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US Journalists Killed in Gun Attack, Please Pray for Them
Last edited 27th August 2015

Two television journalists were killed during a live broadcast in Virginia on Wednesday, shot by a suspect who was a former employee of the TV station and who called himself a 'powder keg' of anger over what he saw as racial discrimination at work and elsewhere in the United States.


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Bangkok Bomb: Deadly Blast Rocks Thailand Capital
Last edited 18th August 2015

A bomb has exploded close to a shrine in the centre of Thailand's capital, Bangkok, killing at least 19 people and injuring more than 120. The Erawan Shrine, which was crowded at the time, is a major tourist attraction and foreigners, including Chinese, are among the casualties.


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Indonesia Passenger Plane Wreckage Found in Remote Papua
Last edited 17th August 2015

The wreckage of an Indonesian plane carrying 54 people has been found in the remote western Papua region, officials say.


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New Zealanders Presented with 40 new Flag Designs
Last edited 14th August 2015

New Zealanders have been presented with 40 flag options as the country moved a step closer towards voting on whether it wanted to change its national standard.The government-appointed panel overseeing the project released its longlist of designs, chosen from more than 10,000 public submissions.

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Dozens of Christians Feared to be Among 230 Kidnapped in Syria
Last edited 9th August 2015

Dozens of Christians are feared to be among the 230 people abducted by Islamic State after the extremist group's militants captured a central Syrian town in early August.


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One Year Since Christians Where Expelled from Mosul
Last edited 5th August 2015

One year ago, tens of thousands of Christians fled from Mosul, certain that they would soon be able to return to their homes. A year later, ISIS remains in firm control of Iraq’s second-largest city.


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Ukraine Faces Mass Starvation & Exodus of Millions, Says Bishop
Last edited 30th July 2015

The Russian-backed separatist rebellion has plunged Ukraine into its worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War and “millions of refugees” could soon head for Europe to escape starvation, according to a Ukrainian bishop.


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Emergency Continues in Nepal Months After Earthquake
Last edited 29th July 2015

In the three months since Nepal was struck by a massive 8.1 quake and its devastating after shocks, Caritas Australia in collaboration with Caritas Nepal and America's Catholic Relief Services have provided emergency relief to more than 20,200 households and over 101,000 men, women and children.


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U.S. Senate to Debate Restricting Funds to Planned Parenthood Following Third Explosive Video
Last edited 29th July 2015

The US Senate wil debate restricting funds to Planned Parenthood following the release of a third video which suggests that the organisation profits from the sale of foetal parts.


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Pakistan Suspends Death Sentence of Asia Bibi, Christian Woman Charged with Blasphemy
Last edited 28th July 2015

A Dominican priest in Pakistan has praised the nation’s Supreme Court for suspending the death sentence of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman charged with blasphemy, and has emphasised the importance of dialogue between Muslims and Christians.


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