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North Korea: 'Real Opportunity' for Nuclear Deal, Pompeo Says

Last edited 29th April 2018

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says there is a "real opportunity" for a deal when President Trump meets the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


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Toronto Van Attack: Single Mum and Grandmother Among Victims

Last edited 25th April 2018

A single mother, an avid volunteer and a father visiting his son from Jordan are among those who died in a vehicle-ramming attack in Toronto on Monday.


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How Leisure Time is Changing for North Korea's Privileged

Last edited 22nd April 2018

While the majority of people in North Korea live in poverty, experts say there is a growing middle class with money to spend and free time to enjoy. From dolphin aquariums to shopping centres, this is how the country is changing to meet the demands of its most wealthy citizens.


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Rebel Groups Fight Over Coca-growing Region in Colombia

Last edited 19th April 2018

The governor of a province in north-eastern Colombia has declared a state of emergency over fighting between rival rebel groups.


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Senator Tammy Duckworth Makes History by Taking Baby to Work

Last edited 19th April 2018

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth has brought her baby to the floor of the US Congress' upper chamber a day after it overturned a longstanding baby ban.


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Philippines' Duterte Says he ordered Probe into Australian Nun

Last edited 18th April 2018

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has said he personally authorised an investigation into an Australian nun who was detained earlier this week.


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“Help Us Stay in Syria,” Pleads Armenian-Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo

Last edited 17th April 2018

Some parts of Syria slowly begin to rise from the ashes, as is the case of Aleppo. The war seems far from ending, though. Seven years of conflict has claimed the lives of half-a-million people, left three million wounded and produced six million refugees. And the disaster continues.


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Syria Air Strikes: US and Allies Attack 'Chemical Weapons Sites'

Last edited 16th April 2018

The US, UK and France have bombed three government sites in Syria in an early morning operation targeting chemical weapons facilities, they say.


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New US Law Aims to Prosecute Websites that Facilitate Sex Trafficking

Last edited 13th April 2018

A new law aims to make it easier to prosecute websites that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking, such as


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Syria 'Chemical Attack': Trump Cancels Latin America Trip

Last edited 10th April 2018

US President Donald Trump has cancelled his first official trip to Latin America to focus on the issue of a suspected chemical attack in Syria.


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