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#2215     Do Catholics Pray to Mary?

Antonella D
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Antonella D wrote at 2:25am on May 18th 2015
I find your answer very misleading and, frankly, not in keeping with Catholic teaching. Throughout the centuries Christians, saints, Fathers and Doctors of the Church etc. have unceasingly prayed to Mary! What about recent XX century Popes_ Everywhere they went, everything document they wrote, ends with a prayer to Mary.
While we can certainly agree in saying that we pray with the saints and with Mary, as Acts reminds us (Acts 1:14)... we do pray to Mary as well! We join the archangel Gabriel in saying, °Hail full of grace!° We join Elizabeth in praising her, as she rejoice at the unexpected visit of the Mother of her Lord, °Blessed are you among women!° And we do turn to her. She is our Mother! She has been given to us by Jesus Himself as our mother. Is a child not supposed to talk with his/her mother? To have recourse to his mother? That's "praying to" her, who in turn intercedes for us with her Son. You are probably too concerned to make sure our Christian brothers are not led to think we turn to Mary rather than to Christ. I think we should make sure they see the beauty of having a mother who has made Christ our brother as st. Francis said, a Mother given to us by Jesus himself. And She takes us to Him...! And actually, many of them DO pray to Mary. They even pray the Rosary. Do not be afraid to love her too much! She will not stop the love, the prayer to herself, but direct it all to the LORD!

#2214     Fr. Roderick's Priceless Reaction to the New Star Wars Trailer

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 2:08am on May 1st 2015
Hi Paul,

I respectfully disagree with you. I think exposing young people to a priest through a YouTube video and showing that priests are normal people too - people that get excited about new movies, books etc (that may not have anything to do with the faith) is a great and clever way to evangelize.

Fr Roderick chose to wear his collar I think a very deliberate move which he does in most of his YouTube videos. This video has gone viral and has had over 1, 000, 000 views and people searching on YouTube for the Star Wars trailer will have Fr Roderick's video pop up in their news feed. Seeing a priest, a joyful young priest in his collar is a great thing and can encourage vocations.

If you open the video on YouTube

Some of the comments give a great insight into why as Catholics we need to be in this digital space in new and unique ways like Fr Roderick:

one comment I read:

Zink66 1 week ago: As a Muslim and someone equally excited with star wars, seeing this Priest's excitement over the same thing makes u realize how stupid it is to fight over religious differences. Lets all have fun and enjoy this movie as human beings.

TheShutteredRoom 2 weeks ago
Father, I am an atheist, but I wish the true soul you show in your eyes be replicated a million times in all church people.

In my opinion the priesthood is given credibility when priests like Fr Roderick show their personalities likes and dislikes or give their own testimonies. This draws the audience into other videos he will post they may even subscribe to his channel and they may click on a video where he is talking about the faith. They could private message him saying Fr I saw your Star Wars video and wanted to ask you a question about the faith...

This video is an opportunity for relationship.

Can I take an excerpt from Pope Benedict's 47th World Communications Day Message:

"Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As the 2013 World Communications Day draws near, I would like to offer you some reflections on an increasingly important reality regarding the way in which people today communicate among themselves. I wish to consider the development of digital social networks which are helping to create a new “agora”, an open public square in which people share ideas, information and opinions, and in which new relationships and forms of community can come into being.

These spaces, when engaged in a wise and balanced way, help to foster forms of dialogue and debate which, if conducted respectfully and with concern for privacy, responsibility and truthfulness, can reinforce the bonds of unity between individuals and effectively promote the harmony of the human family. The exchange of information can become true communication, links ripen into friendships, and connections facilitate communion. If the networks are called to realize this great potential, the people involved in them must make an effort to be authentic since, in these spaces, it is not only ideas and information that are shared, but ultimately our very selves."

I think Fr Roderick shares himself brilliantly and I believe vocations will come from his presence in this new "agora"

#2213     Fr. Roderick's Priceless Reaction to the New Star Wars Trailer

Paul Grova
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Paul Grova wrote at 1:35am on April 29th 2015
I must be getting old but an example of Christian Joy ??? Can't this priest find something better to do than expose his Star wars obsession or does he react this way after each confession or Mass etc? Sorry to be a party pooper but really, the priesthood needs credibility based on something real and inspiring, especially under life's current challenges. I remind myself of 1cor 13:11 though, where love needs to trump all.

#2212     Three Fallacies in the “Dress Code Debates”

Brother John-Paul Ignatius Mary, OMSM(r), L.Th., D.D.
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Brother John-Paul Ignatius Mary, OMSM(r), L.Th., D.D. wrote at 3:35am on March 23rd 2015
We need to remember the teaching of St. John Chrysostom on modesty. Remember as you read this that the teaching the Saint is giving was 1603 years ago (the 5th century). Nevertheless notice just how applicable it is today in the 21st Century.

You carry your snare everywhere and spread your nets in all places. You allege that you never invited others to sin. You did not, indeed, by your words, but you have done so by your dress and your deportment and much more effectively than you could by your voice.

When you have made another sin in his heart, how can you be innocent?

Tell me, whom does this world condemn? Whom do judges in court punish? Those who drink poison or those who prepare it and administer the fatal potion? You have prepared the abominable cup, you have given the death-dealing drink, and you are more criminal than are those who poison the body; you murder not the body but the soul. And it is not to enemies you do this, nor are you urged on by any imaginary necessity, nor provoked by injury, but out of foolish vanity and pride.

#2211     Ask a Priest - If We Confess Our Sins, Do We Still Need to Atone for Them?

David Rozario
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David Rozario wrote at 8:11pm on March 21st 2015
Thankyou Father for this important reflection for this Blessed season.

#2210     Marriage Equality? What about Equality for Kids?

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 8:27am on March 10th 2015
Whilst a very rubbish marketing tool and from the extremists groups, free speech belongs in all directions and all the marriage opponents did was give a stupid and pointless advert airtime that probably wouldn't have happened if SBS played it.

#2209     50 Things to Know About "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande
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Valentine Nyaradzo Kagande wrote at 1:45pm on March 9th 2015
True observation, its about perverted and abusive relationships, but let me add that it's also about Anna who believes in true love and refuses to be used as a tool for sexual pleasure and Christian who is afraid to admit that he is love with Anna and thus allow himself to be transformed or healed by her love. Its also about the reality and effects of the abuse of the boy-child, and the sad reality that when a boy-child is abused by an adult woman he sees no problems with it, and in fact he loves it.

#2208     You Look at me: Advice for Facing Your Dragons

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 9:20am on February 24th 2015
Oh-O ! I didn't mean to give it away lol.....yes, it's meant to be a surprise, sorry guys !!

#2207     Our Pick of the Films of 2014

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 9:01am on February 24th 2015
The only Catholic film of 2014 wasn't even reviewed!!

#2206     Australian Religious Leaders’ Plea for Mercy for Bali-9 Pair

Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 8:33am on February 17th 2015
I stand for life and mercy of Andy Chan and Myuran Sukumaran!!!

#2205     Sister of Mercy Back in the Swim

Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 1:13pm on January 31st 2015
Wonderful news for Sr. Rebecca! :)))

#2204     Pope: Large Families Don't Cause Poverty

Michael Austen
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Michael Austen wrote at 4:04pm on January 29th 2015
Dear Dr. Lemaire;

Check out the work of Mercedes Wilson who promotes NFP in the developing world. Her success rate is the same for the poorest of poor familes who are trying to space children compared with the "educated couples" like ourselves.

A good doctor like yourself should also know that the NFP has a higher success rate than oral contraceptives and there is nothing "safe" about a women pumping class A carcinogens into her body to "fix" something that isn't broken.

#2203     Pope: Large Families Don't Cause Poverty

William LeMaire
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William LeMaire wrote at 7:46pm on January 27th 2015
Aside from the controversy about "rabbits" the Pope's press conference was very troublesome to me. He recommended responsible parenthood, which many catholics, including me, are happy to hear him say that. This means in my understanding that couples should decide on the number of children they want to have and can afford. So far so good, but then in the same press conference the Pope reaffirmed the teaching of the Church which bans artificial methods of family planning and only allows the so called natural methods.

As a retired catholic obstetrician and gynecologist I will be the first one to admit that these natural methods can be very effective and safe. This holds true if the method is utilized to the letter by educated couples under ideal circumstances. A large segment of the world population, especially in developing countries, does not live under ideal circumstances and in these situations the statistics show that the natural methods are accompanied by an unacceptable failure rate. This failure results in unwanted pregnancy which in developing countries carries a high morbidity an even a mortality rate due to the high incidence of pregnancy complications and even unsafe abortions. Natural methods are thus not devoid of complications (albeit indirect) as its proponents will argue.

Thus Pope Francis recommends responsible parenthood, which is great, but at the same time he continues to take away the methods to safely and effectively reach that goal, which in my opinion is unfair to say the least.

William J. LeMaire MD

#2202     What is Death with Dignity?

Nola Shehadeh
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Nola Shehadeh wrote at 10:52am on January 20th 2015
This woman is truly amazing , her strength and faith is so good to see . I hope God looks upon her with compassionate eyes and prolongs her life

#2201     iWitness 2014

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 5:11am on January 9th 2015
Fr. Jacques Philippe's video on Prayer and Work can be watched here:

#2200     Because We're Happy - 2014 Christmas Video from

Erik Hendrix
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Erik Hendrix wrote at 7:10pm on December 24th 2014
"Purchase "Happy" by Pharrell Williams from iTunes."

Errr ... no ... thank you. (seriously, that is quite inappropriate imo)

#2199     iWitness 2014

Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 12:56am on December 23rd 2014
Tahni There are some talks online now:

#2198     iWitness 2014

Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 4:59am on December 16th 2014
Hi Tahni, there will be links on this podcast page as soon as all the talks are available. Stay tuned!

#2197     iWitness 2014

Tahni Pyke
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Tahni Pyke wrote at 4:55am on December 16th 2014
Hi, just wondering if anyone can tell me how to find the videos of Fr Jacques Philippe's talks from i witness and the retreat day for women? Or when and where they will be put up? Thanks

#2196     This Is Life, with Lisa Ling - Called to the Collar

Kevin Walsh
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Kevin Walsh wrote at 12:20am on December 9th 2014
It is heartening to see such an upsurge in vocations to the priesthood in this article. The clerical collar seems to be used as a selling point, somewhat similar that Sisters and Nuns who keep the veil are the real brides of Christ. Often the sporting of the collar and veil is the front line for very pious, conservative people who see their high points within Rubrics as distinct from real Liturgy. Religious and Priests who are deeply immersed in the foot washing spirituality and ministry are often seen as more authentic than the clerical collar and the habited Sisters and Nuns. Unfortunately many Collar and Veil people are somewhat arrogant and driven by power and narcissieistic tendencies. From an old man, Fr Kevin Walsh Stanhope Gardens NSW

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