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Barcelona Attack: Spain Terror Cell Had 120 Gas Canisters

Last edited 21st August 2017

A 12-strong terror cell that carried out two attacks in Spain this week had collected 120 gas canisters and was planning to use them in vehicle attacks, Spanish police say.


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North Korea leader 'briefed' on Guam plan but opts to wait

Last edited 18th August 2017

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reviewed plans to fire missiles towards the US Pacific territory of Guam but will hold off, state media said.


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Barcelona Attack: 13 Killed as Van Rams Crowds in Las Ramblas

Last edited 17th August 2017

Thirteen people died and dozens were injured when a van ploughed into crowds in Barcelona's famous Las Ramblas area, Catalan police and local officials say.The vehicle sped along the pedestrian area that is popular with tourists, mowing down people and sending others fleeing for cover.


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North Korea to Have a Plan for Guam Missile Strike 'by Mid-August

Last edited 10th August 2017

North Korea will develop a plan by mid-August to launch four intermediate-range missiles at the US territory of Guam before presenting it to leader Kim Jong Un, who will make a decision on whether to proceed, the North's state media says.


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Australia Police 'Foil Terror Plot to Bring Down Plane'

Last edited 30th July 2017

Counter-terrorism police in Australia have stopped a suspected plot to bring down an aeroplane, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said.


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'More than 40' Killed in Battle with Boko Haram in Nigeria

Last edited 28th July 2017

More than 40 people have died during an attempt to free people during an ambush by militant Islam group Boko Haram, sources have told the BBC.


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Shots Fired at People Voting Outside Church in Venezuela

Last edited 17th July 2017

Armed civilians who support the Venezuelan regime opened fire against a large crowd of protestors who were participating in a symbolic referendum in Caracas on Sunday.


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Syria Ceasefire a 'Hopeful Step': US

Last edited 9th July 2017

A ceasefire in south-west Syria due to take effect on Sunday is a "hopeful step," according to US National Security Advisor HR McMaster.


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New App Helps Rio Locals Avoid Shootouts

Last edited 6th July 2017

Every day, Rio de Janeiro witnesses an average of 15 gun battles dramatic enough for any Hollywood action film and a small group of volunteers has developed an app to enable residents to avoid the crossfire.


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Melbourne's Anti-attack Bollards Turned into 'Boll-art'

Last edited 4th July 2017

When authorities in Melbourne installed concrete blocks hoping to prevent vehicle-based attacks, some observers noted they looked a bit dull.


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