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Matt Maher - Firelight: A Music Video for Youth Groups
Last edited 23rd November 2015

Here is a music video for one of Matt Maher's latest songs FIRELIGHT, a song that tells the story of the interior struggles that we all face in our lives, inspired by the experience and legacy of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. This is a great reflection for youth groups!


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PAUL J. KIM - I'm Not a Rapper (Music Video)
Last edited 18th November 2015

With more than a decade of speaking to youth and performing original music, Paul J. Kim has earned an international reputation as a dynamic motivational speaker with a highly entertaining, yet life-changing message.

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Pope Francis to release 13-track pop-rock album entitled 'Wake Up!'
Last edited 8th November 2015

The Pope is often seen delivering speeches to thousands of faithful followers, but now he's communicating via a different medium: a new album called 'Wake Up'. Pope Francis doesn't exactly belt out a ballad on the 13 tracks, but the Vatican-approved release features his voice on pop and rock songs. The album's release may be a welcome distraction for The Vatican after two senior finance committee members were arrested this week for leaking to an Italian journalist.

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The Vatican has its own Anthem? Yes! Check it out
Last edited 8th November 2015

Did you know that the Holy See also has its own Anthem? It's known as the Pontifical Anthem. The song is played to mark the presence of the Pope in solemn occasions that are key in the life of the Vatican City State, including of course the moment when the Pope is elected. Abroad, the hymn is played to welcome Vatican ambassadors.

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Pure of Heart - Theme Song for Australian Catholic Youth Festival by Melbourne Singer Song-Writer Genevieve Bryant
Last edited 2nd November 2015

Pure of Heart by Melbourne singer song-writer Genevieve Bryant has been chosen as the theme song for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF)2015.


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Young Duo Sings A Spine Tingling Version Of "You Raise Me Up"
Last edited 20th October 2015

This crowd was in for an extraordinary treat when this young boy and girl took the stage to sing “You Raise Me Up.” Jeffrey Li is only 10-years-old and Celine Tam only 7, but they sang with such precision that everyone in the audience was blown away by their talent. Enjoy!

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“Pure of Heart” – Genevieve Bryant - Theme Song Announced for ACYF15
Last edited 18th September 2015

‘Where can we see God?’, a simple question that triggered a young song writer to compose the lyrics chosen as the theme song for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) this year.


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Watch Fr Rob Galea's Audition on X Factor Australia!
Last edited 17th September 2015

Aussie priest Fr Rob Galea nailed his first audition on the X Factor Australia on Thursday 17 September 2015, where he sang 'Don't You Worry Child' By Swedish House Mafia! Fr Rob is a great friend of Xt3 and often provides music for our videos. We are so excited to see the way God will work through his witness on national TV. Let us pray for Fr Rob as he embarks on this exciting adventure in the name of Christ!


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Singing Priest is Australia's Favourite
Last edited 13th September 2015

Robert Galea is a Christian, a priest and a musician, in that order, but this winter he is also set to be an X Factor Australia favourite.


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X Factor Australia will Feature Singing Priest Fr Rob Galea!
Last edited 6th September 2015

An Australian-Maltese singing priest (and a good friend of is set to break down stereotypes, and be a fan favourite on The X Factor Australia! Father Rob Galea, who is based at St Killian’s Catholic Church in Bendigo, Victoria, auditioned for the show in Melbourne earlier this year.


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