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How a North Korean escaped to Australia

Last edited 17th April 2013

The thought he would one day have to eat a fellow human was what drove one Chongjin resident to escape from the nightmare state - to Australia - in a story so incredible it's almost made for TV.

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Nominate Your Boss for the 2013 Vinnies CEO Sleepout Thursday 20 June

Last edited 12th April 2013

There are more than 100,000 Australians who find themselves homeless each night of the year. Just under half of these are women; a quarter are under the age of 18.


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Prepare Your Kids to Handle Bullies

Last edited 11th April 2013

Bullying is a serious problem in our schools today. Three million kids miss school every month because they’re afraid of being bullied. And don’t think Catholic schools are immune.

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Interactive Website - Road to Refuge - Great resource for Youth Groups and Teachers to Explain the Stories of Asylum Seekers

Last edited 26th April 2013

Searching for safety and protection, refugees and asylum seekers embark on many different and difficult journeys. The decision to leave behind family and friends, and the life you have built for yourself, is never easy.


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Ex-Baseball Phenom Discusses Life in a Norbertine Abbey

Last edited 9th April 2013

In January of 2010, Grant Desme shocked the baseball world by announcing his retirement from the game. Only 23 at the time, Desme had recently been named the 2009 Arizona Fall League MVP and was on the verge of playing in the majors. Despite his athletic success, the former center fielder knew he was called to something greater.

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How to Cope with Cyber-Bullying

Last edited 7th April 2013

Parents who would never allow their children to drive without lessons give them mobile phones and hope for the best. Good luck to them!

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'Suspended coffee' coming to Australia

Last edited 7th April 2013

Australian cafes are looking to introduce "suspended coffees" where you order and pay for your own coffee and a "suspended" coffee for someone who can't afford to buy one for themselves, The Age reports. The idea began in Naples about 10 years ago and spread to Bulgaria - one of Europe's poorest countries - earlier this year after widespread social unrest. Now Rita Capra and Declan Jacobs want ''suspended coffee'' to become a regular order at cafes in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Mark Hart on the Wisdom of Solomon (Clip from ENCOUNTER)

Last edited 4th April 2013

In the Encounter curriculum Mark Hart uses Skits and comedy to get across Bible messages for those in the 6th -8th Grade.


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I Wish I Had This Bible Study When I Was in Middle School

Last edited 4th April 2013

Encounter: Experiencing God in the Everyday is filled with “aha!” moments. You go through it and all of a sudden the Bible makes sense. The readings in Mass make sense. The Creed makes sense. The Sacraments make sense! Encounteris a one of those things that leaves you saying, “I wish I had that when I was a kid.”

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Wanted: More People To Wash Feet

Last edited 2nd April 2013

Last week Pope Francis chose to carry out the Holy Thursday ritual of “washing feet” in a special way by presiding at the mass of the Lord’s Supper at the Casal del Marmo Youth Detention Centre in Rome.


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