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Russian Plane Crash: Four Main Theories as to what Caused Airbus 321 to Break up Mid-air

Last edited 2nd November 2015

Russian airline Kogalymavia has blamed “external factors” for what caused a plane carrying 224 people to crash over Egypt killing all on board, as four main theories emerge over the tragic event.


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Seven Killed in Violence in Central African Republic

Last edited 28th October 2015

At least seven people have been killed in attacks perpetrated by Muslim and Christian factions in the Central African Republic, according to reports. Agence France-Presse (AFP) report that the country’s interim government has announced that violence flared on Monday when gunmen launched an attack on members of the Union for Peace in Central African Republic (UPC), a faction of the majority Muslim Seleka rebel alliance, in the capital city Bangui.


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Synod Declaration on the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine

Last edited 25th October 2015

"Gathered around the Holy Father Francis, we the Synod Fathers, along with the fraternal Delegates and Auditors participating in the 14th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, turn our thoughts to all the families of the Middle East. For years now, due to bloody conflicts, they have been victims of unspeakable atrocities. Their conditions of life have been further aggravated in recent months and weeks."


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A Strange Piece Of Space Junk Will Crash Back To Earth Next Month

Last edited 25th October 2015

A strange piece of space junk — appropriately designated WT1190F — has cycled back in its orbit and will topple back to Earth in November. We know it is about 2m long.It seems to be hollow — or at least bent. We know it is on an orbit that lobbed it far beyond the moon. Otherwise, we have no idea what it is — or who put it up there.


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Korean Families Torn Apart by War Meet Again after 60 Years

Last edited 22nd October 2015

Nearly 400 mostly elderly and frail South Koreans held a tearful, emotionally fraught ­reunion yesterday with family members in North Korea, more than 60 years after they were separated by war. After crossing the heavily militarised border in a convoy of buses, the families from the South were driven to meet their relatives in North Korea’s Mount Kumgang resort.

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Pope Pleas for an End to Wave of Holy Land Violence

Last edited 19th October 2015

There is a need for great courage and strength in order to reject hatred and to carry out acts of peace in the Holy Land, Pope Francis said.


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Migrant Crisis: Thousands Stranded at Balkan Borders

Last edited 20th October 2015

Thousands of migrants have been stranded at borders in the Balkans, in cold and wet conditions, as their options for travelling north shrink.Several hundred, including young children and babies, spent the night in the open at Croatia's border with Slovenia.The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) also complained of a lack of basic supplies at the Serbia-Croatia border.

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Turkey in Mourning After Blasts Kill Almost 100

Last edited 11th October 2015

Thousands of people have gathered in the centre of Turkey's capital, Ankara, to mourn the victims of twin bomb blasts which killed at least 95 people. The blasts took place near Ankara's central train station as people gathered for a march organised by leftist groups demanding an end to the violence between the Turkish government and Kurdish separatist PKK militants.


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Hate Speech? A Blog on Free Speech, by Catholic Talk

Last edited 7th October 2015

What does it mean to have an opinion that goes against the current trend? Hot button issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion are difficult to discuss in the public domain because people believe it is justified to shout others down and call each other names in order to distract from the discussion.


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Gunman in Oregon College Massacre Committed Suicide After Targeting Christians

Last edited 5th October 2015

The gunman who killed his English professor and eight others at an Oregon community college committed suicide after a shootout with police who were on the scene within five minutes and exchanged fire with him almost immediately, authorities said. Harper-Mercer was officially identified on Friday as the assailant who survivors said stormed into the classroom of his introductory writing class on Thursday and shot the professor at point-blank range, before picking off other victims one at a time as he questioned each about their religion and whether they were Christians.

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