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French School Bus Cut in Two in Rail Crash

Last edited 14th December 2017

A train and a school bus have collided near Perpignan in southern France, leaving at least four children dead and many other people injured.


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Thousands Stage Rallies For and Against Philippines' Duterte's 'Revolutionary Government'

Last edited 30th November 2017

Thousands of supporters and critics of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte staged rallies on Thursday for and against his threat to declare a "revolutionary government", which has fuelled fears of a looming dictatorship.


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Yemen War: Fighting Breaks Out Among Allied Rebels

Last edited 30th November 2017

There have been deadly clashes between Yemen's allied Houthi rebels and supporters of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, as tensions between them grow.


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New Proposals Offer 'Best of Both Worlds'

Last edited 27th November 2017

The Senate will begin dissecting the finer details of a bill to legalise same-sex marriage today after debating the overall legislation late into last night.


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San Juan submarine: 'Explosion' dashes crew survival hopes

Last edited 24th November 2017

Hopes that the 44 crew of a missing Argentine submarine might still be alive have been dashed after the navy said an event consistent with an explosion had been detected.The "abnormal, singular, short, violent, non-nuclear event" was recorded in the south Atlantic by a nuclear test watchdog last week.


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Howard Fears Religious Protections will 'Die in the Sand'

Last edited 24th November 2017

John Howard has debunked Malcolm Turnbull’s argument that religious freedoms will lead to sharia law in Australia.


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The Pope Bans Sale of Tobacco in Vatican

Last edited 9th November 2017

Pope Francis has personally decided that markets inside the Vatican will no longer sell cigarettes as of January 1.


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Colombia Mothers Stage 'Nurse-in' to Defend Breastfeeding

Last edited 6th November 2017

Nearly 1,000 families met in the city's Parque de Los Novios for the fourth event of its type in the city, organized by the mayor's office.


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Texas Church Shooting Leaves Many Dead

Last edited 5th November 2017

At least 27 people have died after a gunman opened fire at a church in Texas during Sunday services, police say.The attack happened at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs in Wilson County.


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Saudi Arabia Slammed For Granting Citizenship to Robot

Last edited 31st October 2017

The announcement that Sophia the robot will become the first humanoid to be granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia has fuelled outrage on social media over the unequal treatment of women in the Arab nation.


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