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Facebook Fan Pages For Catholic Youth Ministers To 'Like'

Last edited 7th December 2012

“Liking” fan pages on Facebook is a great way to stay up-to-date on what people are doing. With this in mind, the awesome website Catholic Youth Ministry Resources Hub has released a list of Facebook pages that all youth ministers should 'Like'!


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The "Stations of the Cross" for Youth

Last edited 6th December 2012

Reciting the "Stations of the Cross" is a great activity to help young people really understand what Lent and Easter is all about. However sometimes the text can be quite heavy and long, making it a difficult exercise for a youth group or a Religion class. So take a look at today's excellent resource from the Passionists’ website, featuring a youth-friendly version of the Stations of the Cross!


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Lila Rose Spreading her US Pro-life Work to Europe

Last edited 5th December 2012

A young pro-life American activist is expanding her work overseas after speaking at her first international conference in France. Lila Rose, who spoke at the International Symposium for Life, held in the southwestern town of Biarritz from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1, is planning on more work abroad.

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Mayan Mayhem: Are We Gonna Die Young?

Last edited 4th December 2012

Over the past year or so there have been tons of new songs that basically share the same theme – live your life now and have no regrets. With all of the hype surrounding the legendary Mayan Calendar and the end of the world supposedly taking place on 21 December 2012, it stands to reason why this idea is so popular. If the world is ending, shouldn’t we have a lot of “fun” now?


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iSTAND Youth Conference - 17th of November

Last edited 28th October 2015

Both of the talks were given at the Sydney Youth Mission Team’s iSTAND youth Conference on Saturday 17th September. The theme of theconference was ‘ALIVE: I have come that they may have life and have it to thefull.’ Talk #1: He has a plan, Tina Asimus God has a plan for each of our lives; a future filled with hope, and far greater than any of our own plans. The challenge is to trust in God’s love and allow him to form us into who we’re meant to be. This is what it means to be fully alive!

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Wandering Through Advent

Last edited 26th November 2012

Although we rarely slow down to consider it, most of the time we live as voyagers moving about solely for the sake of discovering the next temporary provision. Our lives will certainly look a lot like that over the next few weeks as the Christmas shopping frenzy commences.

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The Pope Has Not “Banned” Christmas

Last edited 23rd November 2012

On Friday 23 November, the world woke up to breaking news that Pope Benedict XVI has “banned Christmas”. More specifically, mass media around the world has labelled the Pope as a "Killjoy” for speaking out against Christmas traditions such as the singing of Christmas carols, as well as the traditional Nativity scene. One Australia TV network (Sunrise, Channel 7) went as far as saying that Benedict XVI is a “grumpy Pope”, and that “we should just stop listening to him”.


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That Awkward Silence: Sharing Your Faith With Your Family

Last edited 22nd November 2012

The holidays are upon us again - a time for families to gather together and celebrate! But the reality is that if you live out your faith there will probably be some conflict and moments of very awkward silence. Like that moment when your aunt tells you all the things “wrong” with your Church . . . or your condescending cousin drills you on Catholic Church teaching and asks why you so “mindlessly” follow it?


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What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

Last edited 14th November 2012

Why is the Catholic Church so hung up on (or down on) sex? If two people love each other and are in a committed, monogamous relationship, what’s the big deal?

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Nearly Half of Catholics Unaware of Church Media on the Web

Last edited 15th November 2012

Sixty-two percent of adult U.S. Catholics, representing an estimated 36.2 million people, have a profile on Facebook; 58 percent of Catholics age 30 and under share content such as pictures, articles and comments at least once a week on social media; and nearly a third of all surveyed said they would like their pastors and bishops to blog, according to a newly-released study by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University.


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