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Shimon Peres, Former Israeli President, Dies Aged 93

Last edited 28th September 2016

Shimon Peres, who served twice as Israel's prime minister and once as president, has died at the age of 93.


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US Election: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to face off in first US presidential debate

Last edited 26th September 2016

This first of three nationally televised debates will give the candidates a chance to introduce themselves — or re-introduce themselves — to sceptical American voters who will be watching closely for the slightest misstep, awkward gesture or fatal altercation. The moderator has already announced three of the six themes for questions: America's direction, achieving prosperity and securing America.


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New York Bombing Motivation 'Unknown'

Last edited 18th September 2016

A bomb attack in New York City was a terrorist act, officials say, but no links have been found to global groups and the motivation remains unclear.


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US Approves Record $38bn Israel Military Aid Deal

Last edited 14th September 2016

The US has agreed a military aid package for Israel worth $38bn (£28bn) over the next 10 years, officials say, the largest such deal in US history.


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Woman Charged in Foiled Attack on Notre Dame Cathedral

Last edited 13th September 2016

A woman was charged over the weekend by French authorities in connection with an alleged terrorist plot to attack Notre Dame cathedral with a car bomb.


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Priest Working for Peaceful Solution to Philippine Drug Crisis

Last edited 7th September 2016

A parish priest is leading effort to rehabilitate drug users rather than leave them vulnerable to a series of extrajudicial killings.


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The Victorian Government’s Attack On Religious Schools And Churches Is A Real Threat To Religious Freedom

Last edited 5th September 2016

Daniel Andrews is trying to undo one of the most important wins for religious freedom of the past decade. In 2011 the Coalition Government to overturned a restriction on Christian schools and organisations being able to employ all staff on the basis that they share the organisation's faith and ethos.


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More Muslim Leaders are Publicly Condemning Islamic Radicals

Last edited 30th August 2016

First, it was the Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, of Qom, Iran, who sent Pope Francis a letter in which he thanked him for making a distinction between peaceful Muslims and Islamic radicals. The Grand Ayatollah said that most Muslims consider these groups separate sects that do not follow the true teachings of Islam.


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Priest Suffers Minor Injuries After Failed Suicide Bomb, Axe Attack at Mass

Last edited 29th August 2016

A priest suffered minor injuries after a man armed with a suicide bomb and an axe attacked at Sunday Mass in Indonesia this weekend.


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Tuberculosis Outbreak Having Devastating Effect on Children in Papua New Guinea, ChildFund says

Last edited 23rd August 2016

The scourge of tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea is worse than previously thought and is having a particularly devastating effect on the children of PNG, who make up more than a quarter of all cases.


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