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How Can I Promote the Message of Chastity at My School?

Last edited 21st October 2012

There are teenagers all around the world who are committed to living chaste lives - yet their decision is not supported by their friends or their school. What can be done to change this? Should these teenagers just keep quiet? Jason Evert has some great tips on how to promote chastity at your school.


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Catholic Youth Ministry Scholarships Available in Australia

Last edited 21st October 2012

The Bishop Commission for Pastoral Life in partnership with The Broken Bay Institute is offering a number of scholarships to the value of $10,000 for study in Catholic Youth and Campus Ministry in 2012-2013. As Australia gears up for the Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention in 2012 and participation in another WYD in 2013, this is a unique opportunity those who are considering study.


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More Than (and Less Than) Dodgeball

Last edited 21st October 2012

I have always liked the title of Josh Griffin's blog: "More than Dodgeball." My guess is that titles like "More Than Dodgeball" are in reaction to a youth ministry approach that has been pretty popular in the past 20 years, featuring a bunch of kids splashing in the kiddy pool without wading into the deep end.

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Youth Group talks from Young Christian Leaders at St Matt's Anglican Church

Last edited 21st October 2012

If you are looking for ideas for talks at your youth group St Matts Anglican Youth audio gallery could help you out. There are a range of fantastic talks and reflections on bible passages given by young leaders.

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Saint Vincent De Paul Society - A Youth Group Excursion.

Last edited 22nd October 2012

This is a great idea for a youth group holiday activity.


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Physical Graffiti a Catholic Perspective On Tattoos, Piercings, and “Body Art”

Last edited 22nd October 2012

Every day, across the United States — indeed, throughout the world — men and women, boys and girls, get themselves tattooed and pierced. And not just their ears. They are participating in the modern fad of “body art,” which has its origins in antiquity, but which in recent decades as developed into some extreme forms that are often quite disturbing.

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Is This the Century Where Young People Will Turn Back to God?

Last edited 22nd October 2012

As the registration number for World Youth Day in Madrid this August broke records, it seemed to confirm a trend some sociologists are reporting: God is of interest to this generation of young people. But why? According to Rafael Navarro-Valls, professor of law at Madrid's Complutense University, "this is His century". Visit this article to read more!


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Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops: Pastoral Ministry to Young People with Same-Sex Attraction

Last edited 22nd October 2012

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has released a Pastoral Letter in regards to the pastoral needs of young people with Same-Sex Attraction. Visit this article to read the full document:


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Teenagers and Truth

Last edited 24th August 2015

If teenagers do not enter their adult years already convinced of the reality of Objective Truth, knowable by human reason, they will be increasingly enslaved by the idea that there is no common universal truth.

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Soul Surfer - The Inspiring True Story of Bethany Hamilton

Last edited 22nd October 2012

"Soul surfer is a powerful, encouraging and poignant story that brings tears to the eye and joy to the heart." MovieGuide


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