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Same-sex Marriage and Inter-racial Marriage: Not the Same Thing
Last edited 27th August 2015

One of the same-sex marriage movement’s most potent polemical tools has been, and surely will continue to be, its equation of same-sex marriage with interracial marriage. On this telling, today’s opposition to same-sex marriage is akin to the opposition to interracial marriage mounted by yesterday’s racists and segregationists. This is ridiculous!


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Q&A - Ethics, Equality & Evasion
Last edited 24th August 2015

In this Q&A episode panellists discussed: Trade Union Royal Commission, Gaybies, Attacks on Traditional Marriage, Gay Parenting and Children, Tax Evasion, The Greens & GST and Gender Equality.


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Dear Australia - Hindsight and Vegemite - Katy Faust
Last edited 24th August 2015

In this blog Katy Faust (a traditional marriage defender) reflects on her visit to Australia and what she wished she would have said.

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The Redefinition of Marriage and Equality for Other Relationships
Last edited 24th August 2015

In conversations about “marriage equality”, we are told that changing the legal definition of marriage will not lead to expanding the definition to other types of relationships. But it will! If the Government recognises a relationship in law, simply because the relationship is based on love, there is no logical reason why other types of relationships should be excluded from the Marriage Act (1961).


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A Meditation on Marriage, A Covenant of Love by Fr John Flader
Last edited 19th August 2015

With marriage under attack in many ways, in this meditation Fr John Flader considers:


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The Redefinition of Marriage and Human Rights
Last edited 12th August 2015

In conversations about “marriage equality”, we are constantly told that marriage is a human right, and it is. However, rights are not absolute, nor do they exist in isolation. They must be considered in light of other rights. Find out more:


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Choosing Between Religious Freedom and Same-Sex Marriage
Last edited 10th August 2015

Members of Benedictine College's Memorare Army for Religious Freedom prayer campaign can take heart: A new poll suggests that the American people are on the side of religious freedom. One month after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, the poll suggest that Americans support religious freedom much more than they do gay marriage.

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Full Page Ad Challenges Claims Made by Proponents of Same-Sex Marriage
Last edited 11th August 2015

A full-page advertisement in Australia's national newspaper, The Australian, challenges claims made by proponents of same-sex marriage and calls for an informed debate on the issue.


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Children of Same-Sex Parents Speak Out... "We Are Not Fine"
Last edited 6th August 2015

We keep hearing that "children of same-sex couples do just as well as children raised by a mother and a father." But is this really true? The adults in this video have been raised by same-sex parents... we need to hear their voice.


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Pope: Divorce and Remarriage Contradicts the Sacrament, but Church Always Reaches Out
Last edited 5th August 2015

Echoing his predecessors on the need to care for divorced and remarried persons, Pope Francis said Christians should help these persons integrate into the community rather than treating them as though they are excommunicated.


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