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Duterte Bans Smoking in Philippines

Last edited 19th May 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has signed an order imposing a nationwide smoking ban for public places, a senior aide has said.


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Manus Island Centre Prepares for Closure

Last edited 15th May 2017

The long-awaited closure will be complete by October 31, asylum-seekers were told, as Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has previously indicated.


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Aid Cuts Signal Shift to an Insular Australia

Last edited 9th May 2017

Caritas Australia has expressed deep disappointment in this year’s federal budget, with a fourth consecutive cut to the overseas aid program that sees another $303.3 million taken from the poor.


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French Election: Macron Defeats Le Pen to Become President

Last edited 7th May 2017

Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron has decisively won the French presidential election.


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Trump Issues Order to Protect Religious Freedom

Last edited 4th May 2017

US President Donald Trump has issued an executive order to protect religious freedom, promising that the federal government will respect the rights of believers.


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Radical Proposal to Erase Some of Athletics’ Most Celebrated Records

Last edited 1st May 2017

THE track and field world is in uproar over a proposal to rip up the record books and erase some of the most celebrated marks in history.


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Turkey Blocks Access to Wikipedia: Group

Last edited 30th April 2017

Turkish authorities have blocked access to online encyclopedia Wikipedia, an internet monitoring group says, the latest in what government critics say is a crackdown on free speech on the internet.


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North Korea Nuclear Weapons: Is THAAD Enough to Protect the World?

Last edited 28th April 2017

IT’S the controversial missile defence system designed to help South Korea and US military forces stationed on the Korean peninsula.


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Assad Behind Deadly Syrian Chemical Attack

Last edited 27th April 2017

The Bashar al-Assad government authorised the deadly nerve gas attack in northern Syria earlier this month, according to French intelligence.


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US Inspired by ANZAC Courage

Last edited 25th April 2017

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has sent Australia and New Zealand America's best thoughts, prayers and wishes for ANZAC Day.


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