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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Last edited 13th June 2017

The word “addiction” brings to mind alcohol and drugs. Yet, over the past 20 years, a new type of addiction has emerged: addiction to social media.


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President of Conference Appeals for Donations for the East Africa Food Crisis

Last edited 31st May 2017

‘I am shocked to learn of the harrowing plight facing millions of people in a number of countries in East Africa,’ Archbishop Denis Hart, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference said today.


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In Praise of God Our Father: an Interview

Last edited 31st May 2017

In this interview CRADIO speaks with Stasia Very, musician and composer, who has recently released her latest album “In Praise of God Our Father”. They talk to Stasia about her inspirations, how she got into song writing and also about her new album.

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Calling Young Australians to be Part of an International Conversation

Last edited 25th May 2017

Young people across Australia are being called to share their views about life, faith, and their experience of Church through an online survey published today by the Australian Bishops.


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Pope's Meeting with Youth in Egypt: Pray for Those Who You Don't Love

Last edited 2nd May 2017

After dinner, the pope looked out of the embassy's balcony to greet these visitors. There were 300 young Egyptians who came to see him in Cairo.


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Church Needs to Engage Marginalised Young Australians

Last edited 20th April 2017

From 5th to 9th April, I had the great honour of being the Australian Youth Delegate at the conference, ‘From Krakow to Panama: The Synod Journeying with Young People,’ held in Rome.


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Pope's Urbi et Orbi Message, Easter 2017

Last edited 17th April 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


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Church calls Australian Youth to Showcase Their talents ahead of Youth Festival

Last edited 12th April 2017

Young people across Australia are invited to showcase their musical, artistic and film making talents ahead of the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) later this year.


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I Killed Jesus - Lent Resource

Last edited 7th April 2017

Based on a blog post by Christina Mead this performative piece asks you to reflect on what is at the very core of Lent and how we are all responsible for the death and resurrection of Jesus. Original post found here:

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Proof Of God or an Elaborate Hoax

Last edited 6th April 2017

In a Sunday Night special event, Mike Willesee reveals the results of a two decade-long investigation that has taken him to churches around the world. In Argentina and Mexico, blood and flesh mysteriously appeared on communion wafers inside Catholic churches.


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