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Life Issues - Abortion

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The Importance of Knowing the History of the Holocaust - An Interview with Anthony Cleary
Last edited 17th March 2011

Anthony Cleary is the director of Religious Education and Evangelisation for the Catholic Education Office for the Archdiocese of Sydney. He is about to travel to the Holy Land and Katrina Lee interviews him about the purpose of his trip, the importance of knowing the history of the Holocaust, opportunities and hurdles for peace in the Middle East and the modern Holocaust of abortion.  

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Planned Parenthood Unveiled
Last edited 7th October 2009

Josh Brahm speaks about the things Planned Parenthood don't want people to know...

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Invoking the aid of St Michael against abortion
Last edited 17th March 2010

The International Coordinator for Human Life Joseph Meaney speaks to Catholic Answers to give an overview of the prolife movement around the world. He explains how the intercession of St Michael's gives  the spiritual strength to combat the culture of death.

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Does Abortion Hurt Women?
Last edited 17th March 2010

Abortion takes the life of the child, but it also has so many consequences for the mother - physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually.


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Birth Control and Other Abortifacients
Last edited 17th March 2010

This talk discusses how and why birth control is against Church teachings - and especially the fact that birth controls can actually be abortifacients. Victor Claveau discusses an issue that is hugely pervasive within society.

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Are You Suffering From Post-Abortion Stress?
Last edited 30th September 2009

Theresa Burke, the founder of Rachel's Vineyard, speaks to Catholic Answers about the pain of post-abortion.

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Abortion Rights: Refuting Popular Arguments
Last edited 30th September 2009

We've all been involved in discussions about abortions. The emotions surrounding the abortion debate make it one of the most difficult conversations to have. In this talk, Francis Beckwith gives a few ways to refute the arguments about abortion, from scientific, legal, religious and numerous other viewpoints.

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Abortion Hurts, Love Heals
Last edited 30th September 2009

Msgr. Philip Reilly, the founder of the Helpers of God's Precious Infants, has been a priest for over 40 year. He speaks about his work for the salvation of souls within the pro-life moevement.

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Abortion - A Man's Perspective
Last edited 17th March 2010

Men very often suffer when women choose to have an abortion. But it is not often that the world gets to hear about abortion from a man's perspecitve. Chris Aubert breaks the silence.

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Abortion Aftermath
Last edited 30th September 2009

Jim and Rosemary Benefieldspeak on the Catholic Answers program around the sad anniversary of the momentous Roe v Wade decision in America.

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