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The Rise and Rise of Natural Family Planning

Last edited 27th April 2016

All the way back in 2010 Laura Wershler, executive director of Sexual Health Access Alberta (formerly known as Planned Parenthood Alberta), lamented the lack of knowledge in her field regarding natural family planning and cited the trend toward natural products, better health and environmentalism as women looked for alternatives to hormonal contraception.


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Liturgical Resources to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Last edited 22nd April 2016

Australians celebrate Mother’s Day on 8 May 2016. Mother’s Day is a special day to appreciate mothers or mother figures, including stepmothers, relatives, guardians, close family friends and those who would be mothers.


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Understanding Pornography – A Masterclass with Jonathan Doyle

Last edited 22nd April 2016

Want to get your life back or support others in entrapped by pornography? In this powerful series of videos you will explore key issues such as: What is the science behind pornography’s power over men and women? Why is it so powerful? How can you overcome addiction or support your friends? What cultural and technological factors have made pornography a ‘perfect storm” for fatherless men? With this series you can learn how to get help and break through to freedom. Find out how pornography impacts women and how you can play your role in building a new culture of service and engagement.


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Media Gush over New Study, Only to Find Same-Sex Parents More Irritated with Their Children

Last edited 20th April 2016

Instead of acknowledging that same-sex parents are irritated and angrier at their children more often than comparable opposite-sex parents, the authors framed the finding as noting simply that same-sex parents acknowledge more “parenting stress” than opposite-sex parents. It comes across sounding noble.


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Making Sense of Marriage

Last edited 14th April 2016

This video points out obstacles and difficulties that people who argue in favour of same-sex marriage face when they make their case. Here are many examples of same sex attracted people and the children of gay parents who don't agree with same sex marriage:


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Pope Gives Seven Tips on How to Argue in a Marriage

Last edited 13th April 2016

Throughout "Amoris Laetitia" the Pope gives very good advice for daily life of couples. For example, he proposes a good strategy when dealing with difficult situations.


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Millie Fontana Speaks at Parliament House, Canberra

Last edited 12th April 2016

Meet Millie Fontana - Millie was raised by two lesbian Mothers and in the marriage debate we need to listen to her story...


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Summary of Amoris Laetitia: On Love in the Family from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

Last edited 11th April 2016

The Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia seeks emphatically to affirm not the “ideal family” but the very rich and complex reality of family life. Its pages provide an openhearted look, profoundly positive, which is nourished not with abstractions or ideal projections, but with pastoral attention to reality. The text is a close reading of family life, with spiritual insights and practical wisdom useful for every human couple or persons who want to build a family. Above all, it is patently the result of attention to what people have lived over 7 many years. The Exhortation Amoris laetitia: On Love in the Family indeed speaks the language of experience and of hope.

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Kids Being Exposed to Porn is Abuse, Australian Bishops Say

Last edited 7th April 2016

Exposure to pornography harms children to such an extent it should be considered child abuse, Australia's Catholic bishops said in a recent call for action.


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Why Can’t Three Get Married?

Last edited 21st March 2016

You might think that this is grotesque. I certainly think it is grotesque. But should we be so judgemental about the unorthodox connubial arrangements of Anna and Lucy Decinque, 31-year-old identical twins who are sharing a bed with their 32-year-old electrical mechanic boyfriend Ben Byrne?


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