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'I was told to kill my disabled baby'

Last edited 27th September 2018

Lydia Njoki's youngest child Samwell, who has epilepsy and physical disabilities, would not be here if some of her family had their way.


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British Government rejects nationwide ban on pro-life vigils

Last edited 13th September 2018

The British government has resisted pressure to introduce a nationwide ban on pro-life vigils outside abortion clinics.


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Ireland Votes to Repeal Abortion Ban, Drawing Disappointment from Pro-life Groups

Last edited 27th May 2018

Exit polls released on Saturday morning are projecting the repeal of the abortion ban in Ireland, a decision pro-life groups are calling tragic and disappointing.


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Irish Pro-Life Campaigners Criticise Google Decision to Ban Campaign Ads

Last edited 17th May 2018

Irish pro-life campaigners have criticised a decision by tech giant Google to ban campaign advertisements before the May 25 referendum on whether the right to life of the unborn should continue to be enshrined in the constitution.


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Report Promoting Abortion in Developing Nations Denounced as 'Grotesque'

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A report calling for access to contraception and abortion in the developing world is an example of ideological colonization and cultural arrogance, warned a family author and scholar.


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Hundreds Join Rally in Galway, Ireland Against Legalizing Abortion

Last edited 6th April 2018

Hundreds of supporters of the 8th Amendment came to Galway’s Leisureland this evening to attend the “Stand Up For Life” rally which was organised by LoveBoth.


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Young Catholics at the Crossroads of Life in Sydney

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A group of young Catholics - each with their own reasons - are currently walking 1,500 kms from Brisbane to Melbourne in the name of life. Every human life, that is.


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Irish Abortion Referendum: Debate Rages After Vote Announced

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The Republic of Ireland's decision to hold a referendum in May on whether to reform the country's near-total ban on abortion has triggered strong reaction.


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MLK's Niece: Pro-life Work Continues My Uncle's Legacy

Last edited 14th December 2017

Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and longtime pro-life advocate, has it in her blood to fight for the causes she believes in, one of which is to promote “civil rights” for the unborn.


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