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#2393     Single Mum Rallies a Thousand Marchers for ‘NO’ Vote in Sydney CBD

Muslim Ava Smith
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Muslim Ava Smith wrote at 12:11pm on September 14th 2017
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#2392     An Exorcist Talks about 'Annabelle' and the Power of Evil

Xt3 .com
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Xt3 .com wrote at 11:02pm on September 6th 2017
Thank you for your comment, Stephen. The article was drawn from Catholic News Agency who had taken the article from its original source, National Catholic Register (as stated on the bottom of the article on the CNA URL). God bless!

#2390     6 Tips For When You Experience Low-Key Rejection

Paula marland
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Paula marland wrote at 3:07pm on August 29th 2017
Thank-you so much for posting this article - it has really helped me today.

#2389     An Exorcist Talks about 'Annabelle' and the Power of Evil

Stephen Borja
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Stephen Borja wrote at 8:49am on August 28th 2017
Thanks for sharing this! This article, though, was originally published at the Catholic News Agency (not the National Catholic Register). May God bless you all.

#2388     A Comprehensive List of Social Media Priests (and Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals) to Follow

Ashwin Emmanuel Acharya
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Ashwin Emmanuel Acharya wrote at 5:41am on August 28th 2017
You need to add Bishop Tony Randazzo, please

#2387     Let your Kingdom Come: Reflections on Adoration

Elaine Maher
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Elaine Maher wrote at 9:32pm on August 20th 2017
This looks like the Day Chapel from my parish, Our Lady Of Fatima @ Caringbah.

#2386     Emily Wilson: The Thing I Couldn't Stand About Modesty Talks

Elaine Maher
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Elaine Maher wrote at 12:29am on July 10th 2017
Very well articulated and thought out. I hope this message gets out to all women in the world.

#2385     Cardinal Pell Facing Charges: The Official Statements

Peter H
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Peter H wrote at 2:14am on July 3rd 2017
Why does the Archdiocese of Sydney chose not to financially assist the Cardinal with his court case? I have read in news articles that there would seem to be a group of people who do care and are raising money, information through John Roskam of the IPA.

#2384     Otto Warmbier: North Korea releases jailed US student 'in coma'

jackie wright
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jackie wright wrote at 11:42am on June 15th 2017
May the Lord bless him and heal him.

#2383     The Father Factor - Excellent Book spells Out Vital Roles of Dads for Families, Children: Monica Doumit

Dennis McGeehan
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Dennis McGeehan wrote at 8:13pm on June 12th 2017
You might be interested in reading my blog:

#2381     Pope at General Audience: God Cannot be God Without Us

Nicolas Carnogursky
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Nicolas Carnogursky wrote at 1:39am on June 11th 2017
That is heresy. God exists independently of his creation. He doesn't need us at all.

#2380     God Doesn’t Owe You Anything

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 1:38am on April 21st 2017

#2379     Love Transforms: Why I Didn’t Give Up on the Quiet Kid

Aillin O'Brien
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Aillin O'Brien wrote at 12:07am on April 18th 2017
I think 'anti-social' and 'a brother with an ice-cold heart' are not fair ways to describe people who are shy or have social anxiety disorder.

#2378     Xt3 Lent Podcast 2017

Ma Belen Bermachea
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Ma Belen Bermachea wrote at 9:32pm on March 26th 2017
Thank you for a very nice reminder, Fr. Thomas. God bless you too.

#2377     Going to Confession

Christopher Cheng
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Christopher Cheng wrote at 10:22pm on March 17th 2017
Thanks Sister Mary for this excellent writing about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I must admit I don't go to confession often enough; the last time was about six months ago, and have not done it yet during Lent.

I strongly believe in the healing power of forgiveness when we genuinely repent our sins. I was so touched that I have tears in my eyes when I watched the movie "Silence", during the scene portraying a man who sinned repeatedly, begging to the priest for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

By the way, when I was studying my MA in Theological Studies at UNDA Broadway, I knew a Postulant by the name of Jessica, an Australian, from Sister of Mercy New York. She returned to NY last year. I was wondering if you could kindly give me a general email contact for the Sister of Mercy NY so I could get back in touch with Jessica. Many thanks!

God bless,

#2376     The Blessings Project - Video Reflection on the Beatitudes

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 11:00pm on March 10th 2017
Hi-This is a music video that my son and I made, showing images of refugees, using a song I wrote the music for, based on the Beatitudes.
If you want to use the video for whatever purpose, please feel free!
If any of you singers, bands want to record/perform it, please contact me
Thank you-
Guy Sudano

#2375     Response to Teen Vogue from a Pro-Life Teen

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 1:41am on February 28th 2017
This video needs to be seen world wide-
it needs to be sent to Teen Vogue.
It needs to be seen by every teenager-
Glory to God for this video!

#2374     Simcha Fisher: the Samurai Martyr and the Sex Abuse Scandal

Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 9:16pm on February 18th 2017
Where do we go?
We go to the truth-
We research all these claims of an 'abusive clergy'-
We find out that , yes, there are individuals who are criminals amongst us, but we also find out that the great majority of these stories-98 % or better- have been hashed out by an anti-Catholic/Christian media world , that seeks to paganize the planet.
We find out how many innocent priest's who have been falsely accused, have had their lives and good reputations dragged through the mire-when no credible claims were proven.
We find out that the Pope's of these times have been kept in the dark as much as anybody was, even for decades, but when the truth came out, they were the most effective combatants of these crimes, and many bishops and Cardinals, were removed from their offices, as other institutions, like public schools, continue to hide their abusers.
A writer named Pierre, has written two books on this subject-look for them.
The Catholic League in America is an excellent and honest source of info about the clergy abuse cases-they are on the web or course.

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