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Yes, You CAN Raise Faithful Kids!
Last edited 28th July 2015

For the Catholic parent, there is no more important task than communicating our faith to our children. That doesn’t just mean teaching our kids Catholic prayers and rituals. It means teaching them how to have a meaningful and personal relationship with God. How to think and act morally. How to love rightly and intimately. How to celebrate and live life as the gift that it is meant to be. And, ultimately, how to be saints — living witnesses to a life of grace.


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The Pope's 7 Most Tender Messages to Grandparents
Last edited 28th July 2015

During this year's feast of Jesus's grandparents, Saints Joachim and Anne, the Pope asked for a round of applause for grandparents. From the beginning, Pope Francis has been very mindful of the elderly. During the Mass at the start of his pontificate he asked for people to care for the elderly in particular since they are often pushed to the "margins of the heart.”


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"Being a Father:" A Short Film on Why We Need Dads!
Last edited 27th July 2015

The short film "Being a Father" follows fathers, mothers, and children from around the world, asking, "What does fatherhood mean to you?" This film was produced alongside the launch of "State of the World’s Fathers" - the world’s first-ever report to provide a global view of the state of men’s contribution to parenting and caregiving around the world. Fathers really are important, they can never be replaced!

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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP's Lecture on Marriage
Last edited 24th July 2015

On Wednesday 22 July 2015, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP, Archbishop of Sydney, delivered the "Defence of Faith Lecture" hosted by the Order of Malta NSW Branch on the topic: Same-Sex 'Marriage': Evolution or Deconstruction of Marriage and the Family?


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Full House for Archbishop's Talk on "Same-Sex Marriage".
Last edited 24th July 2015

Around 500 people packed into Cathedral Hall at St Mary's Cathedral last night (Wednesday) for an address by the Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP titled "Same-Sex Marriage" - Evolution or Deconstruction of Marriage and Family? The evening was hosted by the Order of Malta (NSW Branch) was the fifth in a lecture series on the Order's Defence of the Faith.


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Cardinal Antonelli: We Must Show that Marriage is Beautiful
Last edited 22nd July 2015

The Synod on the Family will begin on October 4th and its agenda is filled with important topics about the future of the family. One of those is marriage. In many countries, the divorce rate has gone through the roof. In the U.S., about half of all marriages end in divorce or separation. Others have it worse. According to Cardinal Antonelli, author of The Crisis of Marriage and the Eucharist, "There are many reasons for why marriage is in crisis, but some of them that stands out: We live in a secular culture dominated by individualism, relativism, consumerism, and hedonism. God is marginal, as if He wasn't relevant."

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NFP Awareness Week - 19-25 July 2015
Last edited 17th July 2015

Natural Family Planning Awareness Week is an educational campaign to focus attention on Natural Family Planning methods and Church teachings which support their use in marriage.


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What the Same-Sex Marriage Debate Is - and Is Not - About
Last edited 16th July 2015

Australian-born Margaret Somerville is Professor of Law at McGill University in Canada and a world-renowned ethicist. In Sydney recently, she said that "euthanasia is not an incremental change to current end-of-life practices but a radical and massive shift in our society's and civilisation's foundational values." Her words could be adapted to same sex-marriage, which is not "an incremental change" or natural evolution of the institution of marriage, but "a radical and massive shift" in the values upon which marriage has been founded and which it has sought to embody.

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Rebuilding a Marriage Culture: A Mission for the Church
Last edited 15th July 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, redefining marriage everywhere in the United States, has left many American Catholics wondering: What do we do now?


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Biblical Teaching Against Polygamy - It Happened, But It Wasn’t Holy or Helpful
Last edited 14th July 2015

Given cultural trends and recent court decisions to redefine marriage, the move to accept and legalise polygamy and polyandry has intensified. Some are already coining the term “trouple” or “throuple” to describe “marriages” of three people (of any combination of sexes).


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