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Kim Davis Met Pope Francis in Washington, Vatican Confirms
Last edited 30th September 2015

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county court clerk who was imprisoned for six days earlier this month for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, met Pope Francis during the Pontiff’s papal visit to America, according to a report in the New York Times.


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Complaint Against Catholic Archbishop for Teaching Catholic Faith
Last edited 29th September 2015

On Monday 28 September 2015, activist Martine Delaney lodged a complaint with the Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner in Tasmania (Australia) against the Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous. The complaint is in relation to the distribution of the ACBC's Pastoral letter 'Don't Mess with Marriage' in Catholic schools. In other words, they claim suggests that Archbishop Porteous is not allowed to teach the Catholic belief on marriage, in Catholic schools.


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We Want Solutions, Not Guns - A Syrian Bishop Speaks Out
Last edited 16th September 2015

Outside entities who drive the Syrian war – either through the selling of arms or their own political and strategic interests – must stop, and the country should look inside itself to resolve the conflict.


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When Popes and U.S. Presidents Collide
Last edited 15th September 2015

Although the White House is more than 200 years old, just two Popes have ever stepped foot inside. When Pope Francis visits Washington, he'll become the third. The first sitting U.S. President to meet a reigning Pope was Woodrow Wilson. He saw Pope Benedict XV at Vatican City in 1919. It wasn't until forty years later that another meeting like it would happen. In 1959, Pope John XXIII and President Dwight Eisenhower met.

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Pope Warns of ISIS Danger Amid Refugee Crisis
Last edited 14th September 2015

As thousands of refugees attempt to reach Europe, Pope Francis has acknowledged the danger of infiltration by ISIS terrorists.


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Archbishop Welcomes Government's Refugee Decision
Last edited 11th September 2015

Archbishop of Sydney Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP Welcomes Government's Refugee Intake Decision


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Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage & Religious Freedom
Last edited 7th September 2015

A row broke out in a Kentucky county courthouse yesterday when a clerk refused to issue marriage licences to two same-sex couples. When one of the parties demanded to know under whose authority Kim Davis was acting, she said, “Under God’s authority.”


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URGENT ACTION ALERT: Senate Marriage Inquiry
Last edited 2nd September 2015

There is a current Senate Inquiry into a popular vote on marriage in Australia.


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Another Airstrike in Syria, Please Pray for Peace!
Last edited 27th August 2015

The Maronite Archbishop of Damascus has spoken about the moment bombs rained down on his neighbourhood – killing nine people and injuring 50.


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US Journalists Killed in Gun Attack, Please Pray for Them
Last edited 27th August 2015

Two television journalists were killed during a live broadcast in Virginia on Wednesday, shot by a suspect who was a former employee of the TV station and who called himself a 'powder keg' of anger over what he saw as racial discrimination at work and elsewhere in the United States.


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