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Let God Hold Your Broken Heart: How to Deal With a Breakup

Last edited 19th July 2017

Let God Hold Your Broken Heart: How to Deal With a Breakup

It was days before Christmas, the church was filled with poinsettias and Christmas trees, an array of white candles were placed before the altar, the nativity scene glowed serenely in the distance. I was surrounded by beauty, but rather than marveling at it, I knelt before the tabernacle and sobbed. My boyfriend and I had just ended our relationship, and even though deep down I knew this was the right decision, my heart felt as though it was shattered. As I cried, I offered it to God: “Here God, I’m laying it all down — my pain, my fears, my confusion — you can have it all, you can hold my broken heart.”

Will You Let Me Love You?

Eventually, my tears subsided and my breathing returned to its rhythmic pattern, but I did not go. There was nothing anyone could say or do in that moment to make me feel better. So I stayed at the foot of the cross for nearly two hours. Jesus was the only person who understood the depth of my heart; who fully understood love and heartbreak; whose love for me was unconditional, insurmountable, and all that I would ever need.

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