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Q & A with Bishop Julian / Q&A: The Church’s Response to Sexual Abuse
Last edited 9th July 2013

In this extended episode of Q&A, Bishop Julian speaks about the Royal Commission, the Church’s response to sexual abuse, and the road ahead.


Should Priests Break Their Vow and Disclose What They Hear in Confession?
Last edited 15th November 2012

There's been some interesting discussion about whether Priests should break their vow and disclose what they hear in confession.


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Varieties of Intolerance: Religious and Secular
Last edited 29th June 2009

Cardinal George Pell gave this lecture as the Inaugural Thomas More Lecture in the series 'Religion in the Public Square' at the Divinity School, Oxford.  With thanks to the Oxford University Newman Society & the Catholic Herald for permission to record this talk.  If you'd also like to read this lecture, click here  (lecture - 35 mins, q&as - 30 mins)


Social and moral capital eroded: Pell
Last edited 29th June 2009

Cardinal Pell on ABC Radio: "Fixing the financial crisis is not just about greater transparency, stronger unions and more effective regulation of the marketplace, it must also involve rebuilding our radically eroded social and moral capital. That was the message yesterday that earned the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, a standing ovation at the annual national conference of the Australian Workers Union on Queensland's Gold Coast"


Disadvantaged Youth, Addiction, and Disability
Last edited 7th July 2009

This panel discussion was given at WYD2008, presented by Catholic Centacare - 1 & 1/2 hours. 


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