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A Comprehensive List of Social Media Priests (and Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals) to Follow

Last edited 22nd August 2017

A Comprehensive List of Social Media Priests (and Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals) to Follow

Though many point out the evil and harm of social media, we all have the choice to use social media for our own personal gratification or to use it as a tool to bring glory to God. We can choose to use social media for good!

An easy way to do that is to carefully select who you follow and what type of content is displayed on your news feed. Following priests, nuns, and those who work in ministry will help you grow in holiness. Because it can be difficult to know who to follow, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of priests for you to follow!

Many of these priests have been suggested by our readers. We will be updating the list as more suggestions come in, so be sure to bookmark this post and check back often. We hope you will also share with us the names of priests that we may have missed. Help us out and also leave a link to each recommendation’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

  • Fr. Ian VanHeusen – “A priest who teaches, writes, and researches on prayer and meditation. Current assignments are ECU Newman and St. Peter’s in Greenville, NC” (and we are blessed to call him a Catholic-Link team member!)
  • Fr. Damian Ferrence – Director of Human Formation and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Borromeo Seminary in Wickliffe, Ohio – and happens to be pretty active on Catholic Twitter.
  • Fr. Jay Finelli – Podcaster, webmaster & Live Steam enthusiast
  • Fr Timothy Finigan – theology tutor and blogger
  • Fr Steve Flynn – “My goal is to help you learn and share your faith online.”
  • Fr. Dan Folwaczny – “Mac and cheese enthusiast. Pro-doggos”
  • Fr. Rob Galea – “Follower of Jesus, Catholic Priest, Musician. The X Factor”
  • Fr. Richard Gonzales
  • Fr. Larry Gosselin – seeks the words of St. Francis, “May all through our gentleness be led to peace.”
  • Fr. Mark Goring – ”He is the Director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas. Fr. Mark is also part of Food for Life Television Ministry. He has also written several books, such as, St. Joseph and In the Zone. He also has daily teachings videos on his youtube channel.”
  • Fr. Tim Grumbach – “Just the right amount of awkward for a priest, I hope. Living proof that God has a tremendous sense of humor.”
  • Fr. Eamon Kelly, LC – Vice Chargé of the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center
  • Fr. Kyle Manno – best known for break dancing and carpool karaoke
  • Fr. Jonathan Morris – “Son. Brother. Friend. Pastor, Our Lady of Mt Carmel church, Bronx; trying to use media for the good”
  • Fr. Gerald Murray – EWTN The World Over guest, writer, and pastor at Holy Family Church, NYC.
  • Fr. Peter Mussett – “engaged in the truth found in the unexpected places”
  • Fr. Christopher Ortega -“Coffee. Fitness. Jesus. Mediocrity is not an option. Seasonal Beard Grower. Catholic Priest.”
  • Fr. Michel Remery – “Author of Tweeting with GOD. Searches for answers to great questions about human life and existence.”
  • Fr. John Riccardo – offers podcasts and videos
  • Fr. Larry Richards – Founder of The Reason for Our Hope Foundation
  • Fr. Rocky – Rev. Francis J. Hoffman is a priest, author, speaker, and the Executive Director of Relevant Radio.
  • Fr. Joseph Royan – Uses social media to evangelize
  • Fr. Kyle Sanders – “A priest of Jesus Christ who’s learning how to die with my one and only Savior, all while playing music, blogging, and preaching the gospel.”
  • Fr. Mike Schmitz – You know him…tons of great videos!
  • Fr. Matthew Schneider – “I help you experience him & become his apostle. “
  • Fr. Jason Smith, LC – “Taking nothing for the journey, no staff, no second tunic, no money in my belt, only an iPhone, a Fuji X100t, and an eye for God”
  • Fr. Matthew Spencer – radio host of St. Joseph’s Workshop on @ihradio
We can’t leave out the Holy Father. Be sure to follow Pope Francis!

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