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After Banning US Adoption, Russia Rethinks Orphan Care

Last edited 23rd August 2016

In 2012, after years of international adoptions, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a ban on Americans adopting Russian orphans.


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Sliding vs. Deciding; How We Do Relationships Now

Last edited 8th August 2016

This is a talk given by Professor Scott Stanley of the University of Denver, Colorado, to the Chi Alpha group at the University of Virginia in February this year. Dr. Stanley is introduced by Dr. Brad Wilcox. The talk was sponsored by The National Marriage Project, and although it is long -- an hour plus questions -- it's a thorough and engaging coverage of the science supporting marital commitment.


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Gold Coast Newlyweds Honeymoon at World Youth Day

Last edited 2nd August 2016

NEWLYWEDS Alice and Chris Williams didn’t opt for the quiet or peaceful resort getaway for their honeymoon.


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Bishops Urge US Govt to Protect Freedom of Those Who Reject Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Last edited 13th July 2016

Urging support for the First Amendment Defense Act, Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage and Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, issued the following statement:


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A Debate on Marriage Equality Need Not Be Hate-filled. We Could All Benefit From It

Last edited 1st July 2016

In a wide-ranging speech delivered last week and published in the Guardian ("Straight politicians don't understand what it’s like to hide their relationships in fear"), Senate opposition leader Penny Wong made the case against a plebiscite on the redefinition of the marriage.


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Same-Sex Marriage will Affect Everyone

Last edited 28th June 2016

Nobody can tell us that a change in law doesn't affect culture.


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Dad Supports His Son’s Dreams In This Incredibly Touching Ad

Last edited 24th June 2016

Just in time for Father’s Day 2016, here comes an ad that not only pulls at the heartstrings, but also celebrates the way in which great dads tend to have our backs — even if we may not realize their intentions at first.


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I Thought There Was A Simple Solution To An Unwanted Pregnancy, But I Was Wrong

Last edited 15th June 2016

When I became accidentally pregnant as a single 25-year-old, I lost a few of my closest friends. But not for the reasons you might think. As open-minded, self-proclaimed "non-judgmental" gals, they didn't judge me for engaging in casual sex and consequently getting knocked up. But a couple of them did mind that after discovering my pregnancy, I descended into a self-pitying pit of depression so profound that it threatened to completely unravel the future I'd worked so hard to create for myself.


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Trent Horn: Should the Church Speak in the Marriage Debate?

Last edited 14th June 2016

Catholic apologist Trent Horn discusses the current marriage debate, especially looking at objections to the Church’s involvement in the marriage debate. In this interview, Trent Horn looks at the following topics: Whether the Church should argue for Her definition of marriage in a pluralist society.*Whether a man-woman definition of marriage can exist within a genderless definition of marriage.*The issue of harm which may be caused by a public discussion on marriage.*What the focus should be in the marriage debate.

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Election 2016: Marriage and Gender Identity

Last edited 14th June 2016

In this interview, Monica Doumit speaks about the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and gender identity, the Liberal and Australian Labor Party policies on these topics, and issues surrounding anti-discrimination law.


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