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A Prayer for the Synod on the Family, 4-25 October 2015
Last edited 2nd October 2015

Pope Francis provided this prayer for the Synod of Bishops on the Family in his Angelus address on the Feast of the Holy Family in 2013. Let us pray together for the Synod over the coming weeks:


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Living Richly: Faith and Marriage
Last edited 1st October 2015

Authors Mark and Niki Kalpakgian dive into the mystery of marriage and parenthood, unveiling the blessings that are often overlooked when we’re caught up in the everyday of family life. They speak of all the joys they experienced after saying yes to starting a family, and share how their Catholic faith brought them this sense of fulfillment.


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Four Key Themes of the Upcoming Synod on the Family
Last edited 1st October 2015

On October 4th, the Synod on the Family will begin. There will be representatives from the world's episcopal conferences in the Vatican. In addition, 18 married couples will attend at the Pope´s request. During the three weeks, the main focus will be on the modern day challenges families face. The working document identifies these four points:


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Aussie Couple Tell of their Joys and Fears about Marriage while Almost Speechless in Front of the Pope
Last edited 29th September 2015

Australian couple Camillus O’Kane and Kelly Walsh were almost speechless when they spoke to Pope Francis — but when the words came out they had a powerful message. Mr O’Kane, 29, of Yarrawonga in Victoria, and Ms Walsh, 33, of Grong Grong in NSW, were lucky enough to be invited to meet the Holy Father in Philadelphia on his tour of the US recently.


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Pope in US - Celebration for Families and Vigil of Prayer
Last edited 28th September 2015

Pope Francis participated in a great gathering of families on Saturday evening in Philadelphia, host city of the World Meeting of Families, for a vigil of prayer and a celebration of the family.


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World Meeting of Families Energizers and Enlivens
Last edited 24th September 2015

Thousands of people have packed into halls and venue sites in Philadelphia as the World Meeting of Families is in full swing. Joining the 18,000 registered for the event is the Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP who is also Chair of the ACBC Commission for Family, Youth and Life.


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The Garcia-Prats Family: Richer by the Dozen
Last edited 24th September 2015

Joe and Cathy Garcia-Prats have been married for more than 40 years are the proud parents of 10… that’s right, 10 sons! Joe is a practicing neonatologist and Cathy is a former first grade teacher and author of a number of books including Good Families Don’t Just Happen: What we learned from raising our ten sons and how it can work for you. Their inspiring story of love built on faith, respect and selflessness for each individual member of the family is a powerful witness to modern family life and openness to the Holy Spirit.

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World Meeting of Families - Interview with Matt Fradd
Last edited 23rd September 2015

Matt Fradd, the director of The Porn Effect and Integrity Restored, sits down with Father Josh Johnson for a face to face discussion about a habit that cripples so many young men and women. Matt tackles the issue of pornography head on, and admits we need to talk about it in order to find freedom from it. He encourages people to find accountability partners and identify the internal and external triggers that lead to sexual sin. Choosing Christ over sexual desires is a great opportunity to grow in holiness, he adds.

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Cardinal Sarah's Message of Mercy at World Meeting of Families
Last edited 23rd September 2015

Efforts to ‘soften’ Christian teaching on the family are not a solution for those wounded by sin, Cardinal Robert Sarah, a native of the west African country of Guinea, told the World Meeting of Families on Wednesday.


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World Meeting of Families: Pope Will Call for Solidarity and Fraternity Despite Differences
Last edited 18th September 2015

During his trip to the U.S, Pope Francis will visit the White House, Congress and the United Nations. But the one event that made it all possible is the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, organized by the Church.


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