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The Facts – Just How ‘Pathetic’ has Australian Foreign Aid Become?
Last edited 26th March 2015

It feels like every week now there’s news of another potential ‘cut’ to the Australian foreign aid program. But is all the fuss just a result of a few radical ‘lefties’, idealistic youngsters and ‘social-justicesy’ types crying foul over a little bit of missing change? Exactly how bad is the current state of affairs surrounding Australia’s aid giving? You’re about to find out.

Germanwings Crash: Airliners Change Cockpit Rules after Co-pilot Blamed
Last edited 26th March 2015

Co-pilot crashed plane deliberately, says French prosecutorCo-pilot named as Andreas Lubitz, a 27-year-old German citizenVillagers in Alps prepare for arrival of families

ISIS Overruns Town that Inspired Luke Skywalker’s Home Planet
Last edited 25th March 2015

Star Wars fans have been warned to stay far, far, away from a Tunisian town that was the inspiration for Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine — due to a threat of being taken hostage by ISIS.The dusty desert town of Tataouine, Tunisia has recently been overrun with bloodthirsty jihadists who have pledged their allegiance to the Islamic State, according to CNN.

Vatican Offers Solidarity for Victims of Alps Plane Crash
Last edited 25th March 2015

After a Germanwings Airbus carrying 150 people crashed Tuesday in the French Alps, the Holy See has assured the Pope's prayers for the departed and has offered solidarity with the victims’ families.

Germanwings Flight 4U9525 - Crash Site
Last edited 24th March 2015

Germanwings flight 4U9525 crashed in the French Alps and none of the 150 people on board are thought to have survived. Lufthansa vice-president Heike Birlenbach said the company is treating the crash as an accident, but French prime minister Manual Valls said “no hypothesis” could be ruled out for the downed flight traveling from Barcelona to Düsseldorf.

China will not Budge on Appointment of Bishops without Vatican Approval, AsiaNews Director Writes
Last edited 17th March 2015

China will not compromise with the Vatican regarding the appointment of new bishops, writes Father Bernardo Cervellera of the AsiaNews service.

Catholic-Owned Company Wins 'Final Victory' Against HHS Mandate
Last edited 17th March 2015

A Catholic-owned company’s victory in its fight against a federal mandate to cover drugs and procedures that violate Catholic moral teaching shows the importance of putting God first, one of its co-owners has said.


Australia's Muslim Leader Travels to Indonesia for Mercy Plea
Last edited 12th March 2015

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, has travelled to Indonesia to plead for the lives of the two Australians who face execution by firing squad at any time. In an unprecedented intervention, Australia's most senior cleric met with Indonesia's Religious Affairs Minister, urging clemency for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.


Supreme Court Vacates Ruling Against Notre Dame in Contraceptive-Mandate Case
Last edited 9th March 2015

The US Supreme Court has set aside an appeals court’s ruling that denied the University of Notre Dame an injunction against the enforcement of the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate.

Not All Christian Hostages in Syria Freed, More Families Abducted
Last edited 9th March 2015

After telling AsiaNews that 52 Christian families held by the Islamic State group had been released without a ransom paid, the Apostolic Nuncio to Syria Mgr Mario Zenari updated his early information and said not all of the families are free.


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