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‘Verily’ Promotes True Femininity

Last edited 13th May 2013

‘Verily’ Promotes True Femininity

Verily is a beautiful women’s magazine with a difference. Verily has the glam without the trash. A beautiful girl looks confidently out at you from the cover — and she’s fully clothed. Verily is professionally staffed and based out of New York City. Its high production value and use of real models are a refreshing change from other women's magazines on the market.

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True confession: I love glitzy women’s magazines. Glamor, exotic fashions, celebrities — they are hard to resist.Then again, I’m a Catholic mom. Those covers, with images of half-naked women and those crude headlines, assault me. Worse, they assault my children. I once wondered to a store clerk: "Why do supermarkets offer a candy-free lane and then put this stuff at a kid’s-eye level?"

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