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Your Cheap Clothing Has a High Price

Last edited 17th May 2013

Your Cheap Clothing Has a High Price

When the Rana Plaza garment factory building collapsed on April 24, crushing hundreds of workers under a pile of concrete and machinery that used to be an eight-story factory building, it was like lifting a rock in your garden and finding a snake’s nest full of baby rattlers. Something that most of the world preferred to keep out of sight was exposed to full view. The latest body count as of this writing is 640, but that is sure to rise as more bodies are pulled from the wreckage. (Ed: It is now more than 1,100.)

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Joe Rathinam
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Joe Rathinam wrote at 4:50am on May 19th 2013
It very pathetic to note that still exploitations of third world countries by so called developed countries are not curtailed. How can the owners of this very big leading reviles are with peace of mind by exploiting third world countries?