donating Sperm/Eggs?

Last edited 5th July 2013

Is organ donation allowed in the Catholic Church? What about donating sperm/eggs?


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(In)dependence Day

Last edited 3rd July 2013

We celebrate independence with great fervor, but as Christians we’re called to a life of dependence on God.

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9-Year-Old Girl Runs Lemonade Stand For 365 Days Straight To End Child Slavery

Last edited 1st July 2013

Vivienne Harr, age 9, celebrated the one-year anniversary of her lemonade stand to end child slavery by announcing she is moving from the street corner to the beverage aisle.


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Instagram Video for Church Ministry

Last edited 30th June 2013

This past week, Instagram launched their video-sharing tool that rivals Vine, the Twitter-promoted video app. My first reaction to this was hesitation, thinking that companies will start video-gramming their ads and my news feed will turn into commercials. But then I realized how fantastic this tool could be for churches. Here are three main reasons churches need to jump on the insta-video bandwagon:

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Retail Workers Forced to Spend Wages on Employer Brands' Clothing

Last edited 28th June 2013

Retailers who require their staff to wear brand clothing and jewellery at work are breaking the law by making their employees pay for the stock out of their own wages

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