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Catholic Stance on ISIS Threat
Last edited 20th October 2014

In this video, the coordinator of the Catholic Peacebuilding Network discusses the Catholic Church's just-war teaching as it relates to the terrorist group ISIS and the situations in Iraq and Syria.


Pope to Consistory: We Are Witnessing a Phenomenon of Terrorism
Last edited 26th October 2014

Dedicating last week's Consistory of Cardinals to the Middle East, and particularly the region’s Christians, Pope Francis has called on the international community to do their part as well as his fellow prelates to protect those suffering in the war-torn region.


Pope on Islamic State: We're Witnessing Unimaginable Terrorism
Last edited 20th October 2014

Speaking before a group of Cardinals, Pope Francis addressed the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. He said that despite trying times, not having a Christians in the region, is simply not an option.

Pope: Iraq-Syria Terrorism Has Reached ‘Unimaginable Proportions’
Last edited 20th October 2014

The Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria, are experiencing “terrorism of previously unimaginable proportions” in which the perpetrators seem to have absolutely no regard for the value of human life, Pope Francis has said.


Martin Baani – A Seminarian’s Story. As IS Approached, he Took the Eucharist from the Church & Fled
Last edited 17th October 2014

Bombs fall and the sound of the explosion sends shock and fear into the hearts of the people. Amid the sound of crying and frenzied activity, people pack up what belongings they can carry and make off into the night. In the midst of it all stands Martin Baani, a 24-year-old seminarian. The realisation is dawning on him that this is Karamlesh’s last stand.

Get Behind Anti-Poverty Week 2014!
Last edited 15th October 2014

With the latest national statistics showing poverty is on the rise in Australia, and with more than 2.5 million people, including one in six children struggling to fulfil their daily basic needs, Anti-Poverty Week 2014, from 12-18 October, is bringing to light the reality of poverty in our communities. The aim of Anti-Poverty Week is to strengthen public understanding of the causes and consequences of poverty and hardship around the world and in Australia.

Conversations with Catholic Voices / Asylum Seekers: Where Does the Church Stand?
Last edited 6th October 2014

As the Australian Government tightens its policies around asylum seekers, Daniel Nour is back again drilling Catholic Voices Australia representative Andrew Milne on where the Church stands on the issue.

Hong Kong Cardinal Urges Restraint in Dealing with Protestors
Last edited 1st October 2014

Cardinal John Tong of Hong Kong has urged the region’s government to exercise restraint in addressing pro-democracy student protests. The prelate called for “restraint in deployment of force with a view to listening to the voice of the younger generation and of citizens from all walks of life.”

October is World Mission Month: Focus on Jamaica
Last edited 1st October 2014

World Mission Month is celebrated in October every year wherever there are Catholics committed to building a better world. This year, Catholic Mission Australia's Mission Month appeal is themed 'When I grow up I want to be alive,' and focuses on Jamaica, a country troubled by violence and crime.


Vatican to UN: International Community Must Stop Terrorist Aggression
Last edited 30th September 2014

Cardinal Pietro Parolin echoed the Pope's call to "take action to end the humanitarian tragedy now underway” in the Middle East. The Vatican Secretary of State, addressed the 69th UN General Assembly in New York, where he warned of the growing threat of the terrorist group ISIS.


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