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#2436     Canada a Suitable Option for Australia's Asylum Seekers, Labor says

Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 8:04am on May 27th 2016
Hey Mr Albanese...( Labor Politician ).....what's wrong with allowing refugees into Australia? You bomb their countries and treat them as animals.

Our political leader do no represent the majority of voters in Australia. Never listen to what they say because they do not tell the truth.

#2435     Syrian refugees answer "What did the war take from you?"

Paulo Ravunakaidere sm
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Paulo Ravunakaidere sm wrote at 12:20am on May 24th 2016
Let us pray for them and on this special day the feast of Mary Help of all Christians to intercede for us as we pray for the end of the war.

#2434     Australia's First People Rejoice in John Paul II Canonisation

Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 10:32pm on May 23rd 2016
JP2....pray for us.

#2433     "Being a Father:" A Short Film on Why We Need Dads!

Anna Koffi
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Anna Koffi wrote at 12:59pm on April 25th 2016
It pleases me to see you here and how is life over there I hope OK? Anyway, I am Miss Anna Itai Aka Koffi, 23 years old, single, a first year medical student in the University of félix houphouët-boigny, cocody, abidjan, ivory coast, I just want to say hi and hope to know you better, in case you want to reach me you can do so through my email ID bellow.

#2432     Two Years After Boko Haram's Schoolgirl Kidnappings, Has Anything Changed?

Cantor Edward Palamar
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Cantor Edward Palamar wrote at 5:49pm on April 18th 2016
Today, Monday, April 18, 2016 A.D., is the 2,280th day in the 2,300 day cleansing period of Daniel 8:14; the 1,315th day in the 1,335 day period of Daniel 12:12.
(Jerusalem Time * day beginning at sunset)

There are 20 days (including today) remaining until the Day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5),
Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D., the Day of the Great Illumination,
the Day of Triumph for the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This is the Eighteenth Day in the Eighth Month of the First Year of Judgment
began September 1, 2015 A.D., the Final Day of Indiction.

#2431     Making Sense of Marriage

Serge Lanoë
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Serge Lanoë wrote at 7:59am on April 18th 2016
Some don't agree with same-sex marriage or marriage for all : why not ?

But, in fact, there is no problem at all al least with a civil union between a man and a woman - or a man and a man - or a woman and a woman.

#2430     Our Lady of the Southern Cross

Joseph Wong
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Joseph Wong wrote at 1:07pm on March 23rd 2016
This hymn is one of my favourite from WYD 2008 apart from Receive the Power. I have been looking for the mp3 with the vocals which was available at the time of WYD but I have not been able to find it since. Would you be able to make it available to download or make the evening vigil available to view as Our Lady of the Southern Cross was performed for the first time at WYD at the vigil. Thanks!

#2429     Seven Tips For Discussing Catholic Issues On Social Media

Gary Cachia
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Gary Cachia wrote at 10:16pm on March 11th 2016
Useful not only for catholic issues but always,. I would add don't get discouraged by the the ad hominin attacks- its what happens in number 4 above

#2428     The Blessings Project - Video Reflection on the Beatitudes

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 9:22pm on March 9th 2016
Hi-This is a music video that my son and I made, showing images of refugees, using a song I wrote the music for , based on the Beatitudes.
If anyone wants to record/perform, please contact me.
If you want to use the video for whatever purpose, please feel free!
Thank you-
Guy Sudano

#2427     John Paul II's "Secret Letters" Explained

Lorraine Bruch
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Lorraine Bruch wrote at 9:02pm on March 2nd 2016
Totally agree. Refreshing to learn that our Pope treasured friendships and connections with people. This quality is just one of many that made him approachable and compassionate.

#2426     Rivers & Robots - Shepherd Of My Soul

Hannah Knight
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Hannah Knight wrote at 12:41pm on February 25th 2016
A wonderful and elegant song. It filled my heart with joy. It has a genuine and very true meaning to it. I could listen to it on repeat, all day.

#2425     IVF Isn't the Only Option

Preston Glenn
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Preston Glenn wrote at 12:59pm on February 23rd 2016
Infertility is a frightening recent plague affecting more couples than ever. Lots of couples these days experience difficulty to become parent. The natural way to treat infertility lies on the root causes of problem. If problem can be solved by medications or drugs then no doctor will suggest an IVF treatment. But if all other treatment get failed, then no other option left than going for IVF process. Over the years the process has improved with modern facilities, equipments like Embryoscope present at and easier availability thus helped millions of people to enjoy parenthood.

#2424     Syria Crisis: Strikes on Hospitals 'war crimes'

Lukas Kalinski
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Lukas Kalinski wrote at 12:29pm on February 22nd 2016
I have more trust to Russia than I do have to USA (who spent a year "fighting ISIS" with basically no result) or Turkey (who use ISIS as an excuse to bomb Kurds). And what's worse, more often than not one gets the impression that USA and Turkey are, in fact, supporting ISIS to some extent (which is likely to be a big understatement given the existing evidence supporting this case). Last but not least, remember the chaos that resulted from USA "liberating" Iraq and Libya, BEFORE you support them this time.

I have to admit that I (unfortunately) was a big supporter of the Iraq invasion when it happened. Don't repeat that mistake by supporting the removal of Assad! Ask yourself what will happen when the state that his administration upholds ceases to exist. What is worse? But then of course, putting pressure on Assad where it's motivated is more than right, and I strongly expect that to be done.

#2423     Pope on Trump: ‘Building walls to keep immigrants out is not Christian’

Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 7:24am on February 22nd 2016
Pope Francis changed his mind...nevertheless.........Trump is a Zionist.

#2422     Syria Crisis: Strikes on Hospitals 'war crimes'

Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 7:22am on February 22nd 2016
Russians don't bomb hospitals. The USA does.

#2421     St. John Paul II Taught Me How to Die

Albert Sellaman
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Albert Sellaman wrote at 7:18am on February 22nd 2016
JP2 .....I pray to him all the time.

#2420     Angels We Have Heard on High - ThePianoGuys

yves marie R
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yves marie R wrote at 8:15am on February 15th 2016
création originale !

#2419     WYD Minute - Ep. 13 - 29/01/2016

Nobil Kalloor
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Nobil Kalloor wrote at 6:25pm on February 6th 2016
Praying for the wyd Krakow preparation, let Graces be showered...

#2418     Pure of Heart - Theme Song for Australian Catholic Youth Festival by Melbourne Singer Song-Writer Genevieve Bryant

Nobil Kalloor
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Nobil Kalloor wrote at 6:18pm on February 6th 2016
Hey Genevieve,
It was a beautiful song..Keep on praising Lord with your Brilliant gifts...

#2417     Inspiring Christian Music - United Pursuit - Head to the Heart

Nobil Kalloor
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Nobil Kalloor wrote at 6:07pm on February 6th 2016
Worshiping in Spirit and Truth.
Amazing experience that reunites with the Lord

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