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South Sudan Rebels Slaughter Hundreds in Oil Town of Bentiu, the United Nations says
Last edited 21st April 2014

Rebel gunmen in South Sudan massacred hundreds of civilians in ethnic killings when they captured the oil town of Bentiu last week, the United Nations said.

A Missile on an Armenian Catholic school: a Child Killed, 61 Injured
Last edited 15th April 2014

A child died, 61 people were injured: children, parents and teachers. This is the tragic toll of the missile which hit the Armenian Catholic school in Damascus, in the historic district of Bab Tuma, in the old town, where there are many churches and Christian schools. "This morning, around 7.30 am" says father George Bahi, a priest of the Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate of Damascus to Fides Agency "a missile fell on the crowd of children, parents and teachers who were waiting for the school to open.

Jewish Community Centre Targeted in Kansas Shooting
Last edited 14th April 2014

Rabbi Herbert Mandl, who serves as chaplain for the Overland Park Police Department, told CNN the first shooting at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Kansas City took place around 1pm on Sunday local time as youths auditioned for a play.

I Was Jeered and Spat at for Defending Marriage
Last edited 10th April 2014

Caroline Farrow recently appeared in the audience of BBC’s Question Time, where she voiced her support of marriage being between one man and one woman. What she was met with an extraordinary amount of abuse and insult. Is Western Society starting to quash one's right to express an opinion?


Venezuelan Government Invites Vatican to Peace Talks
Last edited 10th April 2014

Venezuela's foreign affairs minister, Elias Jaua, has sent a letter to the Vatican, inviting its participation in the National Peace Conference that has been convened by President Nicolas Maduro.


Pakistani Christian Couple Sentenced to Death on Blasphemy Charges
Last edited 9th April 2014

A Pakistani Christian couple has been sentenced to death on blasphemy charges, according to multiple media reports.


Official Web Site Launched for Pope's Visit to Holy Land
Last edited 8th April 2014

The Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land (the bishops of the different Catholic rites), have created a “Media Commission” in anticipation of Pope Francis' May 24-26 pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


How Much is a Bishop Worth?
Last edited 7th April 2014

Catholics in Newark, N.J., were outraged to learn that Archbishop John Myers had spent $500,000 for an extension on his retirement home. Catholics in Atlanta questioned the acceptability of Archbishop Wilton Gregory's building a $2.2 million residence for himself.


We can speak for ourselves, thanks
Last edited 7th April 2014

One of the perils of being a member of an ethnic minority, particularly one of a Middle Eastern background, is that your representatives in the media have a habit of completely misrepresenting you. It’s not just that these self-appointed spokesmen, invariably men, have certain agendas and attitudes that are often not compatible with modern Australian life but they are so utterly, predictably of a single political persuasion.

Parents Object to North Carolina School's Assembly on Human Sexuality
Last edited 7th April 2014

Hundreds of parents packed the gym of Charlotte Catholic High School late April 2 to criticize a recent student assembly on human sexuality and the school leaders who arranged it.


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