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Indonesia tsunami and quake: Bodies found in church buried by landslide

Last edited 1st October 2018

The bodies of 34 Indonesian students have been found under a church which was buried by a mudslide after the quake in Palu, say aid workers.


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UN agency's U-turn after unpaid internships row

Last edited 23rd September 2018

The World Health Organization (WHO) is to offer paid internships for the first time to boost access for those applying from developing countries, the BBC has learnt.


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Strawberry needle scare: Australia PM vows crackdown on 'cowards'

Last edited 19th September 2018

The Australian government says it will introduce stricter criminal penalties in response to a fruit contamination scare that has alarmed the country.


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US Slashes Number of Refugees to 30,000

Last edited 17th September 2018

The US says it will cap the number of refugees allowed into the country next year at a near record low of 30,000.


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Typhoon Mangkhut: Deadly Typhoon Lands in South China

Last edited 16th September 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut is lashing China's most populous province, bringing winds of up to 100 mph (162 kph).Guangdong is on its highest alert for the storm, which also hit Hong Kong, where it swayed skyscrapers and blew out windows.


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Hurricane Florence: 'Extremely Dangerous' Storm Sparks US Exodus

Last edited 10th September 2018

Evacuations have been ordered as the US East Coast braces for Hurricane Florence - in what may be the strongest storm to hit the region in decades.


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9/11 Attack: New York City Subway Station Reopens After 17 Years

Last edited 9th September 2018

A New York City subway station has reopened for the first time since it was destroyed 17 years ago in the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack.


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Rheinmetall-Denel Blast: Eight Killed in Munitions Explosion in South Africa

Last edited 3rd September 2018

At least eight people have been killed in an explosion at a munitions factory in South Africa, a spokesman for the fire and rescue services has said.


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Somalia's Capital Mogadishu hit by Huge Explosion

Last edited 2nd September 2018

A suicide bomber has attacked a government office in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, causing a nearby school to collapse, police say.


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