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Legacy, Elections & the Future Church - Bishop Fisher at Theology on Tap, Sydney

Last edited 19th March 2013

Our generation has only known two Popes, and they have been amongst the greatest the world has ever seen. It has been through the inspirational and courageous leadership of Pope Benedict XVI and the late Blessed John Paul II that a new wave of Catholic young adults have deepened their faith, strengthened their conviction & been given new hope.


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The Spirit and The Cardinals

Last edited 5th March 2013

There are a couple things that the process of electing a new pope is NOT: It’s not about politics; it’s not random, or a popularity vote; they don’t hold their breath and say, “eenie, meenie, miney, POPE; on the other extreme, it’s not like they pray and then see a flash of light and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove floats a heavenly note down with the next Pope’s name on it.


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"A Short Story about WYD Rio2013" - Online Comic for WYD Pilgrims!

Last edited 5th March 2013

The WYD team in Rio has released an online comic book for World Youth Day pilgrims, titled "A short story about WYD Rio2013".


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Debunking the Malachy Prophecy about the Last Pope

Last edited 5th March 2013

In the late 16th century there was a prophecy published that supposedly contained The Prophecy of the Popes; this prophecy was supposedly linked to an Irish Bishop, Saint Malachy, who lived in the 12th century. Basically, the prophecy states that the next pope elected will be the last pope the Catholic Church will ever have and the world will end during his pontificate.This is definitely not a teaching of the Catholic Church!


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eConference Answers Questions and Gives Latest Info on Rio-WYD13

Last edited 5th March 2013

A nation-wide eConference is set for next Wednesday for pilgrims, participants, parishes, students and schools in Australia to receive the latest info on Rio-WYD13 and to have their questions answered without having to leave their home or their desks.


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Should We Date?

Last edited 19th February 2013

Dating is an important part of discerning the kind of person you want to marry. But before you launch into the dating scene, you need to ask yourself some questions to make sure you are ready... Are you interested in getting to know the person or are you lusting after them? Will dating help or hurt your soul? Are you confident with drawing boundaries when dating?


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"Get Ready" - A New Hub of Information on the Official WYD Website

Last edited 19th February 2013

The official website for World Youth Day Rio 2013 now has another channel called "Get Ready", which is aimed at the training to youth. This portal will provide tools for meditation, information about the WYD Journey, as well as spiritual content, testimonials, weekly meditations on biblical texts and liturgy of the Mass.


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Why do Catholics Abstain from Meat on Fridays in Lent?

Last edited 15th February 2013

why exactly do Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent? People offer several reasons for why the church embraces this discipline, a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, gave up His own body, His own flesh, that Friday so many years ago, for us. So the minor act of abstaining from meat on Fridays, is just one tiny act of self-sacrifice that points us back to Good Friday.


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Papal Interregnum Questions and Answers

Last edited 27th February 2013

*What does Papal Interregnum mean?


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T.H.I.N.K before you Blog Text or Post on Facebook

Last edited 11th February 2013

This is a great social media policy. It should be up in every school and youth group.


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