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Eucharist Is Not Understood, Laments Pope

Last edited 18th October 2012

Eucharist Is Not Understood, Laments Pope

The doctrine of the Eucharist -- and its relevance for believers -- is not sufficiently understood and must be a catechetical priority, says Benedict XVI.

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Peter Shafton
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Peter Shafton wrote at 9:50pm on June 22nd 2010
An interesting, and timely article. The lack of understanding of the Holy Eucharist is sad. One does't have to be a doctor in Theology or even a Catholic priest to have an appreciation of the real value of this great sacrament.

Jesus told us what we can do with faith. We have been told by many 'experts' that "mind is the builder". With faith, and conviction that the Eucharist really IS the body of Jesus; imagine what happens when that body is infused into our own!

So, to properly understand this most wonderful of realities, we first have to have faith in Jesus Himself.

Kryptonite was to Superman what the Eucharist is to Satan and his followers. Why else would satanists place so much importance in desecrating a CONSECRATED host at their rituals???
Charles Morris
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Charles Morris wrote at 11:40am on June 28th 2010
The world is crying out for love and healing. I have been to evangelical churches that are so hungry for Christ and yet are being told that it doesn't matter which church you belong to or how long you've been a Christian - just receive. Of course, they are right but there is a real need to mature in faith.

The Eucharist is difficult to comprehend.