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Is it Ethical to Root for a Team Yet Not Support, Agree with or Condone One of its Players?

Last edited 17th June 2013

As Jesus makes clear in the parable of the weeds and the wheat (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43), good and evil mingle closely in our broken world. We are always wrestling with the mixture of good and evil in ourselves individually and in our human institutions and organizations. It might be impossible to find a team with no skeletons in its closet. On some level, to support any team or group is to support its own best version of itself, even if that is something it is still striving to become. On the playing field, this means cheering for your team whether they win or lose. Off the field, it takes on added meaning.

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Is it Wrong to Have Doubts About God or My faith or The Church?

Last edited 24th June 2013

For a long time there’s been a belief that with faith, one cannot doubt and that with doubt, one cannot have true faith. This is true if we let doubt fuel mistrust. However, if we use doubt to help us formulate questions about our search for truth, then we can begin to see doubt as a good thing. So, to answer the question directly, it depends on how you use doubt on your journey of faith.


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Happy Father's Day

Last edited 17th June 2013

God took the strength of a mountain,


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Ritual or Death

Last edited 16th June 2013

When a man first begins to work out, he usually does so in a burst of enthusiasm. He envisions his ideal weight and future health. He buys new shoes and a barrel of protein-powder with a man who looks like a Transformer grimacing on its label. In short, he gets pumped. But if his enthusiasm isn’t followed by ritual — by a well-kept routine of stretching, running, and lifting — he’ll cease working out.

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You’re Not Crazy: Getting Help for Your Mind

Last edited 14th June 2013

We know when it’s important to get professional help with our physical ailments. It just makes sense to us. But as a society we have problem seeking professional help with our mental health. We often label people with mental illnesses as “crazy,” and think that if we can’t take care of issues that affect our mental health (like stress, anger, or loss) then we must be weak.


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What You Put on Your Toast Matters!

Last edited 12th June 2013

The company Aussie Mite has apologised but continues to receive criticism on their Facebook page over a recent commercial, which portrayed Jesus in the Holy Eucharist being dipped into the black, gooey, Aussie Mite product and then consumed.


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A Convert’s Guide to the Month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Last edited 11th June 2013

The Church dedicates the month of June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one of the most popular Catholic devotions throughout the world. So what is the Sacred Heart, anyway? When Catholics talk about the Sacred Heart we’re referring to the physical (yes, blood and ventricles and valves … this is an unabashedly embodied faith, y’all) Heart of Jesus as a representation of his Divine Love for humanity. Throughout his earthly ministry, Jesus’ Heart was moved by compassion for the poor, the sick, the forgotten, and the grieving.

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Oceania a Faith Journey - Take Part in a WYD Artwork

Last edited 6th June 2013

We need your support to make this happen. All we need is ONE THING from you. It's simple. All we need you to do is write a prayer that focuses on ONE THING that is important to you and the people of OCEANIA. OCEANIA covers from Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands, Tokelau, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, French Polynesia, Tuvalu, Nauru, Palau, Micronesia, Marshall Islands and to Northern Mariana Islands. If you are from Oceania or you have a connection there, this is of value to you. Your prayer can be long, short or even 3 words. It can be something personal or for people you care or love that need your support.


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Baby Celeste Only Lived 22 Weeks But Her Impact Will Last a Lifetime

Last edited 4th June 2013

Meet Celeste. Her name means “Heavenly”. This was a fitting and perfect name for a child born at 22 weeks weighing one pound, one ounce. About a month ago, Corinna began experiencing contractions at 22 weeks in her pregnancy. Her husband Kemi rushed her to the hospital where doctors informed them the baby was coming. Doctors tried tactics to delay the labor hoping to extend delivery to 24 weeks where babies are more able to survive outside the womb. Celeste was eager and nothing could stop her.

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St. Charles Lwanga and Companions Martyrs of Uganda

Last edited 13th June 2013

For those of us who think that the faith and zeal of the early Christians died out as the Church grew more safe and powerful through the centuries, the martyrs of Uganda are a reminder that persecution of Christians continues in modern times, even to the present day.

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