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Miss Ophely Roshy
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Miss Ophely Roshy wrote at 3:19am on July 3rd 2019
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Miss Ophely Roshy
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Miss Ophely Roshy wrote at 3:18am on July 3rd 2019
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Miss Ophely Roshy
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Miss Ophely Roshy wrote at 2:51am on July 1st 2019
Thank you for everythig XT3 TEAM!! You always had a prompt attention. Alll your articles were excellent. You did a great work! sorry for my bad english, I speak spanish... So sad is concluding, we all had an unforgettable time with Pope Benedict XVI, the best experience with the HOLY SPIRIT, we kept His love in our hearts forever, this experience had been leading us in our lifes, the Holy Spirit is the best GUIDE...Blessings for everybody.....


Shaji MC
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Shaji MC wrote at 2:45pm on June 7th 2019
Thank you xt3 team. You have been helping me in my faith journey and I could not find a web page like xt3 yet.

#2411     To All The Virtues I’ve Wanted To Sow | Year of Youth Blog

Daina Daina Semiranoff
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Daina Daina Semiranoff wrote at 11:57am on March 12th 2019
Kavinsky Peter וואָס איז עס ??

#2410     The Blessings Project - Video Reflection on the Beatitudes

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 11:02pm on December 3rd 2018
I want to write songs for films-anyone out there needing some rock or spiritual tunes for their flicks-email me-also,


#2409     The Blessings Project - Video Reflection on the Beatitudes

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 11:00pm on December 3rd 2018
This song is based on the Beatitudes-I wrote the music-there have been some minor lyric changes-

#2408     'Leave no stone unturned,' Cardinal Dolan tells NY archdiocesan investigator

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 2:11pm on October 6th 2018
OK-if you want a truthful side of the clergy abuse hysteria being generated all over the world now, look up the CATHOLIC LEAGUE and MEDIA REPORT web sites.
Besides Cardinal Weurl being defamed and slandered about abusers in his diocese at the time, (he actually pursued these guys and kicked them out of the priesthood), the abuse report FORGED a letter supposedly written by him-someone's in big trouble and it isn't Weurl.
Many of the cases are old, or the priests are dead, or were already kicked out of the priesthood. Someone wants $.
BISHOPS in the world, have to be strong and not pay $ out to people who have not proven their cases in court. Due process for all accused.
Priests who wanted their day in court were refused-that's fascism.
Get the truth-we all know there are judas' among us-always have been.
But the media, anti Christian world has made war on us-be ready to fight, Bishops and all of us. Christ will win!
"We are in God's hands, brothers, not theirs." (Henry V)

#2407     If I Could Change the World... | Year of Youth Blog

Ronald Fisher
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Ronald Fisher wrote at 11:15pm on September 12th 2018
Only three types of chocolate? You must be a Collingwood supporter.
It’s great to see young people with such fire as you.
God bless

#2406     A Tale of Two Rival Youth Groups | Year of Youth Blog

Olivia Fernandes
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Olivia Fernandes wrote at 3:41am on August 13th 2018
Thank you for sharing your experience. God bless you in your ministry.

#2405     This Catholic entrepreneur uses his ice cream shop to live the faith

Elly Moir
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Elly Moir wrote at 10:53pm on August 12th 2018
May God continue to bless Rich Owens, for giving so much of his time, talents and possessions to help others. Jesus gave us a wonderful new Commandment, "to love one another as I have loved you".
Rich is a living example of this. Blessings.

#2404     A Tale of Two Rival Youth Groups | Year of Youth Blog

Melania Lui
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Melania Lui wrote at 10:31pm on August 12th 2018
Thank you Richie Leilua for your inspirational articles and especially being part of the NZ Catholic church, I belong to the Wellington Archdiocese and we too faced a similar fate, shortage of priests so change came with either parishes merging together and so on. It is a very difficult transition but it is also a rewarding one and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit many will get there in the end.Your story of faith help many to face Challenges head on, break down the barriers and come out shining for Christ! Tumau pea le faamanuiaga a le Atua ia te Oe ma autalavou Katoliko o Mangere, soifua ma ia manuia - Melania

#2403     The Angelus Prayer Card

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 6:43pm on July 4th 2018
Just at work and wanted a guide to pray the Angelus and found this fabulous print out - Thank you Xt3 :)

#2402     Budding Bloggers Ready to Share the Faith

Xt3 .com
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Xt3 .com wrote at 11:47pm on June 20th 2018
Sister Maureen, thank you for the great feedback! We had 5 participants (1 had to back out last minute). We are based in Sydney and don't currently have the capacity to hold one in Melbourne, but if you know any young people in Melbourne who would benefit from such a workshop, please refer them to email us at

Thank you!

#2401     Budding Bloggers Ready to Share the Faith

Sister Maureen Irvine
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Sister Maureen Irvine wrote at 12:03am on June 17th 2018
What a great idea! A Christian blog workshop. Was it only for those lucky three? When will there be one in Melbourne? Sr Maureen Irvine

#2400     Two Years After Boko Haram's Schoolgirl Kidnappings, Has Anything Changed?

Cantor Edward Palamar
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Cantor Edward Palamar wrote at 1:33am on June 12th 2018
Regular updates to the countdown to the Day of the Lord by the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven at :

We have entered into the penultimate final one hundred days in the 2,300 day proper countdown (non-simultaneous 1,335 = 2,300 reckoning).

#2399     Thanksgiving Thursday - Saint Vincent De Paul Society Volunteer Reflection

Michael Nowik
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Michael Nowik wrote at 8:06am on April 1st 2018
Interesting and smart post. I really hate what alcoholism and narcomania does to people. Its degrading them. I think that substance abuse is a form of hedonism and we dont like hedonism as catholics. This is true, that it is a form of hedonism and by fighting hedonism you could get (one way atleast) at alcoholism and narcomania.

#2398     Chinese Officials Again Detain Underground Bishop During Holy Week

Tan Nguyen
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Tan Nguyen wrote at 2:59pm on March 29th 2018
I read another article about the subject on Crux as well as this well written report, and can't help feeling Cardinal Tong's appeal to be overly optimistic over the rumoured "deal", and his idea of sacrifice for the sake of unity disturbing -sacrifice is only meaningful when it is one of self, not of others-. Although there are great concerns for the Church in China, particularly the underground Catholics, and the importance of maintaining dialogue, the fact that the one-party controlled regime stands to gain little and to lose potentially much -in their eyes- over any relaxation of their firm grip on the Church and society at large, suggests the Vatican needs great cautions in such dialogue. Human rights, religious freedom, and other principles should not be given up just to show some progress in the rapprochement of the calls to two equally radical ways of life.

#2397     Thanksgiving Thursday - Saint Vincent De Paul Society Volunteer Reflection

Patrick Quirk
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Patrick Quirk wrote at 11:45am on February 15th 2018
Great reflection. Thank you!

#2396     12 Keys to Understanding Same-Sex Attraction and Christian Life

Mark G
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Mark G wrote at 9:53am on February 5th 2018
I haven't had the chance to watch the video yet but I like your summary on the face of it.

just one correction, you've written the birth rate when I think you probably mean the divorce rate?

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