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ABC 702 Morning Show - Same-Sex "Marriage" with Patrick Langrell

Last edited 19th February 2013

This is a succinct and well informed defence of traditional marriage by Patrick Langrell. (Recorded on ABC radio).

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Never Lose Confidence in Youth, Pope Insists

Last edited 7th February 2013

“The Church has confidence in the young. She hopes in them and in their energy. She needs their vitality,” Pope Benedict XVI said during a February 7 audience with members of the Pontifical Council for Culture.


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My Journey to Becoming a Sister of Mercy

Last edited 7th February 2013

I always thought I was going to get married. That’s not how most people would think discerning religious life would start, but that’s how my journey began. I was in high school when a teacher, who was discerning the diaconate, planted the first seed when he said, “If you’ve ever ruled something out, just keep it on the back burner.” I have no idea why I took this to heart except that it must have been an act of God because once I’ve made up my mind I can be kind of stubborn.

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Safe Social Media: Avoiding 'Cyber Violence' in the Digital World

Last edited 5th February 2013

February 5th marks 'Safer Internet Day' in Europe. It's a day to promote the safe and responsible use of the web and the rights of its users. NGO Intermedia Social Innovation is taking part in this fight. Back in 2011, it started collaborating with the European Commission to create awareness and to stop cyber violence.

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Dante’s Trivia Inferno

Last edited 4th February 2013

Object: To advance from Earth to Heaven while avoiding Hell by answering a series of questions related to the Catholic Church and faith.


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St. Boniface Church In San Francisco Lets Homeless People Sleep In Pews

Last edited 4th February 2013

For the city’s homeless, San Francisco’s St. Boniface Church is seen as a safe haven.


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The Senses of Scripture

Last edited 31st January 2013

Periodically, folks ask about whether we are supposed to read the Bible literally.The Church does require a literal interpretation of biblical texts. But that does not mean what most Americans imagine it means. It does not mean we have to believe, for instance, that the universe was made in six 24 hour days, or profess faith in talking snakes. Rather, by the "literal sense", the Church means we must read the text looking for what the author intended to say, the *way* he intended to say it, and distinguish from that what is incidental to what he was saying. That’s the literal interpretation.

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15 Tips For Prayer

Last edited 31st January 2013

I once asked a class of college students to rate their spiritual lives on a scale of 1 to 10. Most were very hard on themselves and gave themselves a 5 or less. I then asked "how would you describe your relationship with God?" and again, most were not very positive. These were the ones going to Mass every weekend, trying to grow in their knowledge of God, etc. There are several reasons most people are hard on themselves when it comes to prayer life, I will highlight only 2 of them:

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Star Wars: Interactive Quiz

Last edited 30th January 2013

Telegraph trivia Jedi Gavin Fuller celebrates three new Star Wars films with this interactive quiz. Test your knowledge, then click on the arrows to reveal the answers.

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Pope Picks Young Lebanese Catholics to Write Good Friday Meditations

Last edited 29th January 2013

Pope Benedict XVI has asked for two young Lebanese Catholics to prepare the meditations for the Way of the Cross devotion on Good Friday at the Coliseum in Rome.

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