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I Killed Jesus - Lent Resource

Last edited 7th April 2017

Based on a blog post by Christina Mead this performative piece asks you to reflect on what is at the very core of Lent and how we are all responsible for the death and resurrection of Jesus. Original post found here:

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Proof Of God or an Elaborate Hoax

Last edited 6th April 2017

In a Sunday Night special event, Mike Willesee reveals the results of a two decade-long investigation that has taken him to churches around the world. In Argentina and Mexico, blood and flesh mysteriously appeared on communion wafers inside Catholic churches.


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When the Saints Seem too Cool for You

Last edited 6th April 2017

Joseph protected Mary and Jesus as they fled into Egypt to escape Herod’s systematic killing of baby boys. Maria Goretti refused to give into an let a man sexually assault her, even when it cost her her life. Jose Sanchez del Rio was brutally tortured and killed for boldly refusing to renounce his faith. Maximilian Kolbe boldly preached the faith in the media and continued to preach during his imprisonment in Auschwitz, where he sacrificed his life for the life of a fellow inmate. Mother Teresa joyfully lived in extreme poverty, while caring for the poorest of the poor and the sickest of the sick. John Paul II was a beloved, charismatic, engaging leader who loved every person he encountered with the love of Christ. These are just a handful of anecdotes from the lives of the hundreds of canonized saints of our Church. We’re all called to be saints — to give our lives fully to God like the saints that have gone before us. Naturally, then, we should look to canonized saints as examples and role models. But how on earth are we supposed to be saints when those who have gone before us have done such remarkable things?


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Chastity and The Way of St. James

Last edited 6th April 2017

In the summer of 2014 I walked the northern route of the Camino de Santiago, starting at the Southwestern most point of France, and finishing some thirty days later in Santiago, the burial place of the Apostle St. James.


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Writers compete for $10,000 with return of the ACU Poetry Prize

Last edited 5th April 2017

Entries for the 2017 Australian Catholic University (ACU) Prize for Poetry are now welcome, with writers competing for the coveted $10,000 first prize.


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9 Things You Need to Know About Palm (Passion) Sunday by Jimmy Akin

Last edited 3rd April 2017

Palm Sunday--or is it Passion Sunday?--marks the beginning of Holy Week. This day commemorates not one but two very significant events in the life of Christ.


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Youth leaders fly to Rome to plan Synod 2018 and World Youth Day 2019

Last edited 8th March 2017

Ashleigh Green, a young woman from the Broken Bay Diocese and Malcolm Hart, Director of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Office for Youth, will head to Rome in the first week of April, to participate at an international meeting about World Youth Day (WYD) and the upcoming Synod on young people.


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Advice For The Convert: 12 Things To Consider During The Conversion Process

Last edited 6th February 2017

Maybe you’ve attended a course, a retreat, or a workshop; maybe you’ve had an awakening experience through prayer, or a dialogue that stirred in you a profound desire for conversion and to follow Christ in the Church He founded (the Catholic Church). Maybe you are excited and hopeful to build a new and better world, or realize that you need the Sacraments for your own sake. Whatever has brought you this far, reaching out for God’s merciful embrace for the first time is an awesome experience! Nonetheless, there are some things you must know so you don’t get frustrated or feel discouraged in moments when your initial enthusiasm wanes.


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Blessed the Beggar: Who Are the “Poor in Spirit”?

Last edited 30th January 2017

A couple years back, I was downtown in a big city (that will remain unnamed) rushing to get to a weekday morning Mass. On the way up the steps of the Cathedral I passed a homeless man asking for money.


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Adoration: The Ultimate Act and Habit of Friendship

Last edited 23rd January 2017

by Brenton Cordeiro


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