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Mayan Mayhem: Are We Gonna Die Young?

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Mayan Mayhem: Are We Gonna Die Young?

Over the past year or so there have been tons of new songs that basically share the same theme – live your life now and have no regrets. With all of the hype surrounding the legendary Mayan Calendar and the end of the world supposedly taking place on 21 December 2012, it stands to reason why this idea is so popular. If the world is ending, shouldn’t we have a lot of “fun” now?

Spoiler Alert: The Mayans weren’t right about the end of the world, for a couple of reasons. Visit this great article from to read more!

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Dee V
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Dee V wrote at 1:28am on December 5th 2012
They Maya myth, I believe, comes from the misunderstanding of their creation story. They believe the world was created and destroyed 3 times and we are currently in the 4th age. The reason the worlds were destroyed were because the Maya gods were unhappy with their creations. Animals couldn't sing their praises... they could only roar and squawk. Men of mud crumbled, mumbled and became deformed so they needed to be washed away in a great flood, men of wood had no souls and did not respect their gods. in this 4th age, which started with the ancient Maya we talk about now, the gods finally got it right when they created the Maya out of the sacred food and water.

The Maya believe they are the creations that their gods wanted to create, they properly praise their gods, they had souls, and were pleasing to their gods... so there would be no reason to wipe the world out and start again, cause they had already reached perfection. The rumors came from the fact that the previous "destructions" took 13 bak'tun. So people assumed it was meant to be this same way... although, again, that's because of the misinterpretation of the creation story where the 'gods' destroyed the world 3 times because it wasn't right yet. This 4th world was right, so the end of this cycle is suppose to be a celebration.

Besides... even the Maya don't believe all of existence was wiped out the other 3 times. Animals still exist, and the men of wood went into the forest to the trees to avoid the floods, and became the monkeys and apes of the jungles we know today. (thus how they explain why monkeys resemble humans in many ways. They use to be men made of wood.)

There are no Maya artifacts that state any belief in a cataclysmic event. all of the "Planets aligning", "Planet X" stuff is made up internet stuff that has no actual merit in the Maya belief system. This is proven by the numerous artifacts from that time period of the ancient Maya that shows they had interest in dates beyond 2012 (such as the year 4772). There is even an alternate 3rd calendar with dates 7,000 years into the future.

The Maya weren't big on ends because they believed everything broken could be fixed, and even the most wayward could find redemption. So end of times didn't interest them as much as it interests us.

That being said, put your faith in God. Love your neighbor, forgive your enemies, and hug your families. No not because the world could end, but because that's what God calls us to do as Christians.

God Bless.

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 4:46am on December 24th 2012
Food for Thought:

I have a better explanation than the "D.V." - because I believe Christmas is the time to recollect on the purpose for living and that indeed Christmas is indicative universally of a major turning point in Salvation history - namely that of Messianic Fulfilment. Actually, there is a more authentic explanation of the Mayan prophecy as simply the end of one era and the beginning of another and we all could certainly benefit from a good dose of this kind of reminder at this time - for people in the world are too busy too often to even remember the true meaning and reason for there ever being a Christmas in the first place. They too often forget about the major turning point in Salvation history. This makes for the fact that any kind of prompting to remind our forgetful hearts is one we ought to be grateful for. Forget the hysterical gross interpretations the secularists and their buddies want to pin on this very traditional reminder for us to take mindful and heartful stock of our lives. It is but a reminder and could even point to something more wondrous in God's grand design. The subtle shift in people's understandings and appreciation of the value of life is what we all should be aiming to endorse as a gift of Providence. This subtlety undergirds a benignly more poignant reality - that Christ's coming was not only for the people of 2000 years ago and was not left at that in the sense of God seeing no more point in creativley reminding people from time to time in symbolically significant ways of the fact that we have to be prepared. This preparation of our hearts and minds is perhaps more important and should be taken more seriously than what we have been used to. See the interpretation of this Mayan insight from a more indigenous perspective than just what the world would have us believe given the chance, for this perspective says that Friday marks the end of 13 cycles with which time is measured -- each lasting 400 years...with December 21, 2012 being simply the end of an era according to the traditional Mayan calendar and the start of another..While this calendar cycle has "prompted a wave of doomsday speculation across the globe, few in the Mayan heartland believe the world will end on Friday".

Another interesting anecdote is the fact that the traditional Hebrew calendar which is actually the indigenous Christian calendar measures time similarly - in the Hebrew calendar we are in the year 5700 whilst the Mayan calendar says 5200. Further to this, according to the Hebrew calendar, the 23rd of December (a day or two after the 21st) is the anniversary of the 10th of Tevet which is the day on which the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar invaded and went in to destroy Jerusalem and which resulted in the exile to Babylon. So, according to the traditional calendar, the 23rd December 2012 marks the 10th Tevet in the year 5773! For many this time generally marked a doomsday for them back in the time of this exile.

So what does all of this tell us? It says that essentially we must not hesitate to see how convoluted and mysterious are God's ways. We cannot presume the world’s explanations of traditional warnings, teachings or tellings to be right because for the most part, they are always going to be wrong. For they want to de-sacralize everything and turn it into none other than sensationalistic hyped up commodified titillation. This is also what they do to the Bible and especially the Book of Revelation – look at all the hype over the years secularists have made out of our sacred narratives in this regard! We must be prepared to link everything together in such a way as to leave no room for the DeVil to steal, twist and destroy that which God has intended for our good. Each and every one of us in some way has a certain degree of soul captivity which needs to be ransomed by God’s grace outworking His Salvation plan for our lives on a very personal level. Christmas is a time for seeing the Way of Salvation opening up before us - seeing how it was and still is within God's grand plan that He longs to ransom captive Israel - who mourns in lonely exile here - until the Son of God appear. Rejoice! Rejoice! For Emmanuel shall come to us - Oh Israel -.
Philip Weston
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Philip Weston wrote at 10:57pm on January 10th 2013
The Mayans were close though... The beginning of the end started on 22nd Dec. 2012.