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Witnessing to a World that is Waiting

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Witnessing to a World that is Waiting

I believe that the best feeling in the world is getting some good news to distract you from studying. One time in college, while studying with some friends, we’d reached a point where we were spending more time on our phones than our upcoming test and I got a text from a friend. He shared with me that he decided he wanted to become Catholic. I freaked out, blurted the news to the study group, and ran out the door to call him. We had a great chat where he talked about how the Christian witness of some of our friends really showed him the authentic love and confidence he had been searching for. I was so excited as I finished up my phone call. Before I walked back into the room, I could hear my study group talking.

Through some thin library wall, I heard casual chatter turn into whispered curiosity. “Why would anyone become Catholic? Wouldn’t it be better if they picked an easier religion that’s less strict?” “Sometimes, Kiernan seems so brainwashed in all this outdated religious stuff. It’s only a matter of time till he comes after us.” My excitement about my friend’s conversion came crashing down as I stood there, my stomach sinking, debating what to do. There was so much I wanted to say and explain, yet fear of further judgment held me back. In my moment of opportunity where I could have provided some type of clarity or even just stood for my beliefs, I did nothing. Instead, I simply stepped back into the room and returned to working with them like I hadn’t heard anything they said.

The Aftermath ...

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