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Launch of New Youth Website 5Why

Last edited 17th May 2013

Launch of New Youth Website 5Why

What is 5Why?

5Why is a youth-driven, opinionated lifestyle blog formally established in March 2013. Founder Gordon D'Mello a student at the University of Notre Dame Australia, explained at the launch of the website that he feels:

"There is a genuine opportunity for Generation Y to represent itself beyond media judgement. To establish its presence and identity in a way not available before. Here is our chance to shed unwarranted stereotypes, rise above stigma and speak with the conviction on the issues that interest and affect us."

The website 5Why aims to be a platform for young people to give their opinion on news and a range of topics. There are a range of talented editors (including Random House crime fiction author Candice Fox.

The contributors will provide content within topics of lifestyle, relationships, travel, charity, entertainment, news, sport, technology, fashion, photography, gaming, nightlife and events, along with a multitude of opinion-based pieces.

Eventually a dedicated audio podcast is the goal of the website as well as video content. 5Why also aims to provide a platform to unearth artists from Generation Y.
"The goal is to provide unsigned and unrecognized artists the chance to showcase their work whether it is in the field of music, artwork, fashion etc." says D'Mello.

Check out the website here:

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